The Role of Family in Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Business

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a media company and venture capital CEO from Porto Alegre, Brazil. His family run businesses have enjoyed much success over the years. Duda’s educational background and strong work ethic have afforded him many unique opportunities and recognition over the years. Graduating college at 26 years old, Duda received a bachelor’s degree in business administration in Brazil. He then earned an MBA from Harvard University. His academic pursuits include coursework in advertising, marketing, and management. He’s been recognized for all these things over the years. He’s also kept his skills sharp with post graduate courses.

As previously mentioned, Duda’s business is family focused. RBS Group is the primary business, e.Bricks Digital is a venture capital and private equity company started more recently in 2012. Focusing on all different types of media, their portfolio is expansive. RBS Group has been so successful that it’s ranked among Globo and Google by customers. The venture capital business has also made huge advances by funding more than 300 million in promising new companies. Duda Melzer’s resume also includes interests in a contemporary art show and the leading wine producer in Latin America.

Running a family oriented business was started by Duda’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho; however, Duda succeeded his uncle Nelson Sirotsky as the new CEO. Having a full plate doesn’t keep Duda from having fun in life. He enjoys spending time with his three children and enjoys sports. Duda also takes on great social responsibility and sustainability projects. His family’s charity named after his grandfather has been around for over 35 years. According to Clicrbs, the group helps raise awareness for issues affecting families and especially children in Brazil. Having the support of the government and much influence in the media; Duda’s charity work reaches far and wide. It’s no surprise that he’s been recognized with awards time and time again.

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