The Copa Star Experience: Luxurious And Quality Healthcare


Located at Rua Figueredo de Magalhaes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Copa Star is a world class healthcare facility. The facility emphasizes on patients’ comfort without compromising on the quality of healthcare. The project took three years to complete, with a budget of over $100 million. With 150 beds, numerous ICU units and nine operation theaters, the hospital is one of the most modern facilities in Brazil.

Patient Confidentiality

Prominent personalities do not have to worry about privacy. The hospital has incorporated into its system a mechanism that ensures patients’ privacy is not compromised. The staff is also given additional training to enable them to handle the distinctive needs of these patients. The entrances and exits are specially tailored to conceal the identities of the patients.

Spacious Rooms

The facility boasts of spacious suites. This ensures patients enjoy a comfortable stay while at the hospital. To further enhance the cozy experience, the building is made of non-porous concrete. This insulates the building from high temperatures, which is a common thing in Rio de Janeiro.

Technologically Advanced Equipment

Although the hospital aims to provide a comfy experience, its main objective like any other health institution is to provide quality healthcare. A world-class diagnostic center with MRI machines is built at the hospital. Latest generation cardiac and neurosurgical units are also available. Surgeons are assisted by smart robot expert systems to provide high-end services. This enables them to handle even the most complex of cases.

For patients isolated in the ICUs, video conferencing is availed to make sure they are not cut off from the outside world. These advancements are aimed at reducing the number of people flying out to seek healthcare in the developed world.

Additionally, patients are issued with customized iPads. With these tablets, they can communicate to doctors or other staff in the hospital. The tablets can also control the lighting and curtains in the clients’ room. Moreover, patient records can be accessed from the comfort of your bed with the iPads.

Tasty Meals

Renowned chefs prepare meals. The dining area is modernized, featuring a rich list of menu items and ambient environments. Patients can enjoy the nutritious cuisines in a warm and inviting surrounding.

Qualified Staff

The staff is highly trained to handle the requirements of their clientele accurately. Simulations of every emergency situation have been conducted and interpreted. This enables them to be prepared for any situation that may happen. Grooming and patient handling were also included as part of the training.

Final Words

The Copa provides the basic healthcare like other facilities but accompanied with luxurious incentives. The added comfortable features can provide psychological relief for patients stressed by their sickness. To obtain world-class healthcare in an ambient environment, you should definitely try out the Copa Star! Find out more on Facebook.

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