The Amazing Courage and Life Of Yeonmi Park

Doing great things in life takes courage. This is something that we come to find through history. This is so true in our day and age as individuals take a stand against evil that is a part of our world everyday. Yeonmi Park is a perfect example of courage in action. She has been able to create great change in her own life and in the hearts of others due to her amazing courage. From leaving her country of North Korea, to creating a new life for herself in America, it has been a great story of success for Yeonmi Park as the years have gone on.

Yenomi left North Korea with her mom in the early years of her life but that is not where her troubles stopped. In China she was faced with very difficult situations due to her poverty and race. Dealing with human trafficking was a very difficult thing that Yenomi had to face on a daily basis. Her horror that she faced in the wake of her hardships in China. This is what made her who she is today. Her stories are now immortalized in a tell all book which gives her the ability to speak freely about the problems that she faced.

This book is more than just a tell all about her problems in China. This book also sheds light upon all of the horrible living conditions that are present in North Korea. This has brought a lot of scrutiny upon Yenomi, but it is something that she is willing to deal with. The North Korean government can not intimidate Yenomi to become silent. They may try to scare her, but she will not be intimidated by fear.

The North Korean government will stop at nothing to see Yenomi Park’s name defamed. They are ready to pursue any means necessary to keep her book from getting into the hands of the people of North Korea. This is something that needs to end. Yenomi has a great message that needs to be heard from the people of the North Korean government.  She is having trouble adjusting to the large difference in the quality of life. When she was younger she was always dealing with hunger. Now she is able to go right across the street and get whatever she wants to eat. This is something that she will have to get used to over time.

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  1. The changes the Yenomi is trying to bring forth are at the forefront of her mission. Yenomi is now living a very productive life in New York City. It is so obvious that could have gotten this far if everything was planned accordingly.

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