Matt Badilai Beefs Up Freedom Checks Rep With His Stellar Career

Odds are if you follow the news you have seen or heard a commercial for Freedom Checks. They seem to pepper the airspace around any newscast or political talk show. The commercials look like a common scam, sound like a common scam, and even feel like a common scam. But the individual starring in them is anything but common, because that individual is Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali is an investment guru who writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is an expert in natural resource based investments. Matt Badiali has an extensive background in geology and a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University. His expertise is in Earth Sciences an he also carries a Master’s degree in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. Badiali travels all over the globe inspecting mines, wells, and questioning CEO’s for natural resource companies. He uses his knowledge to rate which ones are doing their jobs correctly, meriting a good return on investment. He shares his revelations with his readers at Banyan Hill. This also means that Matt Badiali has extensive knowledge of the natural resource market.

What he calls a Freedom Check is actually a stakeholder payout for an MLP, which stands for Master Limited Partnership. This is an investment in a resource company that deals 90% in the allocation, collection, refinement, and transportation of oil and natural gas. By using MLP’s such companies take advantage of significant tax breaks, but only if 90% of their revenue is divvied out to their stakeholders. This leaves 10% to be taxed. A nifty way for such companies to swell their coffers, and a nifty way for stakeholders to get a profitable payout.

The shares can be purchased for as low as $10, with regular payouts occurring every month or quarter depending on the business. It is not a get rich scheme because the stakes are a legitimate investment, and as with all legitimate investments they can fail. However, the chance of profit is so great that Badiali is telling as many people as he can. So Freedom Checks may sound scammy but the person offering them is as legitimate as you can get.