Starbucks Has Taken Notice Of A New Kind Of Water Bottle


¬†According to the things said in the article that was published on Fast Company, she was tired of carrying around a water bottle that was just not all that pretty, and so she decided to create her own kind of bottle. She took $30,000 of her own money and made S’well come to life. And, now others have noticed the things that she has done, and Starbucks has even started to sell the water bottles from this brand.
Sarah Kauss had a passion for making a water bottle that was pretty, not just for the sake of the one carrying it and how they would feel about themselves, but also for the sake of the environment. She knew that if she made a pretty bottle that people would be much more likely to use it and less likely to keep drinking bottled water, which is just not good for the environment. It is a good things that Sarah Kauss has done with S’well, and it is great to see her brand have the chance to grow in popularity.

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  1. And, Starbucks has taken notice of her brand and the things that she is doing with it because of all of the passion that she has for it. The founder of S’well had a great idea when she set out to create water bottles that one would be proud to be seen with. This is certainly something to buy a dissertation online for and it is making my heart very glad.

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