Prepackaged Meal Companies: What Does Nutrisystem For Men Have To Offer

Though, there are many men who want to lose weight, most of them live busy lives and may find it difficult to dedicate time for the long work out sessions. Additionally, men may find it hard to prepare diet conscious meals and keep tracking their daily calories. Work, family and the costly gym membership fees are other factors that may prevent men from achieving their weight reduction plans. Fortunately, the Nutrisystem meal plan gives men an easy, convenient and affordable way to shed off those extra pounds. Here are some essential details to know about Nutrisystem for men.

Diet Meal Delivery Plan

The Nutrisystem diet plan helps men lose weight the easy way. It offers them pre-packaged foods that contain special ingredients that help speed up their weight loss process. The pre-packaged foods are sent to the dieter measured into appropriate portions, meaning you do not have to worry about meeting your daily nutritional requirements. The foods are divided according to various meals: breakfast, lunch and supper. They can be stored easily, as you do not need to refrigerate them, and can be prepared quickly.

Men Lose Weight Faster than Females!

Research shows that an average man will shed off extra pounds faster than an average woman. This is because; men naturally tend to carry more muscles than fats. Unlike fats, muscles have a high metabolic rates and burns extra calories without even moving. This means, men can easily lose weight by just eating more food on a diet. Because they are able to consume more calories on a diet, men feel less deprived while they are on a calories cutting diet.

Women, on the other hand, tend to store more fats on their bodies naturally. While men produce the hormone testosterone that increases metabolism and muscle gains, women secret the hormone estrogen that encourages the body to store fat. Nutrisystem is designed to enhance the weight loss process in men through its scientifically proven meal plans.

Why Nutrisystem is the Best Meal Plan for Men

Nutrisystem is formulated for anyone looking to shed off their extra pounds, including teens and diabetics. The developers of system also lay special emphasis on the gender of the dieter. They know that men and women lose weight differently and thus have developed special diets specially meant for men.

Though the system allows men to consume many types of foods, they only consume 1500 calories daily and can lose up to 2 lbs per week. With routine exercises, Nutrisystem can help men lose up to 13 lbs in the first month only.

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