Helane Morrison is one of the Best Compliance Officers in the Nation

Compliance officer Helane Morrison is considered one of the greatest in the field. This woman has been working hard over the past 20 years to ensure that companies and independent workers are using the best practices for businesses and consumers. Morrison holds two very important positions in her field. She is the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also belongs to the firm’s Executive Committee.

Bad business practices, fraud and shady dealings have plagued the business community for many years. During the 1990s and the 2000s many business organizations were engaging in a system of faulty business practices. CEO’s were going overboard with lining their pockets.

Lenders were using faulty lending processes to allow unqualified people to move into homes where they could not afford to pay the mortgage. Many companies were extending credit to enterprises and individuals who had shown a track record of failure and neglect. The economic system eventually failed in 2008 and once it collapsed many businesses were shut down and many people lost their homes.

There were compliance officers in place who were supposed to have been monitoring the system for problems. However, many of them were a part of the problem and not the solution. Some compliance officers at companies and firms might have discovered that something was wrong but many of them could not do anything about the corruption that was taking a place. As a matter of fact, there were some compliance officers that took payoffs to remain quiet and to allow business to continue as usual. These individuals were just as responsible for the recent economy collapse as the business and finances workers who brought about the downturn.

Helane Morrison was not this kind of person. She was a watchdog over companies and she did her best to ensure that ethical and sound business practices were being conducted during an era where crookedness ruled. Morrison ensured that her team was on task and point when evaluating a company or individual’s financial records and personal conduct.

Helane was well trained in the fields of journalism and the law. She earned a journalism degree from Northwestern University and she attended the University of California Berkeley School of Law. Her education has helped her over the years at her job. She a firm understanding about fraud, business law and the legal aspects of financial dealings. She also knows how to deliver information and assess situations as well.

Morrison’s success as a compliance officer has been well documented by the government and various business organizations around the country. Many entities uses Hall Capital Partners LLC to scrutinize the dealings in their companies. They want to ensure that everyone and everything is not being used for wrong or deceptive practices.

The government is especially fond of Morrison and have used her services to take down hard to convict CEO’s and widespread corruption in various sectors of business. Morrison is considered one of the best in her field because she is honest, tough, has integrity and makes it a point to do the right thing under all circumstances.

Connect to Helane on her LinkedIn account or visit the following link to learn more about her career: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=38982933&privcapId=1746886&previousCapId=1746886&previousTitle=Hall%20Capital%20Partners%20LLC

The Innovations in The Dog Food Industry

Richard Thompson, the executive officer of a dog food manufacturer, is obsessed with the quality of his products. Thompson ensures the quality of their food is enough to make them explode with flavor when eaten by dogs.

Various Dog Foods

There have been several innovations in the food manufacturing market. Some dog food manufacturers even make dog food that can help your dogs to lose weight. Purina allows their customers to customize a special blend for their dogs. Mars Petcare claims that they only make their products with fruits that have been harvested and freeze dried at the right time. The competition in the dog food manufacturer world is getting more intense as ever.

Old Dogs and Refrigerated Food

There’s even food meant for older dogs. Purina has been creating a recipe that can help dogs to have more energy. If that is not amazing enough, Freshpet is manufacturing dog food that can be stored in the refrigerator. These kinds of innovations seem to work because pet owners are always looking for more innovation and better products for their pets.

Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dog food is one of the best in the market. They offer you various kinds of flavors that can make your dogs love eating. Their products are also healthy and rich in vitamins. Beneful make their products from real meats and vegetables, and the prices are affordable.

The Beneful dog food is rich in textures and flavors; if your dogs have problems in eating, this complete and balanced dog food might be the solution. They offer wet and dry dog food, as well as dog treats in different flavors. Their products are all rich in nutrition and guaranteed to give your dogs 100% of the nutrition they need every day.


Feeding your dog Beneful products might cost you more money than you imagined. Innovations are always great; however, you need to remember that the most important thing is that your dogs are getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy. The dog food industry will continue to develop and make innovations to engage their customers.



At the Expense of Lives: Kyle Bass and Gambling with the Market

As the founder of Hayman Capital Management and known regular on morning financial talk shows, it’s difficult to find anyone who pays attention to the markets and doesn’t know who Kyle Bass is. Though pundits, former traders and hosts seem to sing his praises when he attempts to demystify the markets and unseen trends, his abilities as a financial soothsayer haven’t been as accurate as they were just before the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. But for a man who seemed to know what was going on in the financial world, just how did he lose so much credibility?

The start of Bass’ decline was fairly recent, starting with General Motors and the invasive probes they were subjected to following a series of serious injuries and deaths in connection with their vehicles. Without hesitation, speaking with anyone or thing that would listen, Bass was at the ready to defend General Motors and their business as one of integrity and beyond reproach. Of the many tools at his disposal, a favorite was to blame the calamitous crashes on the motorists themselves, often citing intoxication and recklessness as the cause. It didn’t take long for the news media and the federal probes to reveal that General Motors was aware well before distribution of their vehicles that they had shipped with faulty power steering and airbags, making them dangerous to operate and placing the manufacturer at fault for the resulting damages. What was also revealed was Bass’ financial involvement with General Motors, making his defenses of the company to be called into question.

Saying outlandish things in order to protect an investment is not beyond the pale for those in investing, even if they are, at best, ethically dubious in practice. But Bass’ actual business practices is what ruined his claims to market savvy.

Having attracted the interest of the House of Representatives, Bass has drawn attention to a massive market loophole he exploited for profit. Along with Erich Spangenberg, a known patent troll, Bass created the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Through this front, Bass would short-sell stocks belonging to pharmaceutical firms, then challenge them. Though not necessarily illegal, the result was the companies that were challenged would have to raise the prices of their drugs in order to continue operations, limiting the available funds for medical research and placing lives at risk. The only beneficiaries of this exchange were Bass and Spagenberg who’d made a small fortune.

His ambition may have got the better of him, as the emerging pattern is what drew the attention of the federal government. But it was public attention that concerned Bass the most. When challenged on these practices, Bass at first defended his company, saying that such activity promoted competitive pricing in the market to lower the cost of drugs. This was refuted by experts, and the resulting pressure forced Bass to admit they were correct and profit was his sole motive.

Coriant Plans to Showcase its Enhanced Network Solutions at the 2016 MWC Exhibition

Global network technology company, Coriant plans to attend the 2016 Mobile World Congress and exhibit its newly enhanced product solutions. The event is scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain on February 22 through February 25 at the Flra Gran Via. The exhibit will demonstrate integration of IP / Optical Mobile Backhaul, SDN enabled Smart Mobile Cloud, and optimized service management & control. The enhanced features enable users to network with efficient operations and improved utilization.

Coriant was founded in 2013 and offers product solutions for integrated optical planning, intelligent network management, packet optical transport, MSPP, cross connect/TDM, optical LAN, and Broadband. The company has headquarters in the United States, Germany, Munich, and Naperville. In September 2015, Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Kheradpir is known for his accomplishments while working for GTE, Verizon, Juniper Networks, and Barclays.

Shaygan Kheradpir received his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell University in the U.S. after leaving Iran, where he was raised. Kheradpir leadership roles at companies, such as GTE and Verizon placed him as the number one contender to fill the executive position at Coriant. He has more than 28 years of executive experience in the financial services and technology industries. Coriant believes Shaygan has the expertise to increase the company’s growth and strengthen existing networking solutions.

The upcoming 2016 Mobile World Congress Event will include an Exhibition of hundreds of companies showcasing products and services. Coriant will introduce its Packet Controller with enhanced optimization and improved IP/MPLS service performance to the world. The demonstration will be held at Coriant MWC Exhibit Booth and highlight all the enhanced features. An awards ceremony is also being held to recognize innovative companies and individuals at the MWC Event.

Coriant Exhibit at the 2016 Mobile World Congress is the beginning of the CEO endeavors to internationally market networking solutions to consumers and businesses. The MWC Event is a strategic endeavor to increase growth and exposure to hundreds of companies for Coriant. With nearly five months as the leader of Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir is moving the company in the right direction by introducing new and enhanced networking solutions.

Steelers Fans Inspired the New Fashion Campaign

The Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t messing around when they decided to revamp their brand and hire marketing heavyweight Susan McDowell to be their director of strategic planning. She wasted no time reworking the Steelers image by adding more options to the Pro Shop website and making social media more interactive and user-friendly. Susan McGalla previously used her expertise in branding, lifestyle and merchandising as the CEO of PHX-Corporate, as well as president of American Eagle Outfitters before that. In working with the franchise, McGalla has found inspiration in the fans, thanks to their willingness to share their thoughts, offer suggestions and show themselves in their favorite team’s apparel. The new fashion campaign was developed with the fan in mind; the apparel, accessories, toys, and memorabilia now accommodates a wider range of tastes and offers more options to reach a wider audience. The new options include adding pink, neon yellow, and metallic gold to the team’s color palette, in addition to the traditional black and gold. More options makes it easier for fans to dress the clothing up or down, and collaborations with Pandora jewelry, Nike Golf, and Tommy Bahama are just part of the makeover. Female fans will be especially excited about the NFL inspired Pink line from Victoria’s Secret. Fans aren’t just interested in what their favorite players are wearing, they also want to know where they can get the hoodies, hats, and sweatshirts the guys on the sideline are wearing. Those inquiries is how the “Wear What We Wear” line was born, and it is a huge hit. Every fan on about.me now has more reasons to wear their Steelers loyalty on their sleeve – literally. Whether you want to wear a faded jersey, a blinged-out t-shirt or keep your hands warm with a pair of Steelers leather gloves, the new Pro Shop website makes it easy for fans to browse and shop on Their computer tablet, or phone for their Steelers merchandise.

Doe Deere’s Beauty and Fashion Inspiration

he fashion world has rules like any other, but come on, how many times do we actually follow the rules? Fashion and beauty have always been a creative way to express ourselves and now is a better time than any to do whatever we may please! Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime, prides herself on styling outside the box with products that would put a confetti ball to shame.  Tagged as “makeup for unicorns”, it’s no wonder Deere loves to break beauty and fashion rules on the daily. Pairing bold eyes with bold lips, mixing fun colors, mixing different patterns, wearing socks with open-toed shoes, wearing colors with colorful hair, not staying with specific occasion dressing, and not dressing “your age” are just a few of her top rules to break.

Born in Russia and raised in New York, Doe Deere has been an imaginative, color-driven girl from the start. But it wasn’t until 2004 and a DIY fashion line on eBay that the name “limecrime” came to life. Bright green is Deere’s favorite color, so the name just made sense! Four years later, and a need for brightly colored makeup, Lime Crime was launched as a makeup line.

Doe Deere sees beauty and fashion as what feels right, what makes someone happy. She believes that it’s okay to be too fancy or too under dressed because fashion is a choice. If someone is brave with color and wants to experiment, they should do it and they should be proud! Deere loves a fearless sense of style and gets inspiration anywhere from Dita von Teese to girls on Instagram. Dubbed as the unicorn queen (as her fans are called unicorns), Deere is also continually inspired by all her fans. Of course she inspires many too as Deere was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Doe Deere truly loves what she does and just hopes she can move others to not only be a bold style icon or start their own business, but to be proud of what they love and keep doing it, no matter what others think.

Premium Dog Food May Be Just As Good As Table Scraps

For years, dog food has used the “leftover” by-products from human food production. These inferior pet food ingredients might include grain-rich pellets (called “kibble”), pork by-products and fillers. The Beneful pet food manufacturer offers premium dog food that might be just as good as table scraps.

“A dog is man’s best friend”

Dogs provide security for your home, playmates for your children and a duck retriever when you are hunting. A dog might sacrifice its life for you if you are attacked by a bear. Doesn’t your dog deserve the best meals?

The latest development in the $23.7 billion pet-food industry is refrigerated portions. These allow the owner to cut down on preservatives to create a more fresh product.

“Little Big Heart”

Many families believe that their pets have feelings. As you sit down to eat with your family, your dog might feel left out. It might see you enjoying a couple of different meal courses, while it only has its one course of kibble.

Kids might hide “unwanted food” in napkins to feed the family pet. Unfortunately, some human foods are actually toxic to your dog – chocolate, cheese, onions and avocados, to name a few. So, sharing table scraps might not be the wisest.

“Make Dog Feel Like Family”

A better way to show your love is to provide healthy premium Beneful dog food. There are eight dry food options, twenty wet food options and eleven dog treats available in the Beneful line of meals. Choose a different one to satisfy a different function.

Premium Beneful dog meals include real meats and vitamin-rich veggies, such as kale, spinach and sweet potatoes. Just as you enjoy variety, your family dog might also appreciate a little change of pace. Beneful ensures that all of its pet products are 100% complete and well-balanced.

“Variety is the Spice of Life”

Provide the premium Beneful dog meals that allow your pint-sized love and joy to be both happy and healthy. Your dog will “Thank You.”





Greg Hague the Darling of the American Real Estate Industry

Greg Hague is the man with the Gold in the American Real Estate industry. The inspirational entrepreneur speaks passionately of his sustainable real estate selling ideas. Greg has mentored thousands of realtors in the United States through his out of the box selling ideas.
Hague rose to the top of real estate through innovation and persistence. Today, he passes down decades of experience and wit to aspiring realtors not only in America but around the world. He draws admiration from his students, peers, and the entire industry. Some call him a visionary, real estate strategist, America’s top real estate expert and also a forward thinker.

When you listen to Greg talk or watch one of his videos online, you get completely blown away by his sharp mind and ability to deliver the message. His audience falls into a gaze and pins drop silence. It’s like a magical moment of transfer of knowledge. Other than real estate, Greg wears other hats, perhaps an indication of his wit.


Greg Hague doubles up as a law lecturer, author, and attorney. One of his books, “Swim With The Sharks”, was rated a best seller by the New York Times. His passion for the industry across three decades makes him an authority in real estate matters. He owns several firms in the industry and has become a public speaker.


Greg notes that the industry lacks radicals and revolutionaries. While other sectors have come up with cost effective marketing strategies, real estate continues to use redundant methods for over 75 years. As a result, home sellers lose about 5% of their asset value while selling. It involves erecting signboards on vacant properties and running advertisements. Potential buyers come to inspect the properties with the hope of closing a deal.


Greg Hague established the Real Estate Mavericks to start a revolution in the industry through coaching and mentorships. The most popular programs the firm runs includes 22-step Home Launch Formula and the 29-day Fast Sale Plan. These programs base their operations on creating a buyer’s rush thus saving time on a home listing.

(Check out Real Estate Mavericks at their website)

In his experience, buyers love seeing a property first or long before it’s launched into the market. He calls it the ‘coming soon’ effect. This strategy helps to build curiosity or anticipation and demand. Private shows are also allowed in such cases. In fact, private shows yield the best results as clients buy such properties at better prices than when in the market.


Also, when a house stays on the market for too long, future clients get the idea that it’s overpriced. Greg Hague advises agents against the traditional approach. Instead, he urges them to send out personalized messages to other agents in the locality. Such actions create interest as prospective buyers demand a peek into the properties that are about to get into the market.

CCMP Capital Core Services and a Brief About Steven Murray

CCMP Capital is one of the most preferred private equity investment firms. The New York based firm is located at 245 Park Avenue in New York City. The company commenced its operations as an independent entity in 2006 after it was spun from J.P. Morgan Partners. Since 1984, the firm has cumulatively invested over $16 billion in various buyout and equity deals. CMP Capital focus areas include chemicals and energy; consumer and retail; healthcare and industrial sectors. The company has invested over $2.6 billion in energy and chemicals sectors over a period of 25 year. The chemicals and energy areas of focus for CCMP Capital include power, chemicals, midstream and mainstream services and exploration and production. The investments the company has put up in the industrial sector amounts to $4.1 billion. The subsectors targeted include industrial services, manufacturing and distribution. The companies under CCMP Capital’s industrial portfolio include Edwards, Milacron and the Hillman Group.

CCMP Capital investments in healthcare companies over a period of a 27 years stands at $1.6 billion. The sectors targeted include managed care organizations, providers of healthcare services, medical product distributors and specialty product companies. The companies under the healthcare roll include Medpace and LHP. Using its vast proprietary operating resources and industrial expertise, CCMP Capital Advisors has been successfully at leverage its market position to become one of the most sought investment partner around the world. The team working at CCMP Capital is highly experienced to guide investors and partners through the path of success. The company’s top management hierarchy is made up of an investment team that includes Mr. Greg Brenneman, the company Chairman, President and CEO and Mr. Timothy Walsh, the MD and COO. The other team members include executive advisors, finance and investor reporting team, associates and an administration team.

The immediate former, long serving CCMP Capital CEO was the late Steve Murray. Murray passed on at the tender age of 52 in what his close associates describe as health related reasons. According to a report by Dan Primack of Fortune magazine, Steve Murray left CCMP on February 2015 after a successful 27 years of service. His most recent board seats included; Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Jetro JMDH Holdings and the LHP Hospital Group. Greg Brenneman, the current Chairman and CEO of CCMP Capital described Murray as a terrific investor and deal maker who spend a good part of his career in private equity. Murray held a degree in economics from Boston College and a graduate degree in business administration from Columbia Business School. His philanthropic work spanned various interests including education and charity.

News About Premium Dog Foods Like Beneful

There’s no comparison to Beneful when it comes to quality, fragrant aromas and guaranteed nutrition content. Nutrition is an important factor to any dog’s well being, and I know it is what gives my dog so much energy to run and play at the park like he does when we go for walks. I’m always prepared on our walks because I bring Beneful Baked Delights along with us. He loves the way they smell. I can tell this because he sticks his nose in my pocket when I’m pulling the Baked Delights out from inside of it. I usually buy the Baked Delights called Hugs, but my dog likes them all. I just like to give him hugs, so I buy Beneful Baked Delights Hugs. Dog Food News There was this article that I found on the web from the Daily Herald. It is all about the ways that premium dog food manufacturers make their foods. It goes into detail about what makes premium dog food good for your dog. They have been using foods without grains for a long time. They have also been using taste testers to make sure that the dog food has the right flavors in it. The bottom line is that premium dog food companies use high quality ingredients, and they pay more to make sure that they are getting the best ingredients for their dog foods. Beneful has real pieces of chicken, real vegetables and rice in its premium dog foods that are called Chopped Blends. They also have Chopped Blends that are in other flavors. In fact, they have 20 different kinds of Chopped Blends in a variety of flavors for your dog to taste. They have kinds that have salmon in them. They also have kinds that have real beef in them. Dogs love the taste of Chopped Blends, and to tell you the truth, the Chopped Blends smell really good to me.