How Are Business Leaders In Chicago Changing The City For The Better?

The business leaders of Chicago are helping to make the city more than the Second City. The Second City image of Chicago is based on the industrial nature that the city cultivated all through the early part of the 20th Century. Chicago’s change has been a slow one, and the historic buildings in the city did little to help the city become more modern. Men who are making changes to the city work in the financial sector, and the financial sector will transform Chicago into an elegant city that is much like Wall Street.

#1: Majeed Ekbal Helps Bring Investments To Chicago

Investments that Majeed Ekbal brings to Chicago come in the form of money that was born in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern oil money needs a place to go, and Majeed Ekbal helps funnel that money to Chicago rather than New York.

#2: Majeed Has Made Deals With Oil Sheiks

The oil sheiks who are swimming in money have connections to Majeed, and Majeed is bringing in oil money that is bolstering companies that are building their own funds in Chicago. There are massive hedge funds based in Chicago that do not funnel their money through New York, and the Chicago market is growing to a level that was once thought impossible. Majeed is a marketing expert who understands how to pitch deals to the leaders of the city, and those leaders use his oil money to improve the city’s economy.

#3: Improving The Overall Economy

The hedge funds in the city are creating more jobs for everyone in town, and the people who are getting better jobs have more money to spend. Everyone who has more money to spend is funneling their own money back into the Chicago economy, and the economy creates yet more jobs for people across the city.

The city is creating a financial sector that trades in more than commodities, and there are financial opportunities for young graduates who need not make their way to New York after school. The change in the city’s structure is happening because of a few strong men who see a better future for the city.

Chicago is a city that was once only known for its industry, and the industry that will bring the city into the 21st Century is finance. Financiers who hold all the cards are creating more money for the people in the city who need jobs and income the most.

FreedomPop Has Been Generous Since The Start

It is a mobile service that allows people to make calls, texts and get on the web for free, and many people in the United States have come to love the service over the past few years. It has been reported on Daily Mail that FreedomPop has decided to expand its service from just the United States to the UK, as well. Now more people will have the chance to use a free mobile service, and that will help to change the mobile world.

When someone gets a plan from FreedomPop they will have to do some surveys or download some coupons and things like that to keep it. FreedomPop uses those things to keep it being free, and many people are happy with the service for all that it has done. Now, thanks to FreedomPop, many people who would not have been able to afford a plan for their mobile phone are able to use one. People are able to take a phone with them wherever they go and stay safe and in the know. It was a great idea that FreedomPop had when it was first starting up, and it is great of the company to expand out into the UK, so that people over there can experience what it is like to have a free mobile service available to them, as well.

The Amazing Courage and Life Of Yeonmi Park

Doing great things in life takes courage. This is something that we come to find through history. This is so true in our day and age as individuals take a stand against evil that is a part of our world everyday. Yeonmi Park is a perfect example of courage in action. She has been able to create great change in her own life and in the hearts of others due to her amazing courage. From leaving her country of North Korea, to creating a new life for herself in America, it has been a great story of success for Yeonmi Park as the years have gone on.

Yenomi left North Korea with her mom in the early years of her life but that is not where her troubles stopped. In China she was faced with very difficult situations due to her poverty and race. Dealing with human trafficking was a very difficult thing that Yenomi had to face on a daily basis. Her horror that she faced in the wake of her hardships in China. This is what made her who she is today. Her stories are now immortalized in a tell all book which gives her the ability to speak freely about the problems that she faced.

This book is more than just a tell all about her problems in China. This book also sheds light upon all of the horrible living conditions that are present in North Korea. This has brought a lot of scrutiny upon Yenomi, but it is something that she is willing to deal with. The North Korean government can not intimidate Yenomi to become silent. They may try to scare her, but she will not be intimidated by fear.

The North Korean government will stop at nothing to see Yenomi Park’s name defamed. They are ready to pursue any means necessary to keep her book from getting into the hands of the people of North Korea. This is something that needs to end. Yenomi has a great message that needs to be heard from the people of the North Korean government.  She is having trouble adjusting to the large difference in the quality of life. When she was younger she was always dealing with hunger. Now she is able to go right across the street and get whatever she wants to eat. This is something that she will have to get used to over time.

Tragic Death of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray, founder of CCMP Capital, passed away at the early age of 52. He was raised in Westchester County, New York. He climbed the educational ladder at Boston College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree on He also earned a Master Degree in Business Administration at Columbia University in New York. He eventually settled down with his wife and four sons in Stamford, Connecticut.\

In 1984, Murray was hired on as a credit trainee at the New York based Hanover Trust Company. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital then continued to prosper as an invest and made it to have to the title of Vice President by the late 1980s. In 1989, the newly found Vice President joined a private equity and leverage finance unit, which helped strengthen the combination of the two companies. By 2000, JPMorgan and Hanover Trust Company were a part of each other.  With all of this work, he was considered a founding partner of the CCMP, which as a spin off of JPMorgan at the time.

The companies prospered very quickly together. With the specialized training the Stephen Murray acquired over the years, the middle market leverage buyouts and growth equity investments grossed over $3.6 billion in one year alone. At the end of 2010, the merger between the two companies became strained due to some complications with the two companies.  The banks divested from the companies after being outbid by Blackstone Group LP, KKR and Company, and TRG Capital for a Dublin-based drug maker named Warner Chilcott. This in turn enraged Henry Kravis, the KKR co-founder, who stated to the bank to not compete with the “King of Capital.”

As one of the founders of CCMP, Stephen Murray found it best to sever all ties with JPMorgan as of 2014. He didn’t want his company to be perceived as “favored” to JPMorgan since they were an in-house company and believed that both companies would be better off separated.

Stephen Murray resigned from his Chief Executive chair in February of 2015 due to health reasons. According to many of his colleagues, he was a terrific investor and deal maker.

The Magic Of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management Fund is an investment adviser company. They offer different ways of equity, that will deliver great returns with very low risk. This company is one of the largest and most experience to date. They work very closely with companies that may be struggling, and usually come up with a solution that will see growth and potential. Risk management and capital reservation are a central objectivity of their equity strategies. They pride themselves in using a top-down approach, to optimize a high return.

The company to date has about $22 billion in assets. Jim Dondero and Mark Okada, started the company in 1993, which means that they have over twenty years of experience running things. And this they are doing quite well.

Some of their main focus is also on credit strategies, such as hedge funds and private equity. Some of their clients they work with includes foundations, corporations, financial institutions, middle market healthcare services. Healthcare is Highland’s largest investment to date, with $2.3 billion in assets.

In 2015 The Dallas Business Journal named Highland Capital Management one of the best places to work. Of course they were humble by that suggestion. This company is very charitable. They and their employees pride themselves on doing a lot of volunteer work. They also give financial backing to local organization, and non profit groups.

James Dondero is Co-founder and President. He is based in Dallas, Texas. Here I will be touching on few of his accomplishments. He comes with thirty years(30) of experiences in the credit and equity markets. He supports anything to do with education, believing that if one has an education, they can go very far. No matter the circumstances. He is involves in veteran’s affairs, and anything to do with public policy. He began his career in 1984 as an analyst, working with Morgan Guaranty. His educational background is from the University of Virginia according to linkedin, there he received the highest honor, his major was accounting and Finance. He is also a certified Management Accountant. Also, Mr. Dondero is the Chairman of Cornerstone Health care and Nexbank. He serves on the boards of MGM Studio. As you can see he wears many, many hats. This is only the tip of his iceberg.

How to Succeed in Online Dating

The rules of dating have completely changed, and nowadays single men and women have more choices than ever when it comes to finding S.O.S. You probably have at least heard of online dating on, if you’ve yet to try it yourself. Online dating provides the chance to meet more people with less hassle -and avoid those that you’re really not that into. Online dating requires only time and an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in a romantic partner – a long-term romance, a one-night encounter or something else- you can find it online with the many dating sites available.

Skout is one of the many online dating sites out there, but it is much different than the others. The fun-filled site has something for everyone looking to mix and mingle for other singles. Simply download the app to your mobile device, and in an instant you can begin browsing the site and meeting other people from around the world. People of all ages, interests and backgrounds are on Skout waiting to meet you!

Once you download Skout (or any of the other awesome online dating apps around,) you want to accumulate the most interest possible in your profile. Remember, there are lots of other people hoping to find someone special to meet just like you are. A profile that stands out and attracts eyes your way is essential. How can you possibly weed out the competition and help yourself to more contacts?

* Your photograph is important. It should be clear, and show your face (and body if you wish.) The photo should be current, and of course it should be a photograph of yourself.

* Your profile should also be interesting and give plenty of details about yourself. List the things that you like, and a few of the things that you do not like. Make sure that you keep the details interesting and juicy while still keeping some to yourself for those special interests to learn.

* Tailor your messages. A general message that is sent to everyone that you think is interesting won’t get you very far.

* Be honest, because if you are planning to meet these people, lies won’t get you very far. And, it is pretty hard to keep up with the things that you are telling people that you meet online, so keeping lies together is a full-time job in itself.

With these tips, you can find someone special using online dating, especially when Skout is the app that you download. Put these tips to good use and who knows what could happen?

Handy Makes Life Simpler

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house. It’s a feeling of relief. It’s a feeling of accomplishment. Overall, it’s just a feeling of happiness. This is because a person really feels like their life is together when they come home to a house that is spotless. It means that even though they had a chaotic and busy day, they found a way to have their house clean. There’s no worse feeling than coming home to one that is filthy. It’s just an uncomfortable feeling. Luckily, there’s no excuse for anyone to have a dirty house. Home cleaning services exist as a convenient way to help those out who need it.

They need a little help from time to time to stay on top of a clean home. Other people don’t know how to clean. They don’t understand the concept of dusting. They don’t understand how to properly clean all those hidden and hard to reach places. Another reason that home cleaning services is great is for those with disabilities. Those with disabilities are sometimes physically unable to clean. Many of those don’t have a family that they can rely on to come clean for them. That’s where a home cleaning service comes in handy. Someone can come in and help them out in the areas that they can’t reach.

Not all home cleaning services are created equally, however. Unfortunately some can have workers that aren’t trustworthy and some are even scams! That’s not the case with Handy. Handy is a legitimate home cleaning service that prides itself on being super easy and super convenient. Handy also employs the most professional of people. These people have undergone rigorous background checks, reference checks, and job history checks. These people are ensured to be safe. Those who use Handy don’t have to have fears that some stranger that’s a criminal is entering the house. Instead, it’s a person that has been reviewed and deemed to be safe.

Overall, Handy is in 25 cities but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t soon be in all. Handy has seen immense success recently and it seems to keep growing. Handy even goes beyond cleaning which some people don’t realize. Those who work for handy can also do some handyman services. Users have not been disappointed. Workers for Handy haven’t been disappointed. It’s truly been a great partnership that has benefited both sides and helped out people in need. Handy is great because there’s no little or big commitment that people need to make. It’s there whenever a person needs help.

Investing In Oil Companies Now May Be A Smart Move

The price of oil has been all over the news lately. Crude oil has taken a beating in 2015. Prices of crude have dropped 50 percent from a year ago. Investors like James Dondero says that is the nature of the crude black beast. His company, Dallas-based Highland Capital Management has more than $26 billion in assets under management, and a decent percentage of those assets are linked to the oil business in some way.

Dondero thinks investors shouldn’t retreat from oil just because there is weak consumer demand at the moment or because the U.S. is producing more oil than ever before. Yes, there is an oil glut, and the strong dollar and declining corporate profits have hit oil stocks like the plague. And if that news isn’t enough, Iran is chomping at the bit to enter the global oil business, and that could exacerbate the oil supply, according to Mr. Dondero.

But Dondero and other investors say the current oil situation could turn out to be a blessing in the long term for oil company stocks. Seasoned investors like Dondero know that commodities have boom cycles as well as bust cycles. This happens to be a bust cycle, so oil companies are stopping production and delaying and cancelling shipments due to the low prices. Oil companies are known to panic, and Mr. Dondero believes they will intentionally make the oil supply look lower than it is. In other words, another gas crisis may be brewing because demand for oil is going to increase and there will be a supply issue that forces prices up again. When that happens, and investors like Mr. Dondero think that will happen very soon, the boom cycle will begin again.

Investors like Warren Buffet have already made the move and bought an insane amount of oil stock. The old supply and demand saga is going to be a reality again, and investors like Buffet know that means hefty returns on their investment. Even though oil production exceeds demand by more than 2 million barrels now, investors believe that will change as the weather changes.

What all that means in plain terms is oil stocks are a great investment now. Oil stocks are trading at bargain-basement prices and all the big investors like Dondero, Pickens, Buffet and Icahn are buying oil stocks. Mr. Dondero says energy stocks have always been great in the late-stage bull markets. They perform better in the last year of a bull market, and the market is in the sixth year of the bull phase this year. Investors like James Dondero know that the world runs on energy and fossil fuel energy is the only kind of energy that can meet the demand at this point in time.

Ken Griffin Shares Unique Leadership Qualities

The CEO of Chicago based Citadel LLC needs no introduction to people who are hooked into the corporate and financial world. The name of Ken Griffin is synonymous with great leadership and outstanding success. As a leader, he has taken Citadel to heights that were previously unimaginable by anyone else. And he did all this in the most efficient way possible, which is another thing for him to be proud of. Ken Griffin has always been interested in imparting knowledge to young entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry who still have years of success ahead of them. In the following points, he shares some unique qualities that transform a leader into something much more –

True Leaders Are Genuine – Ken Griffin of believes that leaders who are frequently engaged in power plays and sneaky tactics with their members cannot achieve much success. He is of the opinion that good leaders are those who are genuine people. Authenticity cannot be replaced by any number of qualities because it makes a leader human and this is what allows members to gravitate towards that person. Leaders are people who have good and bad sides to their personality, like anyone else. However, this has nothing to do with how authentic they are and how they treat their members.

True Leaders Are Humble – Good leadership abilities come after personal growth and a leader can never lead a company, let alone a small group of people, until they are constantly improving as human beings. Ken Griffin has his family and friends to thank for his constant improvement and it is these people who have kept him grounded and have offered him immeasurable support during his long and successful career.

True Leaders Learn From Their Failures – A leader who is scared of failure and afraid of it would never be able to achieve success, says Ken Griffin. He says that when he started, he had good mentors who guided him out of failures and taught him the value of fear. Fear of failure is good and it drives people forward. The difference between great and average leaders is that the former knows that there is something to learn from failures. It improves and enhances a leader’s experience – both professionally and personally – and makes them take steps that they previously thought was not in their character to follow through. In a way, failure leads to success.

True Leaders Encourage Leadership – Ken Griffin has worked with people who have gone on to become great leaders themselves. This was because he had the unique ability to know who possessed the gift of good leadership and he encouraged these people to become leaders.

Finally, Ken Griffin adds that leaders should also have some good professional credentials which would give them command over their fields and would help their companies do better.

Yeonmi Park: Human Rights Activist and North Korean Defector

Yeonmi Park is a 21-year-old woman who was born in Hyesan, North Korea. The country of North Korea, under leadership of the Kim Dynasty’s dictatorship, is known for its oppressive treatment of the citizens who live there. Park and her family are some of the few North Koreans who managed to successfully defect from the country and live to tell about it.

Yeonmi Park was born in 1993 to parents who were considered to be middle class civil servants in North Korea. In North Korea there were two main rules to follow, worship the leader Kim-Jong Il and to hate anyone who disagreed with the Dear Leader. Growing up, Yeonmi recalls having to be mindful of the things she said because no one could be trusted. If word got back to the government about a citizen thinking outside of the box, it is likely that they would be punished severely. Soon, Yeonmi Park on learned first hand how brutal those punishments could be.

He was tortured and starved at the camp, and soon realized that escaping the country would be the only way for his family to survive. The family made the tough decision that Yeonmi, her mother, and sister would be the first members to make the dangerous journey. Her family crossed the river and arrived in China, but they endured further suffering when they had to hide from Chinese authorities. Throughout the journey, Yeonmi’s sister was lost and feared dead. Her father caught up with the family however he passed away before the family made it to safety in South Korea. Yeonmi and her mother continued through Mongolia and reach the embassy for South Korea where they sought asylum. Five years later, Yeonmi and her mother were reunited with the sister that was feared dead.

Yeonmi is now thriving in South Korea. She resides in the capital city of Seoul where she is working on her memoirs, going to school for Criminal Justice, and fighting for the rights of others who were oppressed like her family was. She has made it her mission in life to travel the world to tell others about what really goes on in the secretive country. With Yeonmi being brave enough to speak out about the atrocities and the people that are suffering in North Korea, it is creating a grassroots movement that many are hoping will lead to positive progress in the nation. Yeonmi Park is known as a Human Rights advocate and will continue to work to bridge the gap between North and South Korea.