Oncotarget Targets Life without Disease through Its Publications

According to Oncotarget, the effectiveness and high cost of cancer drugs are a matter of scrutiny and debate. There are assessment tools developed to assess the value of cancer therapy in clinical trials. The tools are helpful in comparing therapeutic benefits among chemotherapies. However, the high cost of the scales and cancer drugs becomes the significant issues of concern in healthcare systems. Besides, the accessibility of cancer treatments is a primary concern. Some high-value drugs for example Imatinib remain highly unaffordable because of their high costs. Some budget-friendly and high-value drugs may be inaccessible due to decreased production or regulatory restrictions. Therefore, cancer drugs are a concern to health care systems regarding accessibility, affordability, and therapeutic value.According to Oncotarget, there should be the differential pricing of drugs centered on the population’s purchasing power as a reasonable solution to cancer chemotherapy. Also, differentiating high-value medications from the less effective ones would raise efforts of availing the highly effective drugs throughout the world.

Therefore, there should be policy changes at both national and global levels. Oncotarget suggests that the WHO’s list of essential medicines should prioritize the affordability and accessibility of cancer drugs to all people irrespective of their location and background. According to Oncotarget, despite the low prices of cancer drugs, the medicines are still not affordable to middle-income regions. International efforts should ensure access to highly potent drugs. The developing countries should prioritize therapeutic medication to avoid marginal gains. According to BusinessWire, IntegraGen announced the publication of findings from the investigation of miR-31-3p expression in cancer cells. The research findings confirmed the relationship between the genes expression and the efficacy of Cetuximab. The analysis of the appearance of miR-31-3p can complement the diagnosis of patients that could benefit from anti-EGFR treatment. Professor Bridgewater who is the study’s co-author registered his pleasure in continuing to publish clinical information that could give other clinicians complementary insight on the treatment of patients with colorectal cancer by tailoring their therapy.Oncotarget’s publication could contribute to evidence-based colorectal cancer treatment according to Yann Gaston.

The release also highlighted that colorectal cancer patients under treatment using FOLFIRI and Cetuximab increases the median overall survival, reduces mortality risk, and increases response to therapy.Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary and open-access peer-reviewed journal. The journal publishes weekly issues online through Impact Journals, which is Oncotarget’s publisher. Oncotarget aims at helping attain a life that is free of disease. The journal aids science to fulfill this target by providing peer reviews that are insightful. Oncotarget frequently and quickly disseminates scientific findings, tries to bridge the gaps between disciplines and specialties, links biomedical science fields, and fosters the application of basic and clinical science in the control of diseases. SCImago ranked Oncotarget on position 35 out of the 322 journals on oncology in 2016. SCImago ranks journals depending on the scholarly topics. Also, the exemplary performance of Oncotarget on msubmit.net gave Impact the motivation to launch non-oncological sections on the journal. The other issues include endocrinology, cardiology, pharmacology, metabolism, and gerotarget among others. As per 2016, Oncotarget had an impact factor of 5.168 which means the journal produces many publications yearly.

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