Lime Crime Is Here to Help You Achieve Your Spring Beauty Goals

Spring time is the time of renewal. This makes it a good time to change up your beauty look. You can add something extra to your makeup routine for spring from Lime Crime makeup brand. Here are six different makeup products from LC that you can use this springtime.

1.) Highlighter

Highlighter illuminating your cheeks will give you a healthy glow for the spring. the LC makeup brand has numerous highlighter products. Their hi-lite highlighters come in peach, pale pink, gold, warm gold, lavender, sunset, seashell, pearl, mermaid, happyland, frolic, and daydream hues. Each shimmery option will give your cheekbones, eyes, or nose some extra glow.

2.) Matte and Long Lasting Lip Colors

Matte and long lasting lip colors are the lipstick type of choice this season. The LC Plushies lip colors are long lasting. They are available in shades of nudes, pinks, corals, red, purples, and smokey. The Velvetines lip colors are matte similarly to what a rose petal is like. They are available in shades of red, purple, grey, coral, pink, black, nude, and deep purple.

3.) Eye Palettes

This spring purple and pink eyeshadow are the shades of the season for your eyes. The Venus III palette from Lime Crime has every shade you need to make your eyeshadow on point this spring. This newly released palette comes with a pale pink, a gold, a nude, two purple colors, two brown hues, and a deeper pink. You can view different ways to apply the palette by looking up the hashtag #limecrime on Instagram. To make even more eye impact you should add cat eye liner, winged eye liner, or lash extensions to your springtime eye look.

4.) Refreshed Hydration and Full Coverage SPF Foundation

LC does not sell skin care products, but you should be sure to use good skin care this spring. Hydrated and sun protected skin is popular for this warmer season. Make sure you also use a foundation makeup product to create a base for the rest of your makeup look.

5.) Bold Nails

Nails can be a bit of a hassle for those who don’t have enough time. Luckily this spring bold pop on nails are popular. Pop on nails only take about five to ten minutes to apply over your fingernails. LC has chromatic pop on nails in rainbow and nude colors.

6.) Glitter

There is no shortage of glitter for this spring or at Lime Crime. You can glitter up your skin, face, and hair this spring to make a statement. The Diamond Dew products allow you to add glitter wherever you would like.

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