Julie Zuckerberg – Recruiter & Motivator

Julie Zuckerberg graduated from City University of New York – Brooklyn College and went on to New York Law School to complete her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Upon completion of her formal education, Julie started her career with Hudson Global Resources in 2002 as the director of candidate placement. During her five years with Hudson, she was responsible for recruiting attorneys, paralegals, and other support staff for temporary and potentially permanent positions with law firms and other institutions. Not only was she responsible for recruiting candidates for these positions, she also assisted employees with benefit information, promotion opportunities, and counseled and coached employees.


In 2007, Julie was hired by Citi Global as an Executive Recruiter where she developed online and social media strategies for recruiting. Her recruiting focused on senior level Legal, Compliance, and Audit roles. She also worked with hiring managers to create specific job descriptions and succession plans. Zuckerberg moved to a different division of Citi Global in 2011 recruiting for Director and Managing Director positions for the Consumer Marketing and Internet offices. With her new role, she was responsible for developing and negotiating complex job offers including a variety of benefits and options and, in some cases, international relocation. She was also tasked with managing the search firms retained by Citi Global and advising senior leaders on strategies for recruiting and hiring top talents.


After a brief stint at New York Life, Zuckerberg landed her current position with Deutsche Bank as the Executive Recruitment Lead where she has spearheaded the development and negotiations of Managing Director level offers for US Asset Management, Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Global Technology & Operations, and Infrastructure. Julie has used the skills she has developed throughout her different positions to seek out new recruits through online and social media platforms to reach the upcoming talents. She has been able to leverage the generous benefits package and reputation of Deutsche Bank to find and keep people around longer which is a challenge for the Millennial workforce. She is also involved with keeping the entry-level positions motivated and happy.


In her spare time, Julie enjoys running and challenging herself to new limits. She has taken what she has learned about motivating people in the business world and tried to apply it to fitness as well, hoping to inspire others with her healthy lifestyle and fitness goals. She also enjoys being creative in the kitchen by creating healthy but flavorful meals from scratch or modifying recipes found online.


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