Interesting facts About Brown Modelling Agency

In case you are planning on hiring models today or in the future, then Brown agency, a talent and commercial modeling agency that started in Austin in 2010, is the best company to pay a visit. The Brown Agency, formally known as Wilhelmina Austin, has grown fast to become one of the leading company in the modeling industry and it has goals of expanding its market standards and expectations in level not experienced. You have probably seen this agency teaming up with the most significant brands in the world such as L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton among other world-known companies.

Why is Brown Modelling Agency the Best in Central Texas?

  • The agency has many models that you can book

The Brown Modelling Agency has a large number of models who have been trained and prepared with everything that entails modeling before they are given their first assignment. If you hire a model from this agency, expect punctuality from them, they do what they have been hired to do, and they do not cause any problem.

  • You get a chance to deal with a company that has great reputation

Brown Modelling agency has built its reputation in the last four years to the extent that every advertising agency seeks for their services when they want models for the campaign, and when they want to only deal with professionals.

  • There are all types of models in the company

The company has teens and children model plus those that have done modeling for at least 20 years. If you need a model that can play as the girl next door or as a mother for your new advertising company, the Brown Modelling Agency has the best person for the task in their book.

  • You get to work with the best agency in central Texas

The company works with local businesses in Texas and also send models to other places like Los Angeles and Miami where they get the chance of working with high-profile customers. World known brands that have sought the company’s services include Estee Lauder, Toyota and Louis Vuitton. The models in Brown Agency have also walked the catwalk of Miami and New York.

The company offices are situated in Dallas and Los Angeles, if you need their services now in the future around these cities, the agency is ready to help. It is easy to start working with them, you will just explain the project that you want to undertake, and they will send the model fit for the event. You will be required to explain the models suitable for your occasion, hire them through Brown Agency, negotiate on all terms and then you can start filming. It is that simple. Check out to know more.


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