How Stephen Murray And CCMP Capital Made International Growth Possible

If you’re interested in taking your public company private, or expanding a company into international markets, then you’re probably interested in the services of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. A private equity firm that benefits from the talents of employees that have worked in business, industrial, and healthcare markets, CCMP is a nimble, flexible company that has transformed itself from the arm of a New York City bank into a global investment partner with offices on two continents. Its retail clients include the family outdoor outfitter Cabela’s and fashion boutique chain Francesca’s Collections. Other retailers include Crosstown Traders and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. It has made investments and expansion possible for dining franchises like Quiznos Subs, international merging for fitness facilities like Pure Gym, and aided companies as diverse as Infogroup, Jamieson Laboratories, Aramark, and Pinnacle Food Group. In addition to helping these retailers merge and expand in the United States and Europe, CCMP on NYPOST has been busy in the medical field. North American medical and healthcare companies Healthcare CareMore Medical Enterprises, LHP Hospital Group, Medpace, MedQuest Associates, and Warner Chilcott have all benefitted from CCMP’s assistance.

And not only has CCMP shown itself to be an investment group that works well within categories. Its industrial partners include factory supplier National Waterworks and business windpark designer Noble Environmental Power. It has a strong presence overseas as well with SafetyKleen Europe, a machine cleaning and industrial waste removal company that services hundreds of garages and automotive centers in Europe.

CCMP Capital began life as an independent offshoot of the JP Morgan Partners firm. The company still manages investment portfolios for JP Morgan Partners, but its main mission is to encourage company growth for its clients, and to encourage those firms’ operational efficiency. These goals are achieved through investments, leveraged buyouts, and other techniques. In order to establish a significant presence in 50 offices across the United States and Europe, an investment company needs a remarkable founder and president, and in the case of CCMP, that individual was Stephen Murray.

Murray joined CCMP in 1989, about seven years before it broke away from JP Morgan Partners and became a private entity. He stayed with the firm as it transitioned into CCMP, serving on the board of directors of many of its clients. Late in his tenure as firm president, he was one of two executives who raised 3.6 billion in venture capital for a single client. Previous to his time at CCMP, Murray worked for Manufacturers of Hanover for almost twenty years, rising to vice-presidency there, and at a private buyout bank for JP Morgan Partners. Murray left CCMP because of health issues at the end of 2014, and passed away in March of 2015 at the age of 52.

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  1. Everyday monitoring the growth of the CCMP Capital has made me have even more insight to the way Murray’s principles helped. In it would help to make sure that the instrumental part played by the team and partners are really not downplayed though. However investment has been made in this area even more in his time of service too.

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