How Securus Technologies Improve Public Safety and Reduce Recidivism through Technology

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technologies in North America. Its latest accomplishment is the launch of Investigator Pro. This is an intelligence software that was designed by JLG Technologies, a subsidiary of Securus Technologies. The software was launched to improve public safety through early detection of criminal gangs that may be using prison telephones to communicate and organize crimes.


 Investigator Pro is used alongside other features like high-interest group tagging, voice identification, and confidence ratings that will help to synchronize evidence collected on a suspicious caller. Investigators will obtain a suspected voice sample from the inmate communication services and use it to search other similar calls the alleged caller has been making to the facility.


The evidence generated will be used to identify gang-related offenses, illegal activities taking place in the correctional center, and inmates who communicate with the suspect. Investigators will then check if the alleged party has ever been incarcerated.


The new technology marked the success of Securus Technologies in acquiring technology companies that are passionate at designing new software. The firm’s other acquisition is JPay Inc., which offers electronic payments and educational mobile applications.


Such innovations have placed Securus Technologies as the fastest growing correctional technology company in America. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, confirmed that their company was set to design many other computer applications that would make correctional facilities even better equipped to enhance rehabilitation than they are today. He further confirmed that their products are designed with security standards that are suitable for the centers and that they are affordable.


Securus Technologies has served correctional facilities since 1986 when it was founded. Since then, it has been working in more that 2600 jail facilities to provide technology that is suitable for prison staff, inmates’ relatives and friends and the prisoners themselves. Most of their products are aimed to improve public safety and reduce recidivism.

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