How OSI Group Has Managed to Maintain a Steady Growth

OSI Group is among the leading food providers across the world. It has created employment in 17 countries with 65 facilities to more than 20,000 employees. The company rise is a significant slice of the 20th-century economic history in America. OSI Group is growing its presence in the globalized economy. OSI Group began as a small butcher shop and a market for retail meat. Otto Kolschowsky established the entity to serve German immigrant community living in Chicago. After a decade, Kolschowsky had expanded to wholesale business that involved moving it to Maywood. In 1928, the entity was named Otto & Sons. The family-owned business continued to be successful and stable even after the Second World War. In 1955, Ray Kroc launched the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Mr. Kroc agreed with Otto & Sons, where the meat company will be supplying fresh ground beef to the café. Kroc was to acquire the McDonalds and become the CEO of the corporation. Otto & Sons will also be joined to it as its supplier. Twenty years later, Otto & Sons became a global outlet. The firm had to deliver affordable, consistent, and consumer-driven products to McDonald’s restaurant. OSI had to transport the produce for a long distance. Otto & Sons opened its first plant in West Chicago, Illinois to deliver McDonald’s products. The art facility had technologically advanced machinery for freezing hamburger patties. Otto & Sons were now operating as a two-track business, one a growing Midwest supplier and the other a stable local supplier. In 1975, OSI industries became OSI Industries to symbolize its technological advancements and leadership changes.

Global Growth

OSI Industries continued to grow its manufacturing capabilities as McDonald’s continued to expand. It opened facilities in West Jordan, Utah, and North America. Lavin was appointed the CEO and chair of the firm in the 1980s due to its international growth and his experience. OSI Group currently one of the significant food providers across the world. It was built on many joint ventures and expansions in Mexico, Brazil, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Pacific Rim. OSI Group and Turi Foods merged to form the Turosi Pty Ltd.

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