Helping New York Animal Shelters Address Some of Their Biggest Problems

Thousands of tourists visit New York City every year. Even during the cold winter months, tourists can be seen looking at some of the most famous buildings, parks, museums, and other places in the city. Quite a few tourists have had the experience of wandering around New York City streets and coming across a stray animal. Their heart goes out to the animal and they want to do something to help it. One of the things that people do is find an animal shelter and take the animal there. Sadly, lots of people are turned away from animal shelters because animal shelters do not have the funding that is needed to purchase basic items like food and medicine, and they do not have the space to house more animals.

There are many individuals out there who would like to fix this problem, especially during these cold winter months. For example, Ross Abelow has recently launched a Go Fund Me winter fund raising campaign in order to address the problem. He is trying to get as many people involved in the cause as possible. The great thing about using this platform to donate money to is that a person does not have to donate hundreds of dollars to make a difference. Instead, they can donate just $10 or $20. When a lot of people donate, the money will add up quickly and it will not be long before the $5,000 that will Ross Abelow would like to raise is available and can then be donated to local animal shelters. Not only will the money be made available to purchase things like medicine and food for the stray animals, but more space will be made available to take care of these animals. This is a great way to not only address the problem now, but to be sure that these animals are taken care of for a long time. When they are put in shelters, they are usually added to adoption lists where they can find forever homes.

Ross Abelow has been involved in a lot of different projects that have helped individuals in New York City. He cares about the community and has taken many steps to improve it. He has more than 25 years of experience working as a family lawyer. He helps his clients defend their rights and provides the best legal information that is available. Individuals do not have to be Ross Abelow’s clients in order to benefit from his experience. They can become his friends on Facebook and follow his account. This will allow them to benefit from the legal information he regularly posts.

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