Greg Hague the Darling of the American Real Estate Industry

Greg Hague is the man with the Gold in the American Real Estate industry. The inspirational entrepreneur speaks passionately of his sustainable real estate selling ideas. Greg has mentored thousands of realtors in the United States through his out of the box selling ideas.
Hague rose to the top of real estate through innovation and persistence. Today, he passes down decades of experience and wit to aspiring realtors not only in America but around the world. He draws admiration from his students, peers, and the entire industry. Some call him a visionary, real estate strategist, America’s top real estate expert and also a forward thinker.

When you listen to Greg talk or watch one of his videos online, you get completely blown away by his sharp mind and ability to deliver the message. His audience falls into a gaze and pins drop silence. It’s like a magical moment of transfer of knowledge. Other than real estate, Greg wears other hats, perhaps an indication of his wit.


Greg Hague doubles up as a law lecturer, author, and attorney. One of his books, “Swim With The Sharks”, was rated a best seller by the New York Times. His passion for the industry across three decades makes him an authority in real estate matters. He owns several firms in the industry and has become a public speaker.


Greg notes that the industry lacks radicals and revolutionaries. While other sectors have come up with cost effective marketing strategies, real estate continues to use redundant methods for over 75 years. As a result, home sellers lose about 5% of their asset value while selling. It involves erecting signboards on vacant properties and running advertisements. Potential buyers come to inspect the properties with the hope of closing a deal.


Greg Hague established the Real Estate Mavericks to start a revolution in the industry through coaching and mentorships. The most popular programs the firm runs includes 22-step Home Launch Formula and the 29-day Fast Sale Plan. These programs base their operations on creating a buyer’s rush thus saving time on a home listing.

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In his experience, buyers love seeing a property first or long before it’s launched into the market. He calls it the ‘coming soon’ effect. This strategy helps to build curiosity or anticipation and demand. Private shows are also allowed in such cases. In fact, private shows yield the best results as clients buy such properties at better prices than when in the market.


Also, when a house stays on the market for too long, future clients get the idea that it’s overpriced. Greg Hague advises agents against the traditional approach. Instead, he urges them to send out personalized messages to other agents in the locality. Such actions create interest as prospective buyers demand a peek into the properties that are about to get into the market.

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