Going against the Odds

Doe Deere is a Russian fashion school dropout who suffers from a disorder named inconsistent personal disorder. Despite this, she ha smoved on to live life of a real champion, a heroine. She moved to the United States in 1999 to seek greener pastures and start a new life with fresh ambitions. Since then, Doe has been on the limelight, for the good reasons, making revolutionary cosmetic products, venturing into fashion designing among other things. Doe’s first move was marrying a 25-year-old American man who has worked with and showed unending support in every move that doe has made. To survive and have a brand in the limelight, most celebrities use new names, Doe was not left behind either in branding herself. Some of the common aka names she has used include Xenis, Xenu, Dough, Dodo, Doh, thunderwear, Lime Crime, princess moth and Xenia. In 2008, she came into the limelight again after she made colorful beauty products that people wanted her to make known and disclose how they are made and their contents but why should she? Those were business secrets.

The new brand of cosmetic and beauty products from storyexchange went by the market name Lime Crime. It was a string of colorful products termed as being meant for the young who were strong at heart, a passionate group with products from a fascinating figure. But there was a battalion which appreciated the products’ existence in the market as opposed to many, people who strongly criticized and hated on her products. To counter the negative energy around, she made a brilliant move and released a YouTube video on her blogazine channel to explain how lipstick is made. The move was to assure her fans that indeed she was repackaging products from wholesaler manufacturers. After watching it, there is no doubt that her products are original and genuine.

Before venturing into beauty and cosmetics industry, Doe has formed a rock band, Sky Salt, alongside her husband and a few friends. When you venture into music, always be sure that to have the ability to create music that can move crowds, doe could make this happen alongside her band members. At one time, Doe being a generous person, she wanted to treat her fans, and she rented a night club so that her accolade band could get to play a show. Social media claimed that few people attended the show, but that was a hoax. The show was a success as hundreds of people attended it and chanted alongside their favorite lines, a sign of a successful music career.

People on the internet have been supportive and helpful to Doe. She went ahead to open a fan club for them where they could interact and participate in philanthropic cause. Bloggers all over America have used her images and written how hardworking and focused Doe is by going against the odds of her condition. Bloggers like Grey showed immense love when he wrote about the authenticity of Doe’s rainbow beauty products. Doe is destined for greatness and soldiers on every day to show that no situation should put anyone down.