Does Wen by Chaz Dean Live Up to the Hype?

If you own a television or smart phone, chances are you have heard of the amazing hair product Wen This product has been flooding the market promising women and men beautiful and healthy hair after use, and it seems that all of the media hype could be true. Tons of WEN users have posted review after review on Guthy-Renker of the amazing Wen hair system created by Chaz Dean. The reviews all claim that their hair is left stronger and more manageable, and most users boast an extreme change in the shine and appearance of their hair.

What makes this miracle product any different from the other products lining the shelves? WEN only has 5 ingredients. Yes, you read that correctly! Only 5 all natural ingredients including; glycerine, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and panthenol. Ordinary shampoos and conditioners contain mostly water and a plethora of other ingredients that strip hair of the natural healthy oils your hair craves. Chaz Dean was so confident in his product, that he implemented a 3 week long user perception study where Wen achieved above 95% increase over competitors in moisture, shine, and manageability categories. The results of the perception study and never ending list of satisfied Wen users prove the Chaz Dean created a product that is unlike anything else available in sephora.

Recently, Bumble posted an article about Wen by Chaz Dean. The article followed the account of an actual individual using Wen over a 5 day period, and was complete with images and descriptions of hair each day. It was concluded in the article that WEN is an excellent hair product for men and women who seek a great product that improves the health and appearance of hair. The individual that wrote the article raved about the shine and appearance of her hair, and mentioned that she would “definitely be reaching for the product again”. It seems Wen has definitely lived up the media hype, and has continued to receive rave reviews from users! Need a hair pick me up? Give Wen by Chaz Dean a try.



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  1. Does this means that ordinary shampoos and conditioners could contain mostly water and also has many of other ingredients that strip. I’d like to do some uk essays about this. This would be a great idea.

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