The Wonderful World of Wengie

Celebrities are not only created by popular movies or songs. YouTube has now created a chance for everyday people to become famous and popular. Wendy Huang is a YouTuber whose hard work and dedication has allowed her to find fame through her YouTube channel, The Wonderful World of Wengie.

Millions of viewers each day tune into YouTube looking for entertainment and/or tutorials. Wengie has managed to capture the attention of these viewers. Currently the Australia YouTuber has approximately 615,000 subscribers. These subscribers along with fans and random passer byers have allowed Wendy to have more than 29 million views. Though she has a huge number of fans and followers now, Wendy was not always this popular.

Wengie’s rise to YouTube fame began about four years ago. During that time, Wengie was employed working for a digital marketing agency. She was responsible for helping clients with their blogs and social media interactions. Her assistance with other clients compelled her to start her own blog and create her social media brand. Her experience with assisting clients allowed her to understand what to expect and how to overcome various obstacles when blogging. She stated that she had previously started a personal blog but she was not committed to it. With her new blog she would be more committed and have a goal in mind.

Her interest in beauty and fashion provided a subject for her blog and social media platform. Her curiosity about beauty and fashion began while she was in primary school. She was obsessed with learning about the makeup and fashion world.

Equipped with knowledge that she gained since she was in primary school, Wengie began her YouTube channel. There are many other channels that offer makeup and fashion advice but somehow Wengie is able to stand out from those. Her ability to stand out from the others allows her to be ranked number 5 among the beauty channels. Perhaps it is where Wengie draws her inspiration from that sets her apart from other beauty channels. According to Wengie, she gains inspiration from the world around her. Her ability to find beauty in everyday people helps her to come up with ideas for her YouTube channel. Her inspiration also comes from the people that she looks up to. She has revealed that she looks up to Park Sora and StyleNanda because she enjoys their sense of style.

Her YouTube channel has turned her into a celebrity. Not only do viewers look to her to be entertained but they also view her channel to receive valuable tutorials and product reviews.