Eric Lefkofsky: The Creation Of Tempus Labs

Eric Lefkofsky has always wanted to put an end to cancer. It has affected him to the personal level, having someone close to him being affected by the disease. He worked hard to try looking for a cure, but he has always failed. However, it never stopped him from developing new ways on how to possibly treat the disease which has killed millions ever since the ancient times. Eric Lefkofsky soon established Tempus Labs, and he became the Chief Executive Officer of the newly established tech company. Tempus Labs was created by Eric Lefkofsky to serve as a gigantic database which the doctors around the world can use to store a vast amount of patient data.

According to Eric Lefkofsky, the sole purpose of Tempus Labs is to store this information from the doctors and then to give them out to others who are seeking for answers. The algorithm programmed within the technology allows for the computer to formulate new techniques and methods on how to treat a specific patient based on the symptoms that they are experiencing and based on the available information stored within the system. After it was unveiled, the technology introduced by Tempus Labs became the largest collection of medical data on Earth. With just a click of a button and strong internet access, doctors can access this wonderful piece of technology anywhere on the planet. They have thanked Eric Lefkofsky for his effort in building the machine, and they also claimed that it could save lives in the future.

The scientists who have also checked the company have given their positive remarks to project made by Eric Lefkofsky. They stated that it might be one of the best inventions so far in the 21st century, and its application in the field of medicine is endless. Eric Lefkofsky is also hoping that the scientific community will look into his invention deeper, and if they would want to add some new features with it, they can freely access its background codes and develop it to their desire. Eric Lefkofsky also wanted to send his gratitude to those who have helped him build the machine.

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Eric Pulier Earns Success Through The Pursuit of His Passion For Technology

As a successful entrepreneur and technologist, Eric Pulier has been working with young entrepreneurs by inspiring them to diligently pursue their ideas and not panic even in the face of the wildest challenges. He has been running a number of companies, which he founded along the way and he also established venture capitals that have been offering financial assistance to startups that lack the resources to push their businesses towards growth and stability. His success in the many projects he managed came as a great motivator and a push to emerge victorious.


The educational capabilities of Eric Pulier can be traced to the passion he put into technology. He began observing and researching about technology at a young age, at fourth grade, and the results he observed fascinated him and offered him the motivation to pursue the field. To build his passion, when he joined the Teaneck High School he further pursued the specialty and was able to launch a database company, which was an exciting shift in his pursuit.

He held the dream and when he graduated, he joined MIT College and began his course in Computer Science, which would help him to further learn about his passion. During the same time, Eric Pulier registered at the Harvard University, where he chose to pursue American Literature and English. His time at the campuses was a journey of discovery and a pursuit that revealed many things about the fields he pursued. He completed the courses in 1988 and was able to clench high honors.

Career progression

From campus, his career kicked off immediately. In 1991, he launched People Doing Things, a company that dealt with current stories and the pursuit of various areas of governance. In 1997, during the inauguration of the second term of Bush and Al Gore, Eric Pulier presented the Technology Exhibition, which highlighted the achievements of the government in technology and the plans it had for the future. This was one of his highest points as he carefully presented the information, thereby earning a reputation that saw him later work with several leading institutions.


High-Quality Wikipedia Pages Help Promote Web Presence


Anyone who has recently done an online search has probably noted a clear pattern where Wikipedia pages appear among the first URLs listed on their initial screen of results. This may seem peculiar, as Wikipedia is ‘open source’ with no single IP rights holder. However, auric mystery vanishes with basic grasp of how search engines rank Web-based platforms.

Google lists relevant URLs by search query terms frequency and incoming traffic level. Simply put, the more popular a site already is, the more popular it will become from progressively higher prominence in search query results. Wikipedia’s massive size that presently comprises over 500,000 pages and phenomenal popularity make it an ideal platform to launch effective brand promos at very low or no cost. A huge fringe benefit is preconceived credibility of mandatory references to support assertions in on-page content. This imparts authoritative prestige and integrity that are very hard to gain otherwise without years or decades of effort. Not to mention exponential ‘piggyback’ SEO enhancement for no charge. But those advantages do not accrue unless profiles adhere to the exact letter of every applicable rule.

Wikipedia Page Creation Entails Complex Details

The first step is establishing a registered account with prior approval for some minimum number of editing restrictions. Second and most important is finding external sources to support virtually every line of text. New users often find that essential task quite daunting because self-perceptions are inherently biased. Moreover, third parties who seek vital data via Wikipedia do not view supporting citations equally. Scholarly research academic references lend high value, as do official government sources and publications by reputable media organizations and well-known trade or professional associations. Besides these solid confirmations, an objective voice is vital. Retaining credibility and objectivity often requires monitoring and frequently updating profile content.

Even if all above mentioned basics about Wiki edits and many other threshold criteria are met, any hint of self-promotion will result in a promptly deleted profile. As biased or promotional content is strictly prohibited, self-created pages are flagged for deletion. That alone more than justifies engaging professional Wikipedia consultants’ expertise to minimize risk and maximize value of efforts to put a winning profile together on Wikipedia.

Get published on Wikipedia

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North American Spine Can Help Athletes With Any Kind Of Back Pain

When people watch sports on television, they may enjoy it as a pastime, but those who are athletes know the finer points of being able to perform the sport. Being an athlete takes a lot of work, and many athletes may not be up to the task of playing a sport. It’s possible that an athlete will injure themselves, and the injury may cause them so much pain that they can no longer play their sport again. Even if the athlete does choose to continue playing, they may be playing in a lot of pain, and the pain may end up becoming worse.

Consider an injury to the back. If the back is injured, the more the athlete plays with the injured back, the more likely the back is to become even more painful. It’s possible that the athlete may end up with severe back pains, which will then hurt their chances of playing in the future. If the back pain is not addressed, it’s possible that the pain can become chronic, and the pain may not go away without surgery. Many people may need back surgery to correct pain that they are having in their back.

Although lumbar pains are one of the most common back pains out there, some people may not consider the pain to be bad, but if the back pain is chronic, then the pain is already bad. If surgery is needed to heal back pain, then North American Spine can help. North American Spine reviews show that they are responsible for helping over 8,000 of their patients by performing the AccuraScope procedure. The procedure has been successful for over 82% of patients that have visited North American Spine. Over 90% of the patients say they would recommend the AccuraScope procedure to others because of how much it’s helped them. Although pain is not necessarily the fault of the athlete, staying in pain may become their own fault.

No athlete has to stay in pain, especially with so many resources available that can get rid of the pain. The AccuraScope procedure can be performed in less than an hour, and the best part is the fact that the athlete can continue healing at home because this is an outpatient procedure. Not only will the athlete be able to receive a surgical procedure to help their pain.