Warm Up Winter Skin With Shea Butter


Winter can be a harsh season for skin, but all-natural shea butter can offer relief! Shea butter has unique properties that aid in hydrating and healing skin. The product is extracted from the nut of the karite nut trees, which grow in the savannah regions of Africa. Traditional methods of extraction are still practiced by African women today without the use of chemicals or harsh additives. Shea butter is also referred to as “women’s gold,” as the process offers a revenue stream for women. The conventional method of making shea butter preserves a high level of health properties. It is rich in vitamins A and E and readily absorbed into skin without clogging pores. The profile of nutrients has a wide variety of uses, including moisturizing skin (say good bye to dry winter skin!), diminishing stretch marks (adios, baby belly!), and anti-aging properties (bye-bye, wrinkles!). Shea butter can also be used as a food source and has medicinal properties.


While there are many shea butter products on the market today, one stands above the rest, especially for winter skin that needs relief. EuGeniaShea.com offers a variety of shea butter products and maintains high quality products with sustainable sourcing. The shea content of EuGenia Shea creams is 95%, compared to a mere 20% in competitors’ products. At EuGenia Shea, the shea butter is available in a variety of scents and also with different concentrations to serve a variety of application needs, including pregnancy, every day, and dermatological.


EuGenia Shea was developed by Naa-Sakle Akuete and named after her mother, who helps to supply the shea nuts. Akuete, a native of Ghana, Africa, returns to her roots for her exceptional products. The shea butter is extracted with traditional, sustainable methods, and the company partners with over 700 women in Ghana for the product. While the products offer health and beauty benefits to consumers, the production offers the benefit of fair wages and job skills for women in Ghana. The company EuGenia Shea is run by women to help support the needs of female skin and, in the process, help women in developing countries support their families. As Eugenia Shea products help ease dry, cold winter skin, the message and method of this company will warm the heart.