Beneful Dog Foods: Bringing Nutrition To The Pets We Love!

We, as pet lovers and owners, want the best for our best friends and one such division of Purina is called Beneful. Beneful offers nutritional value to their dog foods so that our pets can be healthy, grow big and strong, and live energetic, full lives.

Beneful has several different types of dog foods on the market and we want to share some of this information so that everyone can be informed and make great choices for their four legged “kids”:

Beneful Healthy Puppy-Start your puppy off with this wonderful on, nitrating dry puppy food. The puppy will get great tasting, calcium-enriched dog food for their little tummies. Beneful puppy food will help them develop into healthy, thriving dogs by providing the nutrients they will need to grow their bones, provide healthy brain function, and keep their eyes free from radicals. This puppy food contains real chicken, peas, and carrots.

Beneful on purinastore Dry Dog Food Playful Life-This great dog food is made up of real beef and eggs and is protein-enriched. It will help your dogs stay playful and full of energy and they will love the added blueberries and spinach flavor.

Beneful Healthy Weight- This is a great choice from Beneful for the pets that may have some extra weight on them. It is made with real chicken, apples, green beans, and carrots. You can help your pet stay at a healthy weight and still provide a great tasting dog food for them.

Beneful Chopped Blends-This is a “wet” dog food for the special pets that like variety. Chopped Blends comes in tubs and offers many different flavors that your pets will keep going back for. It is available in chicken, beef, and turkey and several other great flavors with added veggies.

Beneful Chopped Blends In Cans-This is a great tasting and nutrition filled dog food. It comes in many different flavors with added vegetables. A special way of feeding your pet that they will look forward to at meal time.

These are just a few of the special dog foods that are offered by the Beneful family division of Purina. Try the Beneful Dog foods for your pets today!

Purina Beneful: Health and Happiness in Dog Bowls Everywhere

Purina® is a company of pet lovers. They’ve spent the last 80 years nourishing our pets and enriching our lives. Their Purina Beneful® products reflect the love. With 8 delicious and vitamin-rich varieties of dry dog food, 20 varieties of wet dog food and 11 varieties of dog treats, any canine, if they could speak their people’s language, would request that Purina Beneful® be stocked in their pantries–and apparently many of their people do stock them, regardless of the communication barrier. Purina Beneful brings 100% complete and balanced products of health, happiness and deliciousness to more than 15 million dogs every year. According to Beneful’s website, 95% of the visitors to their site recommend their products to other dog parents they know, and their combined votes gave Beneful a 4.7 out of 5 rating.  Their “quality control procedures are among the strictest in the industry” and are “the gold standard of the industry, meeting or exceeding every FDA, USDA or AAFCO requirement,” according to statements on the site.

Wholesome ingredients and top notch quality control are all well and good, but how does it taste? Pet parents want to be sure they’re giving the best to their dogs, of course, but taste is understandably of utmost importance to the receiving end of the daily dog bowl offerings. Beneful’s dry and wet dog food menus incorporate a variety of dog-tasted-and-approved proteins such as beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, eggs and salmon, as well as the carbs, antioxidants, omega-rich ingredients their parents are looking for: barley, rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, spinach, green beans, and even blueberries. Beneful’s line of Baked Delights® Dog Snacks are also made with dog favorites in mind–bacon, cheese, beef and peanut butter–in the ingenious form of cookies and crackers. Purina certainly knows a dog’s guilty pleasures, though there’s absolutely nothing unhealthy about their super nutritious menu items. They even have a line of peanut butter-and-parsley Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists and peanut butter-and-meat Dental Ridges treats that come in a variety of sizes, which help to effectively reduce plaque and tartar buildup in a fun and tasty way.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, Beneful also offers a lighter side on their menu–Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food formula–that is low in calories, but still high in taste, containing 10% fewer calories than Beneful Originals and comes with serving size recommendations to easily manage and maintain the canine waistline. They also offer IncrediBites and Healthy Puppy smaller kibble formulas in the dry dog food line for pint-sized loved ones.

Purina cares about dogs living a full, happy and healthy life, and their creative, blue-ribbon, great-tasting canine dining selections reflect how much they really do care.

Starbucks Has Taken Notice Of A New Kind Of Water Bottle


 According to the things said in the article that was published on Fast Company, she was tired of carrying around a water bottle that was just not all that pretty, and so she decided to create her own kind of bottle. She took $30,000 of her own money and made S’well come to life. And, now others have noticed the things that she has done, and Starbucks has even started to sell the water bottles from this brand.
Sarah Kauss had a passion for making a water bottle that was pretty, not just for the sake of the one carrying it and how they would feel about themselves, but also for the sake of the environment. She knew that if she made a pretty bottle that people would be much more likely to use it and less likely to keep drinking bottled water, which is just not good for the environment. It is a good things that Sarah Kauss has done with S’well, and it is great to see her brand have the chance to grow in popularity.