Heal N Soothe, Herbal Supplement for Joint Pain

Heal N Soothe is an oral supplement used in the reduction of pain and inflammations. Heal N Soothe uses systematic enzyme therapy involving the whole body, where enzymes operate in all body organs and systems. Enzymes are biocatalysts that speed up the working of the body. The enzymes are not drugs, but they help in alleviating pain and inflammations by neutralizing bio-chemicals on swellings. This neutralization reduces the level of these bio-chemicals where repair, creation, and regeneration of damaged tissues can take place.

With reduced inflammations, there is a drastic improvement in health especially the heart, prevents and helps in cancer recovery, as well as memory loss. Unlike traditional pain relievers, NSAIDs, such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen that give a slight relief with side effects, Heal N Soothe natural supplement promotes healing without any side effects. The product contains 12 natural pain fighters in addition to the enzymes that include, Boswellia, Papain, Turmeric, Bromelain among others.

Each one of the 12 ingredients work towards a specific cause in relieving pain. For instance, the systemic proteolytic enzymes work in the whole body breaking down scar tissue, fighting inflammation, cleansing the blood, as well as boosting the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune system. Bromelain that is extracted from pineapples functions by short-circuiting multiple pain-ways, removing waste and toxins from the body. Turmeric extract is a natural blocking agent for the COX-2 AND 5-LOX enzymes that cause pain and helps reduce inflammations by acting on antioxidant for pain causing radicals that cause swelling. Read more on healnsoothe at About.me

Papain improves the immune system and has enzymes that fight cancer cells. What causes one to feel pain is the prostaglandins and this is where ginger extract comes in handy, as it reduces their amount thereby decreasing pain. The Mojave Yucca root has special anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity, as they have yucca ols and resveratrol. The Devil’s Claw is a longtime known pain reliever equivalent to phenylbutazone when treating arthritis. Another ingredient is citrus and Rutin bioflavonoids that act as buffers as they contain L-glutathione which reduces the effects of oxidation. Boswellia extract assists in blood circulation and is a proven anti-inflammatory.

Heal N Soothe can be purchased from healnsoothe.com at $49.95 for the free trial bottle when one signs up for the monthly smart-ship program or a one-off purchase of $59. It can also be purchased on Amazon.

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