Bury Negative Online News

Think for a moment about how important your self-image is. The way that you view yourself will extend to many aspects of your life. When you go to a job interview, you will show cues that you are not really confident in yourself. The employer will ask themselves why they should be confident in you if you are not confident in yourself. Similarly, when you go on a date, this individual will see that you do not have any self-confidence. Your view of yourself is important. Almost of equal importance is how others view you. This can be defined quite easily. People will sway their perception of you based on a single article on the Internet. If somebody writes a negative article about you, it could seriously diminish your reputation forever.

Their Personal Blog
Many people keep personal blogs. They are only read by close friends and family. They are basically a way for people to express themselves, but are not meant to be shared widely or to go viral. They are essentially diaries. However, one can still find a personal blog on a search engine. If somebody wrote something on their personal blog that is negative about you, it can be found. Even this minor, innocent act could harm your reputation.

Things You Have Posted
Potential employers might not be so interested in things that other people have said. After all, people could say anything, and it is difficult to know if it is true or if it is just a rumor. They are more interested in what you say. Many employers will check out your social media presence and your personal blog. Even if you have deleted something from awhile ago, somebody else may have reposted it on their blog. That is the nature of the Internet. Something that you posted could come back to haunt you.

What BBA Can Do
If you are in this unfortunate situation, then you should consider retaining the services of Bury Bad Articles. They will bury negative search results, whether something you posted, somebody else accidentally posted or something that an individual posted a malevolent attempt to smear you.