Kenneth Goodgame-A highly motivated marketing expert

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly established and an esteemed individual in the field of marketing, sales, retails and mechanizing. His highly persuasive techniques make him unique and one of the best in the market. He specializes in creating billion-dollar OEM brilliance by combining advanced merchandising and marketing skills.

He is also an accomplished streamlined financial oversight specialist and smart business strategist. Kenneth Goodgame works on improving profitability and performance by delivering a balance of good corporate alignment, engagement of employees and ensuring high-quality assurance system, these are some of the key facts that he implements successfully leading him to great success.

Kenneth Goodgame also commits and works very hard to promote his ability of growth with strong leadership traits, high-quality improvements, cost analysis, collected negotiations and high productivity augmentations. He has the profound ability to navigate market shifts and avoids mainstream costly mistakes that others frequently tend to miss.

His ambition and goal are to always achieve brilliance using his own unique methodology to accomplish success in the corporate world. He is an inspiration to many around the world interested in marketing but lack motivation; he also sets high standard examples to people who are seeking to attain flexibility in their jobs. He holds a degree in bachelor of sciences in marketing from the University of Tennessee.

He is currently actively working as a senior vice president and chief merchandising officer at True Value Hardware Corporation located in Illinois, Chicago. He joined this company in the year 2013 and is working there up to this date. In his active tenure in the company, he has been successful in accomplishing many milestones and increasing profitability for the company.

According to Crunchbase, Kenneth Goodgame was able to deliver a long-term growth and success by allowing cross-functional groups to implement a five-year inclusive strategic plan. He was able to rebuild a whole new entire merchandising team and also reworked the talent acquisition program allowing the new potential to come in and contribute to the company with their expertise.

Goodgame brought it a newly energetic team culture with high market-related product expertise. These steps improved the savings from 2% to a high figure of more than 10% per annum. He was also the one behind creating a “New at True Value” 4 SLU programs that were initially supported by around 2800 stores, this led the company to launch of the most successful program launch as indicated by the amount of store participation.

Kenneth also launched the 250 SKU EDL program to all the retailers, that allowed them lowering retails on the most price sensitive SKUs, in 2015 due to his efforts at full year test markets, the company’s basket ring increased by over 9% also majorly enlightening retail price perception