Steelers Fans Inspired the New Fashion Campaign

The Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t messing around when they decided to revamp their brand and hire marketing heavyweight Susan McDowell to be their director of strategic planning. She wasted no time reworking the Steelers image by adding more options to the Pro Shop website and making social media more interactive and user-friendly. Susan McGalla previously used her expertise in branding, lifestyle and merchandising as the CEO of PHX-Corporate, as well as president of American Eagle Outfitters before that. In working with the franchise, McGalla has found inspiration in the fans, thanks to their willingness to share their thoughts, offer suggestions and show themselves in their favorite team’s apparel. The new fashion campaign was developed with the fan in mind; the apparel, accessories, toys, and memorabilia now accommodates a wider range of tastes and offers more options to reach a wider audience. The new options include adding pink, neon yellow, and metallic gold to the team’s color palette, in addition to the traditional black and gold. More options makes it easier for fans to dress the clothing up or down, and collaborations with Pandora jewelry, Nike Golf, and Tommy Bahama are just part of the makeover. Female fans will be especially excited about the NFL inspired Pink line from Victoria’s Secret. Fans aren’t just interested in what their favorite players are wearing, they also want to know where they can get the hoodies, hats, and sweatshirts the guys on the sideline are wearing. Those inquiries is how the “Wear What We Wear” line was born, and it is a huge hit. Every fan on now has more reasons to wear their Steelers loyalty on their sleeve – literally. Whether you want to wear a faded jersey, a blinged-out t-shirt or keep your hands warm with a pair of Steelers leather gloves, the new Pro Shop website makes it easy for fans to browse and shop on Their computer tablet, or phone for their Steelers merchandise.