Redefining the Use of Cards–McBilly Farland has Done So by Way of His Bold Magnises Social Networking and Pay Card

Billy McFarland, CEO and founder of the Black Magnises Card has redefined the concept of carrying a card—and he is doing so in the most innovative way possible. McFarland has basically master-minded a card concept which is terrific for the current era. His niche? Why the Millennials, of course.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland knew that most of his generation went about carrying a debit or bank card. The preceding way to pay is convenient. He was thinking about a card which would make it possible for his niche group to socially connect, and at the same time, pay for discounted purchases. He found the answer by devising his fashionable, stylish Magnises black card.

This card, when carried, makes a “bold” statement. It tells the world that the user is an inside thinker. What is an inside thinker? This is a person who wishes to connect with all of the most stylized places his city offers.

The user of the Magnises card is able to take advantage of hundreds of the city’s trendiest venues as far as dining, special entertainment, night clubs, and social arenas, which he simply would find cost-prohibitive without his Black Magnises card.

McFarland has been termed a technical wizard by some of the best names in the business. At just twenty-three years of age: Billy established a product with services that go unrivaled. In example, the card offers the amenity of ClubPass. This Magnises amenity makes it possible for the Millennial to gain access to two of New York City’s most popular clubs—and with no waiting in line.

The user simply just shows his card to the appropriate person: and he is in the door. The ClubPass amenity comes with a small monthly fee: however, the member does not mind paying it—since there is never any hassle in gaining admittance to the nightclubs he prefers the most. Some members have claimed they have put the amenity to the test—and it proved quite convenient.

Further, the Magnises Company looks out for its members by providing them with customized dining packages at some of the trendiest as well as mysterious and intriguing of New York eateries.

There are other cool packages offered too: such as discounted arrangements at unique stylized, theme-based shows and places where members can easily interact with other young professionals.

Imagine spending time on a yacht: the Magnises member has done it. Ever dreamed of enjoying a cocktail hour inside of the penthouse of one of the city’s premier hotels?— it is possible for the Magnises member.

Enjoy vacations where the sky is blue and the sand is white—and offered at high levels of discounting?—the Magnises member can do it.

So what is the price for this type of varied entertainment, recreation and inside-the-city experience? The black Magnises card has a favorable annual fee of only $250.00. Its gleaming black exterior gets noticed: and so does its member.

Billy McFarland has redefined how cards, within the industry are being used. He has created a stylish black metal card and provided discounting to all of the establishments his generation finds cool and the most entertaining.