Bruno Fagali’s Take On TSE’s Fight Against Fake News

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian advocate specializing in compliance. He is also a consultant in areas of election law, parliamentary law, public law advertising law and anticorruption law. He is the founding partner of Fagali Advocacy.

Because of his success in his law suits, Mr Fagali is regarded as an authority in Compliance, Ethics, Administrative Law, Urban Law, and Regulatory Law. This has seen him gain respect from his peers and the general public. He uses his standing to educate people on legal issues affecting the country. His uses his blog, Fagapress, to site some of the issues affecting Brazilians and explain their impact on people’s daily lives. He also gives an opinion on what ought to be done by the government and the citizens to help turn the situation to a positive. Fagali is one of the leading lawyer in Brazil.


Recently, the TSE began fighting fake news and deep fakes. In his article posted in the Fagapress, Mr. Fagali explains that this fake news is a way of malicious people trying to control people’s right to accessing information. The propagators of fake news come up with several social media profiles which they use to disseminate fake news according to Unfortunately, since many people do not know how to differentiate between what is real and what is fake, they use their own profiles to spread fake news even further.

Mr. Fagali continues to explain that with the coming presidential election, there is a possibility of citizens being manipulated by fake news to skew their support towards one candidate. According to the article posted in the Fagapress, the TSC will have a hard time dealing with the problem. This is because the software used to generate fake news is available online and can be downloaded and used by anyone. The software is not controlled by just one person; it can be modified by anyone who has knowledge in programing. What makes it even more difficult to try and control it is that it has the ability to modify itself.

In as much as the TSE has launched a fight against deep fake and fake news, Bruno Fagali at the end of the article urges people to be careful with what they read, watch and listen to online.

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Jeremy Goldstein on EPS and how to use it to benefit everyone

Calling employee compensation a complicated issue in corporations is understanding it. There are a lot of factors involved and it can get quite messy to say the least. Talking to Jeremy Golstein a New York that specializes in executive compensation is sharing why the nature of this subject can be challenging. He has worked with some incredible corporations that are well known all over the world.


When it comes to how employee incentive are handled, there is a term used called Earnings per Share or EPS is what it’s called. There is so many benefits to this system that can far outweigh the negatives. It influences stocks, shareholders decision whether to sell or buy, and so much more. This form also encourages business owners to pay more to employees per share. In turn this can make a company more successful in the long run. With that being said there are also disadvantages that come with it. Employers and CEO’s can abuse the system by recording wrong information. With all the power they hold it can certainly be misused to their benefit. Others may fail to see their wrongdoings so they can benefits from earning per share or other forms of employee compensation. Leaders can also skew results so the sale shares for the company increase. This leads to instant gratification, short-term profits which are not going to be beneficial to the company’s long term goals and employees. Jeremy Goldstein advises that leaders are held accountable for their greedy profit seeking actions. He also says that focusing on the long road ahead will far outshine any temporary money fix. This will assure that a company will have a lasting impact in the world and continue to shine. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein is like no other. With fairness and justice in the forefront the New York City lawyer has decades of experience in the law field. He is the founder and is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. They focus on a number of subjects including executive compensation issues and everything in that realm. Mr. Goldstein has worked with many corporations and companies with the likes of Miller Brewing Company, NYSE Group Inc., AT&T Corp., Rohm and Haas Company, Verizon, and so many more that are known by name.


The successful lawyer went to school in New York where he got a Juris Doctor in Law. Jeremy Goldstein attended the New York University School of Law. Surprisingly, previous to studying law he went to school to study art history. How interesting is that? With a love for art and law Mr. Goldstein understands both sides of a story. That is why he is celebrated and has won multiple awards for his outstanding work as a lawyer.

An Overview Of The Life and Career Of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali refers to a renowned Brazilian attorney and a corporate integrity specialist. He has contributed immensely in the cleaning up of public contracts in Brazil by actively participating in the transparency drive and integrity campaign.

He works at FAGALI advocacy as well as at Nova/sb, a top Brazilian advertising agency, as the Corporate Integrity manager. Mr. Bruno Fagali is extremely experienced in offering first-rate legal solutions especially in the corporate sector.

Corporate Integrity

Bruno Fagali is vastly experienced in the areas of Administrative Law, Compliance, Urban Law, Ethics, and Regulatory Law. Bruno understands the importance of his engagement with Nova/sb and has initiated a number of initiatives to spur integrity within its ranks. Due to the agency’s status as a leading advertising entity in Brazil, it gets a good number of public contracts from different government departments. Brazil has witnessed a lot of public anger due to corruption in various departments and the government has embarked on the implementation of a transparency drive to win back the faith of citizens. Nova/sb implements and pioneers new initiatives and as a result of the government actions, it also went for a committed integrity drive within its ranks. This is the reason why it brought Bruno Fagali on board for the job.

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In his position as the Corporate Integrity manager, Bruno implemented a program aimed at achieving the transparency levels required by the government in both the agency’s Sao Paulo and Brasilia offices. He also came up with a new employee ethics committee as well as drafted a fresh policy of treating members and employees. Bruno Fagali signed a contract that will run for 36 months without the option of being fired. This gives him the authority to make impartial decisions.

Education and Work History

Bruno Fagali attended Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo and graduated with a Law degree in 2009. He specialized in Administrative Law. He proceeded to the University of Sao Paulo where he undertook his Masters degree in Progress in State Law. He worked in a number of law firms like Ramires, Manesco, Perez, Tojal, Azevedo Marques Law Firm among others. In 2016, Bruno Fagali opened his own law firm based in Brazil.


Ricardo Tosto

The Second Panel of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) concluded today’s session (10) the judgment of the Ordinary Appeal in Habeas Corpus (RHC) 124313, presented by the lawyer and former counselor of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, investigated in the Santa Tereza operation for involvement in a money laundering crime.

In submitting a vote, Minister Gilmar Mendes accompanied the rapporteur of case, Minister Teori Zavascki, for the dismissal of the appeal on the grounds that, in order to analyze the defense’s argument that the money laundering offense would not have occurred, Reversal of facts and evidence, which is forbidden in the case of habeas corpus analysis. The decision was unanimous.

According to the complaint filed by the Federal Public Ministry, as a member of the BNDES ‘Board of Directors, Tosto would be a group responsible for the diversion of funds from the institution. The investigation found fraud in financing granted to the city of Praia Grande (SP) and to the Marisa store chain in 2007. According to the complaint, the alleged illicit advantage received by the then BNDES adviser (in the form of four checks) Would have been accounted for in the law firm of which it forms part as fees.

In the STF, his defense argued that there was no just cause for criminal action in relation to the money laundering crime for three reasons. He alleged that the crime of money laundering can not be committed by the same agent of the previous crime. He further stated that the payment of the law firm’s rent and the current account of the law firm would not have the potential to conceal the resources. Finally, he argued that the amounts claimed by the prosecution as the subject of the laundering crime were, in fact, duly accounted for as a result of legal services and advice to Probus Investimentos, and Marcos Vieira Montovani, his legal representative, Of 10 years.

In his vote, Minister Gilmar Mendes pointed out that the autonomy of the money-laundering crime, although perpetrated by the same agent of the previous crime, is affirmed by the STF jurisprudence, as was decided in Penal Action (AP) 470. The minister Pointed out that legal services, especially advisory services, tend to be immaterial and, therefore, difficult to prove. But in the case in question, the accusation seems to be supported by sufficient elements to bring the criminal action, according to Minister Gilmar Mendes.

Helping New York Animal Shelters Address Some of Their Biggest Problems

Thousands of tourists visit New York City every year. Even during the cold winter months, tourists can be seen looking at some of the most famous buildings, parks, museums, and other places in the city. Quite a few tourists have had the experience of wandering around New York City streets and coming across a stray animal. Their heart goes out to the animal and they want to do something to help it. One of the things that people do is find an animal shelter and take the animal there. Sadly, lots of people are turned away from animal shelters because animal shelters do not have the funding that is needed to purchase basic items like food and medicine, and they do not have the space to house more animals.

There are many individuals out there who would like to fix this problem, especially during these cold winter months. For example, Ross Abelow has recently launched a Go Fund Me winter fund raising campaign in order to address the problem. He is trying to get as many people involved in the cause as possible. The great thing about using this platform to donate money to is that a person does not have to donate hundreds of dollars to make a difference. Instead, they can donate just $10 or $20. When a lot of people donate, the money will add up quickly and it will not be long before the $5,000 that will Ross Abelow would like to raise is available and can then be donated to local animal shelters. Not only will the money be made available to purchase things like medicine and food for the stray animals, but more space will be made available to take care of these animals. This is a great way to not only address the problem now, but to be sure that these animals are taken care of for a long time. When they are put in shelters, they are usually added to adoption lists where they can find forever homes.

Ross Abelow has been involved in a lot of different projects that have helped individuals in New York City. He cares about the community and has taken many steps to improve it. He has more than 25 years of experience working as a family lawyer. He helps his clients defend their rights and provides the best legal information that is available. Individuals do not have to be Ross Abelow’s clients in order to benefit from his experience. They can become his friends on Facebook and follow his account. This will allow them to benefit from the legal information he regularly posts.

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Living Wills, Commercial Documents, and Entertainment Contracts Rely on The Expertise of Great Legal People

Ross Martin Abelow is an attorney that graduated from Brooklyn Law School. He specializes in family law. He is available in New York to help when you need someone to write up legal papers or you need someone to look over a contract for work. Entertainers look to Abelow when they need someone to make sure they are being taken care of. Legal matters, contracts, and entertainment issues are things that Ross Abelow takes very seriously. He knows the law and will make sure you get the best end of any deal.

Legal matters come up all the time in our life. We may need simply to draw up a will so that we are covered for death. The coverage is just for making sure our wishes are followed through. If we want one of our children to receive the ring grandma left, we will include this detail in the will. People that draw up wills are less likely to leave their families confused when they die.

A living will is a will that tells people your wishes if you become terminally ill. A living will simply ask if you want to receive feeding tubes to sustain your life, if you want to receive breathing tubes to keep you alive, or if you want antibiotics to keep you living. Living wills make it easier on the family when you are terminally ill and unable to say i want this. Make sure to have your lawyer to draw up a living will for you. Give a copy to your doctor and hospital. Make sure your children know your wishes and let your attorney keep a copy on file.

Other legal issues arise with families. Adoptions, marriage, divorce, and prenuptial. These are some of the documents that may need an attorney to look over. If you are in need of an attorney that specializes in family or entertainment law, you are in the right area. New York has some of the best attorneys around. Give one a call to discuss your legal needs. Attorney Ross Martin Abelow has been in legal business since 1989. He can help with any commercial needs as well.

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