Eric Pulier Earns Success Through The Pursuit of His Passion For Technology

As a successful entrepreneur and technologist, Eric Pulier has been working with young entrepreneurs by inspiring them to diligently pursue their ideas and not panic even in the face of the wildest challenges. He has been running a number of companies, which he founded along the way and he also established venture capitals that have been offering financial assistance to startups that lack the resources to push their businesses towards growth and stability. His success in the many projects he managed came as a great motivator and a push to emerge victorious.


The educational capabilities of Eric Pulier can be traced to the passion he put into technology. He began observing and researching about technology at a young age, at fourth grade, and the results he observed fascinated him and offered him the motivation to pursue the field. To build his passion, when he joined the Teaneck High School he further pursued the specialty and was able to launch a database company, which was an exciting shift in his pursuit.

He held the dream and when he graduated, he joined MIT College and began his course in Computer Science, which would help him to further learn about his passion. During the same time, Eric Pulier registered at the Harvard University, where he chose to pursue American Literature and English. His time at the campuses was a journey of discovery and a pursuit that revealed many things about the fields he pursued. He completed the courses in 1988 and was able to clench high honors.

Career progression

From campus, his career kicked off immediately. In 1991, he launched People Doing Things, a company that dealt with current stories and the pursuit of various areas of governance. In 1997, during the inauguration of the second term of Bush and Al Gore, Eric Pulier presented the Technology Exhibition, which highlighted the achievements of the government in technology and the plans it had for the future. This was one of his highest points as he carefully presented the information, thereby earning a reputation that saw him later work with several leading institutions.