Lovaganza Is Coming, Where Will You Be?

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza will be traveling around the world in a sort of caravan come 2017. It will be a convoy of hope, a traveling showcase of bohemian adventure, and downright mind-boggling. One of the prime attractions of Lovaganza is their new IMMERSCOPE 3D technology. For those who aren’t in the know, IMMERSCOPE 3D is a 180-degree theatrical screen which gives film depth and clarity of a three-dimensional variety without requiring any kind of glasses. Lovaganza is an event that will unveil this revolutionary new innovation in entertainment technology; but it’s already been delayed five years. That’s a good thing, though, when one understands why this delay has taken place.

The roots of Lovaganza stretch back at least to 2012, and very likely before. The website, Lovaganza.com, has a copyright watermark that begins in 2012; but this implies there was definitely planning going on beforehand. Websites don’t just evoke themselves from nothing! And neither did Lovaganza.

Lovaganza comes from a vision of unity and the celebration of Earth’s many disparate cultures. Originally, the global event was to take place in 2015, but between the idea which has flowered into Lovaganza and that time, new technology was discovered which changed everything. Planners of the event on Instagram wisely decided to curtail unveiling until said technology could be completely incorporated. The new date for the project is 2020, with the aforementioned preview convoy launching within the year. Between now and then three feature films will be released which each emphasize the core mission of Lovaganza. They will feature themes of a convoy, bohemian adventure, and cultural celebration.

When the event finally hits in 2020, it may change the world. It’s set to take place over the course of four months. It will take place in eight separate locations simultaneously. Places where Lovaganza will be hosted include Africa, Oceania, America, Asia, The Middle East, and Europe. Each location will feature more than just IMMERSCOPE 3D. Certainly, the CINERAMA feel of IMMERSCOPE will be in full evidence, and the films shot expressly for that purpose will naturally be played across the 180-degree screen. But in addition to that, there will be live events, exhibitions of new technology, interactive events, and much more. Think of the 20th century world fair, and CINERAMA combined–but with 21st century sensibilities. That’s a pretty fair image of Lovaganza, though it doesn’t incorporate the coming event’s full scope: never in recorded history has there been such a proposed undertaking. If successful, it may change entertainment as we know it.

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