How the Power of the Crowd Has Worked Wonders for Fabletics and Other Companies

The power of the crowd has been found to be the driving force behind an increase in consumer purchases in many companies. Most customers rely on reviews as they consider them as opinions from people they know. This has made savvy brands to capitalize on this trend and incorporate customer reviews into their marketing strategies.


The Impact of User Reviews on Fabletics


The TechStyle Fashion Group Corporate Marketing Officer Shawn Gold says the company discovered the power of user reviews or the crowd early enough and has been using it to boost sales. Since the launch of the Fabletics in 2013, revenue has been increasing steadily to over $235 million to date, and the number of paying members to over one million.


But Why Are Customer Reviews so Effective in Driving Sales?




Due to rapid change in consumer behaviors where most are buying things online, customer reviews have become critical. Before making purchases, most clients are going through customer reviews before making the final decision. A study by BrightLocal has shown that 84% of people take online reviews to be true.


Regular Use


There has been a sharp increase in the number of people who research a business online in a given month with about half of them admitting to reading customer reviews frequently. Negative reviews have been found to deter 60% of potential customers from contacting with a company.


Embraced by Companies


Throughout the years, the number of firms having customer reviews feature on their website has increased significantly. A survey by L2, a research company, shows about 76% of companies use this feature to drive sales.


Benefits of Positive Customer Reviews


Positive reviews have been found to drive sales and revenue in a company. Furthermore, they improve a company’s search ranking. Positive reviews also boost the number of repeat customers in a business.


Kate Hudson’s Morphosis from an Upcoming Actress to Fabletics Greatness


An afternoon at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Kate Hudson on the red carpet is different from what you would expect. Those present here are not celebrating the launch of a moviebutcollaboration between Fabletics and Demi Lovata, a pop superstar. The musician says he loves Fabletics for the cute clothes and what they stand for; inspiring and empowering women.


In their quest to have an athleisure brand in their company, TechStyle Fashion Group founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg found a perfect partnership in Kate Hudson. According to the Fabreticspresident Gregg Throgmartin, Kate was the chosen as she is approachable, has an active lifestyle, and is less serious about herself. Since joining the company, Kate has been heavily involved in activities such as choosing the social media strategy among others.


Kate regularly uses her Fabletics gear, unlike most celebrities who rarely seen using the products they endorse. She is unique in that she only uses something if it is authentic to her. The company’s desire to have the best products at a low price was not an easy to achieve, and the company was forced to delay its launch for six months after delivery of inferior quality products by the supplier. Would you like to find out the Fabletics gearsbest for you? Take a Lifestyle Quiz.

Fabletics Is Continuing To See Steady Growth

Fabletics has seen tremendous growth in the last three years, having netted over $250 million since their emergence in the e-commerce market. Fabletics is a subscription service that operates much like parent company JustFab. They rely mostly on their subscriptions from people that love their athletic wear and want the convenience of being able to shop from home while seeing increased savings. Each month, customers get a boutique that is picked by in-house stylists. The customer is allowed to choose one item, which is covered by the monthly subscription fee. Fabletics has also incorporated a unique marketing method that is allowing them to compete with giants such as Amazon. They are building brick and mortar locations in which customers can try on the clothing and see it in person. They do not get the same deep discounts they would if they belonged to the subscription service, however, but they can purchase an item to get a feel for the quality and style. In most cases, this reverse showroom technique can convince skeptical shoppers to sign up so that they too can get the incredible discounts.


Fabletics is not only reverse showroom techniques to help drive business, but they are also gathering celebrity endorsements from people such as Demi Lovato. They are also heavily focused on data gathered from their target audience. Fabletics is also highly focused on improving customer satisfaction scores so that they can continue to grow. Kate Hudson works closely with the owners of TechStyle as well as the President of Fabletics to ensure that they are delivering a stylish and high quality product that is going to create demand. She is involved in everything from their social media campaign to designing new styles to offer to their customers.


Fabletics is enjoying steady and rapid growth even though the retail industry as a whole has been in decline over the last few years. Their blend of using real-time data and delivering excellent products and customer service have created a huge demand for their products. They are projected to continue to see this steady growth in the years to come because they continue to use innovative, cutting edge strategies that have customers coming back for more. If you haven’t signed up for Fabletics yet, now is the time to start reaping the benefits of being a subscription member. Simply take the style quiz and get started building a fantastic athleisurewear wardrobe.

Fashion As a Means to Feel Good

Many people want to feel better about themselves. Among the means to achieve that is fashion. Fashion has a surprising ability to change the way someone feels about themselves and life. Fortunately, there are plenty of styles available in clothing stores everywhere so people have a lot of room to be creative. As one dives into the world of fashion on, she has plenty of options in order to help her put together a good outfit. Even going into the athletic section of the retail clothing store, she can find a lot of stylish clothes that she could not only wear to a gym, but also a night out.
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There is a new type of clothing that is for sale to the public. This is athleisure clothing. Among the retailers that are releasing and selling athleisure clothing is Fabletics, which is an online retailer that has been started by Kate Hudson and a couple of other business owners. Kate Hudson has looked into the athletic department and found that there is a large gap when it comes to style. She has helped come up with some unique designs for clothing that could be worn out on a date to happy hour as well as to the gym.

Athleisure clothing can help increase the confidence of anyone that is wearing the clothing. Certain companies have also opened up a men’s line so that men could experience the styles and feel the confidence from wearing nicely designed clothes that also enhance their performance. There are tons of clothes that help with the flexibility of the athlete while making him look very presentable. One thing that fashion is beginning to adapt is versatility. This is so that more people can become more comfortable with fashion and explore and experiment in order to come up with some great styles that they are happy with.

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Doe Deere’s Beauty and Fashion Inspiration

he fashion world has rules like any other, but come on, how many times do we actually follow the rules? Fashion and beauty have always been a creative way to express ourselves and now is a better time than any to do whatever we may please! Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime, prides herself on styling outside the box with products that would put a confetti ball to shame.  Tagged as “makeup for unicorns”, it’s no wonder Deere loves to break beauty and fashion rules on the daily. Pairing bold eyes with bold lips, mixing fun colors, mixing different patterns, wearing socks with open-toed shoes, wearing colors with colorful hair, not staying with specific occasion dressing, and not dressing “your age” are just a few of her top rules to break.

Born in Russia and raised in New York, Doe Deere has been an imaginative, color-driven girl from the start. But it wasn’t until 2004 and a DIY fashion line on eBay that the name “limecrime” came to life. Bright green is Deere’s favorite color, so the name just made sense! Four years later, and a need for brightly colored makeup, Lime Crime was launched as a makeup line.

Doe Deere sees beauty and fashion as what feels right, what makes someone happy. She believes that it’s okay to be too fancy or too under dressed because fashion is a choice. If someone is brave with color and wants to experiment, they should do it and they should be proud! Deere loves a fearless sense of style and gets inspiration anywhere from Dita von Teese to girls on Instagram. Dubbed as the unicorn queen (as her fans are called unicorns), Deere is also continually inspired by all her fans. Of course she inspires many too as Deere was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Doe Deere truly loves what she does and just hopes she can move others to not only be a bold style icon or start their own business, but to be proud of what they love and keep doing it, no matter what others think.