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Party planning can be fun and hassle-free with the guidance and advice of an event planner who will offer creative ideas to keep everything under control.


Event planner and party blog editor, Camille Styles shared her top ten tips for a stress free party. She emphasized any party can be carried out effortlessly by starting early and staying organized.


A party check list starting from one month before the party to one hour before is vital. For example, one month before the date, time and place should be decided on as well as the overall budget and theme.


One hour before the party set out party snacks and light candles to enhance the atmosphere.


Another tip involves making quite a few lists, such as shopping list and guest list, that can be updated throughout the planning process.


Guests can take pleasure in an imaginative theme, such as a south-of-the-border fiesta theme where margaritas are served.


Sending out mail invitations can establish a particular mood for the party while setting up a kids’ table will make it easier for them to enjoy themselves. And a self-serve bar lets the adults have fun inventing their own potions.


On the subject of food, a possible plan might be to serve simple appetizers rather than a full meal. Guests will enjoy various cocktail snacks, such as buffalo wings, stuffed mushrooms or spinach dip.


And while keeping the food simple it is also a good idea to keep the settings simple, such as tying tableware with a ribbon or fabric.


A wonderful way to bring the festivities to an end is to pass along a party favor, perhaps homemade baked goods or sweets.


Among the corporate event planners in New York City is a full service women owned group called Twenty Three Layers that offer services ranging from corporate event services, including venue sourcing and event concept and design to social event services, including custom invitation design and specialty entertainment.


Three highly qualified women, Jessica Boskoff, the founder and chief executive officer, along with Sarah Freedman and Lindsay Hayden have run one of the premier event planning companies in NYC since its launch in 2012.


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Twenty Three Layers, The Go-To Event Planners of NYC

Hiring an event planner can be an extremely nerve-wracking task. There are many things to consider when choosing an event planner, and you should always spend the time to screen each possibility carefully. Learn more:

First, you should determine the objective of your event. Why do you want to hold the event in the first place? Decide the most important objectives: Who, what, when, where and why of your event. Start your search for a planner after those questions can be answered. You will also need to figure out what exactly you need a planner for and what you want from them.

Next, estimate your budget. Based on the type of the event you’re hosting, you can probably create a sense of how much it could cost. A word for the wise: Always allow yourself substantial wiggle room. It’s much better to estimate above your actual cost than to estimate below and be surprised by extra costs.

When looking for an event planner, it is best to do research to find one who is extremely experienced and has a good, strong reputation. Customer reviews are always good, but peer reputation is even more effective. If an event planner is respected among the event planning community, odds are that they are pretty good at what they do.

If you’re looking for fabulous event planners in New York, look no further than Twenty Three Layers. They are an event planning company in New York City that offers full-service event planning and design. They have creative and energetic minds that will surpass any vision you may have. They have an exquisite attention to detail and a demand for perfection for any kind of event.

Working with Twenty Three Layers is worry-free, fun and an experience unrivaled by any other. They join knowledge and inspiration to give clients events that are unforgettable. They use the latest and best in food, d├ęcor and entertainment. If you’re looking for a very special celebration, corporate event, wedding or charitable function, Twenty Three Layers is the go-to event planning company of choice.