Jeunesse Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser

Jeunesse is a global company that is responsible for manufacturing and selling skin care products and nutritional supplements all over the world. Jeunesse supplies skin care goods, cosmetics, and other natural health items. The company offers plenty of products like Luminesce. This is a skin care product line. The Luminesce has then been branched to form other products like Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum, Luminesce moisturizing complex, and Luminesce youth restoring cleanser.

Recently, the organization expanded their products in the market through the addition of the NV. This is an independent micro-mist foundation that is specially developed for an excellent professional result for an airbrushed appearance. The product is simple to use. The new product has plenty of benefits as it has a youth-enhancing ingredient that soothes the skin making it glow and smoother. The organization developed this product so that it could assist consumers to get rid of blur skin imperfections with a formula that can offer a coverage of about 8 to 12 hours.

The company was established by the visionaries of Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Jeunesse was founded in the year 2009, September 9th at 9:00 PM. The two entrepreneurs decided that they should have the number 9 in the year, month and time. This was a sign that they desired the company to thrive in the market instead of just surviving.

The idea was great because today, the company has enabled people to live a good life. It has allowed different individuals to reach their potential. The duo was so eager to share their youthful enhancement products to the world. However, they had to come up with a means of rewarding the direct selling industry. The company markets their goods through the use of distributors and use of ads on different social media platforms. In most cases, they offer their gratitude to the distributors as they play a significant role in ensuring that the products reach different locations.

Jeunesse is committed to making studies in telomere, adult stem cell science, DNA changes among others. The essence of these studies is to ensure that they are up to the game, getting to understand what the consumers want, and how to manage and come up with new products.

Waiākea Water’s Sustainability Includes its Bottles Too

Hawaiians are well-known for their close relationship with nature. They take immense pride in their bond with nature, as it is an integral part of the Hawaiian culture. Now, this is something that is extending to their business too.

Hawaiians believe that the relationship with environment needs to be symbiotic. Nature provides us everything. This would include food and clothing. Even shelter, tools, music and everything else comes from nature. All that we need to do is to protect and conserve the environment. This would require following sustainable practices. This is what Waiākea believes in too.

In fact, everything about Waiākea is about sustainability. The most important environmental initiative is the use of a highly sustainable fresh water resource.

The bottles are 100% RPET. This means they are made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate. This is a top grade plastic that is post-consumer recycled having several environmental advantages. Such bottles of Waiākea require 85% less energy for being manufactured. Besides, 90% lesser amount of water is required to manufacture them. The carbon emissions are also reduced by nearly 90%. In this way, Waiākea is doing its bit to reduce carbon footprints and enhance environmental sustainability.

These are top quality bottles as high-grade RPET is being used to make them. Even further, these bottles are BPA Free too. In this way, Waiakea water is striving to innovate in all possible ways. This is going to have a huge impact not only on their product but the entire industry as a whole.

The packaging bottle is made of renewable bio-polymers. Hence it is a fully recyclable product. It is naturally biodegradable too making it a perfectly environment friendly option.

In addition to using 100% RPET bottles only, Waiākea water is making use of low emission shipping too. In this way, it is able to do its bit for the environment.

Waiākea water believes in actively participating in all kinds of regional reforestation programs. Besides, it is a part of various other types of carbon offset programs too. This is why it is the first bottled beverage in the world that has been certified CarbonNeutral®.