The Dallas Foundation happens to be the oldest community foundation in the state of Texas and has vast experience in connecting donors with their causes of preference.

It uses its resources to research about the community’s needs and is always, therefore, able to advise the donors accordingly to reach optimum efficiency after the disbursement of donor funds.

This organization has done funds categorization, and this has made sure that the causes one is contributing towards are very clear. These include the donor advised funds, designated funds, the field of interest funds, agency endowment funds, student scholarships and the community impact fund.

The efficiency and reactiveness of this organization has attracted a sizeable number of philanthropists who are very keen on self –directed funding which has more impact in the community.

One of these donors is Dondero, Co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management who concentrates on giving locally. Having an annual philanthropic budget of $3 million meant that he needed to look for a strategic partner to manage these funds. A search led to the Dallas Foundation and its team of donor experts; since they had a proven track record of collaborating with communities in Texas.

James Dondero together with the CEO & President of the Dallas Foundation had to sit down and devise a working framework that would be impactful to the community leading to the formation of the Highland Dallas which supports the Dallas Foundation.

Through this, James has continued being an ardent supporter of education and healthcare initiatives in the Dallas Community. James Dandero has also expounded his philanthropy to civic organizations like the Dallas Zoo.

Dondero has set the pace for impactful giving in the co-corporate world. Despite him being a global businessman, he has managed to play his role in assisting the local community of course with the help of resourceful donor planning through the Dallas Foundation.

His insightful story is one that everyone with interest in charity should emulate and draw inspiration. Other foundations should also come up with efficient structures like those of the Dallas Foundation so as to reach optimum funding from all parties.