The Athleisure Wear Trend

In today’s extremely busy world, most of us are tied to a computer screen in some dimly lit office or cubicle. We are desperately trying to figure out new ways to shake off that cubicle smell once we get home and feel good about ourselves in the little available free time we have left.

One new trend known as “Athleisure” allows us to combine two exciting new ways to express ourselves away from work. Athleisure wear in Fabletics allows us to combine wearing trendy fitness outfits not just to the gym but also to work, social occasions, run errands, picking up the kids and pretty much everything in between.

People want to look cool and fashionable on Instagram but are not always motivated to dress up in fancy attire. The days where casual-Friday was just on Friday are on the way out. Think of the many companies in Silicon Valley that allow their employees to express themselves however they want.

I would argue that people who don’t ascribe to the traditional way of thinking give rise to these new trends. Steve Jobs, The King of Invention and Inspiration was notorious for his turtleneck, washed-up jeans and white sneaker outfits, even during his most official meetings.

Everybody remembers how Google and many companies like Fabletics on facebook like them have their employees feel like they do at home. Inspiration comes to us when we are at our best. Athleisure wear allows us to do just that, be at our best and feel and look amazing. It would consider that a win-win.

We all have a personal style that works for us and many people are completely comfortable in a three-piece-suit with the dress-shoes to match but if given the choice on they would happily exchange those outfits for the baggy, yet trendy sweatpants and some sneaks. A recent article on focused on the importance on having a personal style that allows us to combine Athleisure wear without feeling guilty about it.

One place where you can shop for Athleisure wear is Fabletics. They combine the comfort and trendiness and wrap it in something that you would feel proud of showing off. I am a huge proponent of the Athleisure wear on Fabletics trend and can’t wait for the day where it becomes mandatory for us to feel great while looking good.