Ara Chackerian: The Value of Health Innovation

Ara Chackerian is a well-known philanthropist in the San Francisco, California area. He is known for his belief in health startups. Ara believes in a clean environment, sustainability, and adequate health services. Many health startups are linked to Chackerian. TMS Health Solutions is a behavioral health servicer that Ara Chackerian co-founded. He also serves as the Chairman of the company. Looking at the need for behavioral health expresses the need for better health care. Patients need counseling, medication treatment, and the motivation to continue on to the next day. The more health services that become available for these individuals will increase the comfortability to discuss it and create more innovations.


Another business that Ara Chackerian co-founded is PipelineRx. PipelineRx offers patients Telepharmacy services that are available across the country. Chackerian is also the Chairman of this company as well. Telepharmacy has revolutionized the health industry by understanding that patients are busy, disabled, and less fortunate. The ability to speak with their doctor online or over the phone increases patient outcomes. Giving the patient the ability to receive their prescriptions by mail is also wonderful as it eliminates the need to drive and wait in line. Patient outcomes are enhanced because the number of patients attending their appointments and getting the medications they need has increased. You can visit their website



Ara Chackerian also owns his own business, ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. Each startup that Ara funds and endorses is built on the flaws of its predecessor. It gives more patients access to the services that they need to live healthier and safer lives. It also increases the amount of money spent on healthcare which enhances the health economy. Ara believes that valuable health innovations should be given a fair chance to make the world a healthier place. Innovations that are sold return a profitable investment to the investors. For example, if Ara invests in a startup, the more patients use the services increases the amount of revenue the practice earns which in turn gives Ara Chackerian a return on his investment. The business model of health investing is one that is making a positive difference for years to come.

Just Who Is OSI Group & Why Is It So Great

To simply get to the topic at hand and to simply state it. OSI Group is the worldwide leader in custom food solutions. These solutions come straight from the minds of people like you and me. Many of today’s most popular restaurants and supermarkets tend to source their food products from food suppliers. Other than a small amount of retailors who have their own manufacturing farms, the rest of the retail world works with these advanced companies on an annual basis. Food suppliers generally makes the world go around. Without these special organizations, the world would come to a frantic stop.

These foods are actually some of the best concept-to-table solution and nobody does it better than this company. OSI Group was actually small family meat market back in the day. Its founder, Otto Kolshowki, turned his dream into a reality back in 1909. At that specific location, the company made a name thanks to its great services, and its great meats. It has had numerous locations of business including Oak Park and Maywood, Illinois. As of today, it is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group processes, sources, develops, manages and distributes these foods all around the world. Here are some of the many benefits of service.

• Excellent Supply Chain Expertise
• Custom Foods That Are Produced From Precise Specifications
• Global Flavor & Global Food Knowledge
• Has Innovative Research Facilities
• Is Very Ethical & Efficient
• And many more

As you can see, this company covers all borders of business. It has grown to be a top100 company, and it has been listed in “Forbes Magazine.” As of today, OSI Group is one of the biggest private companies in America. Food quality assurance is another specialty here as the company has some of the strictest safety guidelines like stringent policies, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Systems and Global Food Safety Initiatives. Being the best certainly comes with its challenges, but OSI Group as persevered through it all in its pursuit to greatness.

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Doe Deere Understands That Makeup is an Art Form

If there’s anyone in the universe considered magical, it’s Doe Deere. She’s known as the “Queen of Unicorns” and it’s easy to see why. She’s someone who marches to the beat of her own drum, doesn’t go along with the flow, and does what she thinks is right and not what she thinks is popular. Deere has always been someone who knew that makeup should be more than something that is used to hide imperfections. She felt that it should be something that people use to make a statement about who they are and what they believe in. Deere has always been a bright soul who likes her appearance to match. She’s had a hard time finding colors that fit her mood though.


Deere likes to rock bright colors such as oranges, pinks, and purples. She likes pastels as well as big bold colors. It all depends on her mood. Deere knew she wasn’t alone. She knew there were others out there who wanted high-quality makeup available in a variety of shades. That’s how Lime Crime was born and that’s how it’s been continuing its success! Deere is now giving back by inspiring others.


In an article with Guest of a Guest, Deere shared her advice for women and men who want to start their own business. She told them to follow their hearts. It’s simple advice but it holds true. From a young age, Deere started a temporary tattoo business and it only grew from there. She moved to New York where she became a musician before eventually starting her own makeup business. Deere firmly believes that everyone has something special about them and therefore they can develop that gift and turn it into a career that they love. Deere encourages everyone to get in touch with their emotional side and truly figure out what keeps them going, what their passion is. She then believes that anyone, no matter where they come from, can find success doing what they love.


Deere does exactly what she loves each and every day. She is able to play around with makeup, inspire others, and come out with hot new colors that keep consumers happy! Lime Crime is a makeup company available online through their website. They sell glitter, liners, lipsticks, eyeshadows, hair chalk, and more! They’re constantly coming out with new colors and new products to keep people happy. Lime Crime has had a tremendous amount of success because people really connect with the product. They enjoy having something that’s a little bit different, something that makes them unique just like Deere is. Deere has quite the following of makeup lovers and otherwise who have drawn confidence from her. Many are afraid to wear bright bold colors because they don’t want to be seen as different. Deere lets them know that it’s okay to be different because makeup is an art form, and we all have a different canvas that we’re working with. Therefore, Deere will continue to work with new looks and colors to keep her customers happy. Learn more: