Ending Dirty Money In Politics

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) and was started with essentially one goal, and that is to keep an eye on another organization called Citizens United. This is because of the unchecked power and brazenness with which Citizens United has been behaving in recent years. Citizens United was basically set up by a few wealthy individuals and corporations, to influence elections for their benefit. The design philosophy of End Citizens United is to take the fight to Citizens United, starting from the grassroots level. It is largely funded by common people, making small donations, who believe that elections should not be stolen by a few wealthy individuals.

The specific goals of End Citizens United are clearly stated. They are as follows:
• Putting pro-reform candidates into office
• Making unaccounted money in politics a national issue
• Dealing with ballot measures that encourage election reform laws
• Accomplishing all the above by showing the power of grassroots involvement

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End Citizens United is actively supporting candidates who are truly interested in any sort of meaningful reform in elections. However, it is open to supporting anyone who agrees with campaign reform policy, regardless of political affiliation. This includes both, Democrats and Republicans. Even though there are a few Republicans who are interested in campaign finance reform, at this time the Republican party itself is stopping any reforms from happening. Therefore, End Citizens United usually finds itself helping a Democratic candidate, who has to go up against wealthy donors who are financing their rivals.

Plans for 2016
End Citizens United was heavily involved in the 2016 elections by putting in their two cents in electing candidates running for both houses. It has raised millions of dollars to achieve this aim. In fact, the PAC is on track to raise close to $30 million to finance these candidates. The ultimate aim here is to reverse the amendment the US supreme court passed regarding campaign finance reforms. After the amendment was passed the elections were swamped with money from questionable sources, such as Koch Enterprise, whose wholesale aim is to elect officials who will abide by their ways to run the country.

In total, End Citizens United will support 11 candidates. This is in tune with the PAC’s ideology in trying to do something on the governmental level, as opposed to just activism through speeches and publications. However, the battle that End Citizens United has taken up is not without its skeptics. According to John Wonderlich, Policy Director of Sunlight Foundation, tackling something like constitutional amendment is a high bar. Rick Hasen, professor of Law at UC Irvine agrees with him. Rick believes there is a better chance for success if a sympathetic Supreme Court Justice is found, as opposed to getting a few politicians on their side.

Learn more about End Citizens United: http://action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united