Water Quality Levels Returning To Normal At Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Squaw Valley Ski Resort has always prided itself on making sure all visitors to this historic vacation destination are offered the best possible options for their safety and comfort. A recent rainstorm inundating four water wells in the Upper Mountain area of the resort has proven officials at Squaw Valley still place the safety and health of their visitors above all else as they have made sure no visitor comes into contact with a portion of the water supply that was affected by forms of bacteria.


Visitors to the Gold Coast and High Camp areas of Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain have noticed restaurants in this part of the resort have been closed in recent months; the decision to close the restaurants was taken by Squaw Valley officials in the wake of a major rain event that surpassed what would normally be expected in California’s Placer County. Routine testing of groundwater wells in the area showed the presence of the bacteria E.Coli and Coliform in four wells prompting the immediate closure of the wells and the turning off of the water supply from the affected wells.


Squaw Valley Ski Resort officials have explained the decision to turn off the water supply was a simple one to take to ensure the health of all visitors to the resort’s Upper Mountain; officials also pledged to keep all restaurants closed until the team of water quality experts currently addressing the problem had completed their work and returned the water supply to safe levels. Independent water experts employed by Squaw Valley are working alongside officials from Placer County Environmental Health have already reported gains are being made in the removal of the contaminants E.Coli and Coliform as three of four wells are already drawing closer to safe drinking levels.


To reassure visitors to the resort Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director at Squaw Valley, explained the resort’s own testing procedures identified the issue before any visitor was offered contaminated water. The slopes of Squaw Valley Ski Resort remain open from top to bottom with complimentary bottled water available for visitors skiing the Upper Mountain region.