QNET Empowers Young Women Entrepreneurs

Women in the modern society struggle a lot in order to attain a good working balance. They are supposed to look after their young children, and also perform well in their places of work. Sometimes, they are also supposed to further their studies, and it becomes a very challenging task.

The modern employers are not as patient as they are supposed to be. When women do not perform well in their places of work, they are fired, and their dreams of earning a living are trashed. To ensure that they balance their live, most women have opted to start small businesses and become their own boss, but to their disappointment, this too does not enable them to achieve the amount of balance they require. Business is very risky in the modern times, and many of them end up getting serious losses, making the situation even worse for women.

According to USAID, an international agency based in the United States, the modern society cannot progress unless women are given the same opportunities the man has been given. Women should own land, become breadwinners, access the right education and medical care just like men so that the world can become a better place.

QNET has seen the need for empowering young women, and that’s why they are offering women a better and safer opportunity to make a lot of progress in their homes and also earn enough money to lead a decent life. This year, the company will be introducing more women in direct selling market.

Direct selling is a new way of empowering women to earn a living and have enough time for their families. This kind of business is quite safe for the individuals concerned, and the amount of risks involved is low too. In the international women’s day women, especially the young will be given the first priority by the direct selling company.

QNET is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world, with many branches in different parts of the world. The institution is found in Asia, but it benefits many people all over the world. QNET mostly deals with women products, and that’s one of the reasons it targets women in the marketing industry.

Apart from empowering women, the company has done a lot for communities. Recently QNET donated funds to help Chennai flood victims, and it also helped donate kidney equipment to help people with serious kidney problems.

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Political Supporter George Soros Thinks The United States Should Be Preparing For A Recession

 The Great Recession of 2008 took a major toll on people around the world. Investors lost billions of dollars, and middle-class people lost their life savings. George Soros the liberal political supporter and successful hedge fund investor lost money, but he recovered. His net worth is more than $27 billion. With that kind of money, it’s no wonder that Soros supports candidates that support what he believes. He is a gracious humanitarian and international human rights activist that believes in open societies and freedom of speech. Soros has invested millions in the Hillary Clinton campaign based on her views on the topics Soros is vested in.

According to politico.com, the beginning of the 2015 campaign Clinton looked like a shoe-in for the Democratic nomination. With Soros and other large donors behind her she had enough money to bury Bernie Sanders in Vermont maple syrup. But her campaign started to deteriorate when her email issue wouldn’t go away, and her big donor support group was exposed. Soros is not one of those donors that give money for political favors, however. His intentions were to give Clinton the ammunition she needed to make a humanitarian statement to the world. But Clinton got caught in her own web, and Sanders has risen from the syrupy ashes.

One of the main issues that Soros is speaking out about is the looming recession that is hanging over the 2016 elections. Recently, Mr. Soros was the topic of a Politico.com article that talked about his campaign donations past and present, and how he is making a difference by establishing foundations in other countries around the world. But Soros has taken a little time off from his foundation work to tell the world about a global recession that is banging on the United States economic door. When that recession breaks through that door, the weak growth cycle that the U.S. is enjoying now will disappear.

Mr. Soros believes the United States economy will begin to contract in July 2016, and by the end of the year economic growth will be flat. Most Americans don’t expect another disastrous recession. After all, the mortgage issue is gone, and the economy is strong. But Soros says the economy isn’t strong. It’s weak. GDP growth has been averaging 2.1 percent a year for the last four years. Before the 2008 recession, the GDP growth was more than 4.1 percent.

The point that Soros and other economists are trying to make is, there should be more talk about this new recession. Candidates should be discussing a global recession since the state of the economy is always an election issue. But the candidates are quiet about a global recession. They know they can’t talk about it and still get elected. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com.

Keep In Touch With An Incarcerated Relative With The Securus App

Keep In Touch With An Incarcerated Relative With The Securus App

If you need to be sure that you are able to keep in touch with an inmate who may be incarcerated, you will need to go past the traditional visitation days and hours. Thankfully you can do that now that the app that has been released by Securus Technologies. This app is set up to allow you to video chat with people who are locked away. This takes away a lot of the limitations of standard visitations, so that you are able to stay close to the person in your life as they do their time. 

Who Is This Device Available To?

Since this device is intended to be used on smartphones and tablets, it has been made available to the major platforms in mobile devices — Android and Apple. It initially launched for Android 6 months ago and just came out on Apple products last week. When the Android app launched, it has already received a whopping 60,000 downloads. Even the iTunes version, which just launched, has received 5,000 downloads. This shows that there is tremendous value in this app, and we are just getting started with what it can accomplish. 

What Are The Benefits Of Downloading This App?

You stand to gain a lot any time that you download the Securus app. For one, it allows you to stay in touch with your loved one, whether it is possible to make a visit or not. In many situations, your loved one will be incarcerated several miles away from where you live, making it necessary for you to drive and put wear and tear on your vehicle, costing you plenty of gas money and making you have to plan precisely in order to make the best use of your time. This app takes away all of that by giving you the opportunity to reach out to your loved one via video visitation. This way, you will not need to be concerned with missing a visit if you cannot physically be there. If you experience any difficulties making the app work, simply contact Securus team of dedicated customer service agents to get started.

It also allows you to get more out of your regular contact with them, since it takes inmate phone calls to the next level, allowing you to actually see them and allow them to see you. This app is a great way to remain engaged with the person in your life who is currently serving time behind bars. Get the app today to find out more.