The Great Role that Mike Baur Has Played in the Entrepreneurial Growth

Starting an entrepreneurial journey is something most people desire to do but they don’t know that making this successful is another thing. Mike is one of the people who has managed to have a successful entrepreneurial journey. He comes from a region called Fribourg and he has become a successful businessman. Mike happens to be the Co-founder and Chairman of the Swiss Startup Firm and his skills have enabled him to perform better in his executive position. He is a man who has been passionate about the banking industry. His 20-years knowledge within the banking industry has seen him work successfully for big private banks like UBS and Clariden Leu.


All that Mike has become today has its roots in his teenage lifestyle. Since the time he was a teenager, he has desired to work in the Banking and Finance industry. Actually, this has been his great fascination. He embarked on his entrepreneurial drive seriously in 2014 when he was about 39 years old. Mark started the renowned Swiss Startup Firm together with some other partners who were his friends. These partners were Max Mister and Oliver Walzer. This company has become a force in the state when it comes to ICT acceleration activities. It is actually the leading independent ICT firm which is privately financed in the state.


Besides being a successful businessman, he is also a mentor to the youths when it comes to business and other life affairs. He has some entrepreneurial programs where he commits all his time and energy just to see the next generation doing better than the present one. In Switzerland, Mark is known to give the various Startups the financial support they require. He served at the START Summiteer as a jury associate and his participation left the firm better than it was. START Summiteer is known for its devotion in some of the pitching contests that St Gallen holds for the start-ups.


Mike also served as the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup firm in the year 2016 January the moment it partnered with CTI Invest. Mike went to New York Rochester University where he graduated with an MBA. He also graduated with an Executive MBA from Berne University. In December 2016, the Journal Wall Street started to prepare Mike’s profile and it featured him in different areas such as entrepreneurship journey, startup investments, and Swiss Banking. Swiss Startup Firm usually supports other start-ups that provide various platforms for the entrepreneurial network, investor expansion, office space, coaching services, mentoring services and financing services.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Reaches Millions

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the country’s leading wholesale documents processing company, serving retail lenders, mortgage companies, and similar organizations that deal in the mortgage markets. They have been in business since 1991 and are located in Palm Harbor, Florida near Tampa.


Eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and lending companies have chosen Nationwide as their primary source for documents. The accuracy and timeliness of the delivery of documents are primary reasons why Nationwide stands out among the fierce competition in the industry.


Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.89% and a rejection rate of only .78% which are statistics that are unheard of in the documents industry. These figures mean that Nationwide is spot on because they are delivering speedy and accurate documents nearly 100% of the time.


Nationwide has over 600 employees who are located in three different states. In Dallas, Texas there is a large Data Facility that serves as a backup just in case there is an emergency that would affect operations. This facility ensures that systems and delivery of documents will continue to clients no matter what happens in the way of a natural disaster or some other cataclysmic event.


A big factor in the success of Nationwide is the dedication and efforts of the employees. They are highly trained and effectively vetted from the very start, but it should be kept in mind that the mortgage business can be quite stressful, especially when standards at a company like Nationwide are very high. John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide continually gives high marks to the employees and how they always come through, even when the stress levels are high. Hillman goes on to say that the company plans for these stressful periods with planned backup personnel in the ready.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales at Nationwide points out another reason for the high performance at Nationwide. He states that the maintenance of a national abstractor network is a highly complex and demanding business, but if you have the right standards and the ability to audit your processes, it can be done. He goes on to say that if a system is totally transparent and you have processes in place to audit each and every step, it becomes a painless process, especially when it is digitally driven.


The investment commitment that Nationwide has made in the technological side of the business has been very big, but because of that step, the auditing and document transferring processes are the best in the world.




The Copa Star Experience: Luxurious And Quality Healthcare


Located at Rua Figueredo de Magalhaes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Copa Star is a world class healthcare facility. The facility emphasizes on patients’ comfort without compromising on the quality of healthcare. The project took three years to complete, with a budget of over $100 million. With 150 beds, numerous ICU units and nine operation theaters, the hospital is one of the most modern facilities in Brazil.

Patient Confidentiality

Prominent personalities do not have to worry about privacy. The hospital has incorporated into its system a mechanism that ensures patients’ privacy is not compromised. The staff is also given additional training to enable them to handle the distinctive needs of these patients. The entrances and exits are specially tailored to conceal the identities of the patients.

Spacious Rooms

The facility boasts of spacious suites. This ensures patients enjoy a comfortable stay while at the hospital. To further enhance the cozy experience, the building is made of non-porous concrete. This insulates the building from high temperatures, which is a common thing in Rio de Janeiro.

Technologically Advanced Equipment

Although the hospital aims to provide a comfy experience, its main objective like any other health institution is to provide quality healthcare. A world-class diagnostic center with MRI machines is built at the hospital. Latest generation cardiac and neurosurgical units are also available. Surgeons are assisted by smart robot expert systems to provide high-end services. This enables them to handle even the most complex of cases.

For patients isolated in the ICUs, video conferencing is availed to make sure they are not cut off from the outside world. These advancements are aimed at reducing the number of people flying out to seek healthcare in the developed world.

Additionally, patients are issued with customized iPads. With these tablets, they can communicate to doctors or other staff in the hospital. The tablets can also control the lighting and curtains in the clients’ room. Moreover, patient records can be accessed from the comfort of your bed with the iPads.

Tasty Meals

Renowned chefs prepare meals. The dining area is modernized, featuring a rich list of menu items and ambient environments. Patients can enjoy the nutritious cuisines in a warm and inviting surrounding.

Qualified Staff

The staff is highly trained to handle the requirements of their clientele accurately. Simulations of every emergency situation have been conducted and interpreted. This enables them to be prepared for any situation that may happen. Grooming and patient handling were also included as part of the training.

Final Words

The Copa provides the basic healthcare like other facilities but accompanied with luxurious incentives. The added comfortable features can provide psychological relief for patients stressed by their sickness. To obtain world-class healthcare in an ambient environment, you should definitely try out the Copa Star! Find out more on Facebook.

Best Wine In Town From UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a wine company based in the UK; it was incorporated in March 2015. They work with merchants, brokers, and traders from different places to get best wine and champagne. UKV deals with exemplary wine from Italy, Spain, and France; they have a high level of customer service that will help you select the best wine and champagne for any occasion. The customer care will take their time with a client to go through the suitable wine.

Not all clients of UKV PLC are buying for the purpose of drinking, others, buy for storing so they can sell in the future at a higher price to make a profit; these clients develop private cellars to store until the time to sell the wine and champagne reaches. The organization understands all their clients’ different needs and is there to assist; they use their contacts to get what their customers want.

Customers who require assistance from wine experts from UKV PLC arrange a meeting with the specialized to discuss what they want. The wine experts will make a personal call to the clients, they can discuss what the client wants, and the expert can give their expert opinion. Some clients prefer face to face conversation and meeting at the UKV PLC offices can be arranged; however, buyers who prefer to hold the meeting at their place can organize with the staff so they can meet. No matter what the client prefers, the company will make it happen.

UKV PLC main aim is to acquire, supply and sale wine to clients all over, they make sure they receive from the best in the region and sale to clients. So, during a special occasion or thinking of getting into the wine business, UKV PLC is the best business partner. The partner than will ensure you get the best of the best.

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Recent Article on Sweetgreen

Every student of Georgetown is familiar with Sweetgreen. They know about the company’s name when it comes to a fast lunch between classes, a great snack for after working out, or as a main spot in D.C.


While being a student at Georgetown, Sweetgreen’s founders, Nathaniel Ru, Nicoloas Jammet, and Jonathon Neman, saw how there were limited options for affordable and healthy food in Georgetown. They bond came from their love of food, wanting to solve a problem in their lives, and desiring to create something


A little while later, they came together to create their vision and a business plan. They hardly had the experience at that time. They also didn’t know what to do to build a business especially in the food industry, even though they have parents who are successful entrepreneurs.


As a result, they sought out information through their business classes, Georgetown faculty, architects, and restaurants owners. This all happen throughout their senior year. Afterwards, they opened their original location on M street that only had 500 square feet. These founders also had limited resources. Through it all they have learned and reflected on their values, and they launched the “Sweetgreen in Schools” in 2010 which sought to educate children concerning healthy living through physical activities and nutrition.


They are also evolving into a growing music festival that’s called Sweetlife. This started upon seeing them seeing that their Sweetgreen’s second location was failing. Sweetlife is an annual food and music festival that has grown from a 1000 people to 15000 people’s event that is located in Merriweather Post Pavilion


Sweetgreen’s founders say they are more than just salad. Their company has five core values. Also, they continue to stay involved in the community of Georgetown. They feel they have a responsibility to provide access and education about healthy culinary options. And in the near future, all three of them are planning to return to Georgetown for an initiative that’s undisclosed.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. He graduated from Georgetown University in 2007 with a MS degree in business. Even though his company started a six years ago, it is expansively growing and evolving. And as a result, he has done four investments in seed and angel investment so far.


Hudson and Fabletics

Kate Hudson has made a name for herself as an athleisure wear designer and brand owner of Fabletics. Now the designer actress is partnering with Council of Fashion Designers of America to be its representative and spokesperson for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Hudson is even bolstering this by releasing a breast cancer awareness special collection from Fabletics. Various groups and industry sponsor breast cancer awareness drives, and it is definitely working. The funding of breast cancer research is producing more and more results all the time and thus more and more breast cancer survivors.

The Fabletics breast cancer line-the proceeds of which will all go toward breast cancer research-will include one pair of capri leggings, a bralette, and two tank tops. The line will heavily utilize pink, which has the signature color of breast cancer awareness. However, it will be a pink with a slightly different tone than the traditional saccharine pink of the movement. It has been described by Fabletics as having “more depth to it.” Hudson definitely knows what she is doing. In fact, she was a large part in making athleisure clothes popular on Facebook.

Her company was the first in an industry that now has many popular athleisure companies throughout the world. Fitness is not a thing with Hudson. She was a very health oriented person long before starting Fabletics. Hudson says of all their athleisure wear items, leggings are by far their most popular items. The company is even now set to release its first high-waisted leggings. Hudson says she sincerely hopes that people are actually using her products for working out instead of just cool fashion trends. As capable a businesswoman as Hudson is, she didn’t do it all alone.

She partnered with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to officially get Fabletics started on October 1, 2013. The company was completely online-based until 2015 when it started opening up physical stores across the country. Fabletics now has physical stores at such popular shopping establishments as the Mall of America, the Summerlin Shopping Center, SouthPark Mall, and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Between 75 to 100 more stores are scheduled to be opened up between now and the next three years. With their help, Fabletics this year also started selling dress and swimsuit lines.

Memberships to the Fabletics online customer club is immensely popular because of its many perks. It has a required $49.95 per month charge and new members must take a mandatory service regarding their workout and lifestyle preferences. One of the perks is that the outfits are suggested each month for each member based on his or her selected preferences. Along with JustFab, Fab Kids, and ShoeDazzle, Fabletics is the child company of TechStyle Fashion Group.


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Don Ressler Changing the Apparel Industry



Don Ressler is a great American success story. In just a few years, he took a company from unknown to one of the fastest growing in the world. Over the past couple of years, he has done a great job of growing his company in a variety of ways. He knows what his customers want in their products that they purchase, and this allows him a lot of options when it comes to expanding his business. Don Ressler is someone who wants to take things to the next level in his life and career. If you want to learn how to scale up a business quickly, he is a great resource to have. Ressler knows how to manage the finances of the business in a way that makes sense for the future.

Don Ressler

From an early age, Don Ressler has always been interested in starting a business. Over time, he has done a great job of working with supplies and employees to take the next step in his business. There are a lot of ways that he has been able to grow sales and profits in his company. If you are someone who wants to take things to the next level, Don Ressler is the right person to learn from. Starting and running a successful business is not as easy as you might think. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people drop out of his industry. Over the long term, investing in your business is essential to long term success.

Growing Your Company

There are a lot of things to consider when growing your business. If you want to take things to the next level, it is important that customers see value in what you are providing. There are many people who are invested in companies that do not know how to grow the business. As a small company, it is easy to make quick changes that larger companies cannot do. This is one of the advantages that small companies have over larger ones. If you want to take things to the next level, you have to be able to provide things that your competition cannot.

Ressler knows what it takes to succeed in his industry. This is one of the biggest reasons why Just Fab has grown so quickly over the years. If you want to learn how to run a business, this is the best way to do so.



Man of Many Careers: Brian Bonar

Who is Brian Bonar? Brian Bonar is a well known financial expert and investor, whose technical background and knowledge of business structure has led him into a very successful career.

Few people possess the kind of drive to be a the top of their field that Brian Bonar does. Bonar’s ambition has led him into multiple job positions that make him even more prepared for the next opportunity. His extensive and diverse catalogue of business leadership expertise makes him a great fit for almost any company.

Looking for a company that would be a good starting point to gain experience and begin building his portfolio, Brian Bonar took a job at IBM as Procurement Manager. After Nearly 20 years spent honing his skill, in 1985 Bonar left IBM for QMS.

There he served as, Director of Engineering, before becoming VP of Marketing and Sales at Rastek Corporation in 1989. Four Years later He became Sales Manager at Adaptek.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Even though Bonar’s stint at Adaptek was short lived, the work on SCSI technology he was involved with gave birth to Bezier Systems. A company Bonar founded, which he was CEO of, where he developed one of the very SCSI based printers.

Bonar’s ceaseless work in sales and marketing led him to Dalrada Financial Services. His incessant ambition was on full display during his rise through the ranks there. In just two years he was promoted from Director of Technology Sales to VP of Sales and Marketing, before again being promoted to Executive VP.

A short time later he earned another promotion that would position him as CEO, which he currently serves as. Never one to be complacent, Bonar founded outsourcing firm AMS in 2006, and currently holds the position of CEO at Trucept, which he also founded.

According to MG2, Brian Bonar is a man of many careers. A true workaholic at his core, always looking for the next big thing to be apart of. His ambition has driven him to become one of the most renowned businessmen and entrepreneurs in the world. Cambridge Publishing even recognized him with the Executive of the year award for finance in 2010/2011. Professional Networking Community’s highest honor.

The Successful Career of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was not only a businessman who excelled in his career as a leader, but was also a philanthropist who had pride in helping others through the improvement of their lives. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital built his career even at a young age to become a leader of the private equity industry.

Mr. Murray was specifically the CEO as well as the President of the CCMP Capital investment firm that currently offers unique solutions to clients of the firm who are looking for the best investment opportunity that will yield the greatest among of return. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

With the help of Stephen Murray, his company was able to offer every single client opportunities that minimized the risk liability and brought the greatest return upon investment.

As a graduate of economics from Boston College, Mr. Murray has always had a passion for learning trends and for analyzing data. After earning his graduate degree, Mr. Stephen Murray continued to graduate school where he earned a graduate degree in business administration from the prestigious Columbia Business School.

After graduating from higher education, Mr. Murray earned an opportunity to become a part of a credit analyst training program that gave him the tools that he needed to not only study trends, but also gain particular schools that were necessary in his desired field of work.

By 1989, Stephen Murray had officially joined the MH Equity Corporation which was a private equity group. Within a few years of working for this firm, the MH Equity Corporation was purchased by Chemical Banks in 1991. By 1996, Chemical Banks had officially merged to become Chase Capital Partners which continues to be a well known investment firm in present day.

After showing his hard work and loyalty for the company, Mr. Murray was given the opportunity to lead the new buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. Mr. Murray is now recognized for leading the spin-out company of JP Morgan Partners which was to be named CCMP Capital.

In addition to his successful career as a businessman, Stephen Murray mostly wants to be remembered as a caring philanthropist. As an individual who has made large amounts of money his entire life, Mr. Murray had wanted to share his riches with the community.

Some of the biggest donations of his have gone to the Make-A-Wish Foundation that is currently located in New York City. Mr. Murray has always wanted to help children throughout his career.

Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital, an Investment You Can Trust

When you hear the word boutique, you think of a quaint little shop with Parisian themed decor and high end fashion in the windows. However, Founder and CEO Sanjay Shah has taken this word and claimed it for his own lucrative purposes to create a multi-million dollar company whom specializes in various endeavors.

Sanjay Shah, native to London, England had begun his college education studying medicine, but discovered that being a doctor was not what he wanted to do with his life. After years of the daily grind, frustrated with sitting in a small cubicle and no hope of finding a better job Shah decided to take a leap of faith and began the first stages of creating Solo Capital. Fast forward five years of blood, sweat and tears Sanjay Shah can happily report that his gamble paid off with a net worth of $280 million.

Solo Capitol has many interests, whether it is Financial Consultation, or even Professional Sports Investments the sky is the limit for this ambitious organization. Though with all his financial prowess in the business world, Sanjay Shah’s greatest achievement is his personal investment in the research and treatment for Autism, a malady that has begun to gain more attention in recent years.

After receiving the shocking news in 2011 of their own teo-year old son’s diagnosis, Shah launched into action. Buying minibuses for existing organizations, donating money to research labs, and going the extra mile by orchestrating his own fundraising galas to raise money and awareness for Autism. Creating the charity known as Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah shows that his passion and dedication goes beyond just business, but that he can move mountains as he strives toward making the world a better place for everyone.

Sanjay Shah, though unknown outside of the Propriety Trading world has done more than many know. His brilliance, dedication and courage to look at the world and see opportunity sets him apart. We can only wonder what more he has up his sleeve in the years to come!

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