How OSI Group Has Managed to Maintain a Steady Growth

OSI Group is among the leading food providers across the world. It has created employment in 17 countries with 65 facilities to more than 20,000 employees. The company rise is a significant slice of the 20th-century economic history in America. OSI Group is growing its presence in the globalized economy. OSI Group began as a small butcher shop and a market for retail meat. Otto Kolschowsky established the entity to serve German immigrant community living in Chicago. After a decade, Kolschowsky had expanded to wholesale business that involved moving it to Maywood. In 1928, the entity was named Otto & Sons. The family-owned business continued to be successful and stable even after the Second World War. In 1955, Ray Kroc launched the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Mr. Kroc agreed with Otto & Sons, where the meat company will be supplying fresh ground beef to the café. Kroc was to acquire the McDonalds and become the CEO of the corporation. Otto & Sons will also be joined to it as its supplier. Twenty years later, Otto & Sons became a global outlet. The firm had to deliver affordable, consistent, and consumer-driven products to McDonald’s restaurant. OSI had to transport the produce for a long distance. Otto & Sons opened its first plant in West Chicago, Illinois to deliver McDonald’s products. The art facility had technologically advanced machinery for freezing hamburger patties. Otto & Sons were now operating as a two-track business, one a growing Midwest supplier and the other a stable local supplier. In 1975, OSI industries became OSI Industries to symbolize its technological advancements and leadership changes.

Global Growth

OSI Industries continued to grow its manufacturing capabilities as McDonald’s continued to expand. It opened facilities in West Jordan, Utah, and North America. Lavin was appointed the CEO and chair of the firm in the 1980s due to its international growth and his experience. OSI Group currently one of the significant food providers across the world. It was built on many joint ventures and expansions in Mexico, Brazil, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Pacific Rim. OSI Group and Turi Foods merged to form the Turosi Pty Ltd.

Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello: A Dedicated, Committed Philanthropist

Oil industry executive Anthony Petrello is not only a talented, successful and experienced professional, he’s also a dedicated philanthropist. Petrello donates his time, money and expertise to charitable organizations and causes in Houston, Texas and nationwide. Long known as a person with a caring heart, the CEO of Nabors Industries became even more committed to philanthropic activity when his daughter Carena was born prematurely and diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. Now she is 8 years old and the Petrellos count their blessings daily with every milestone she reaches.

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have become nationally known as philanthropists that give generously to several charitable causes. Their support for the medical community’s scientific researchers has been significant and consistent. Anthony Petrello gave $5 million to researchers working on neurological issues and has pledged to donate an additional $2 million. Their daughter’s progress serves as motivation and a reminder of what can be accomplished when scientific researchers get the support they need. Carena’s positive attitude and kind, loving nature brings joy to the heart of her parents.

Being born at six months caused Carena to have periventricular leukomalacia. The condition is common is premature babies when sufficient oxygen doesn’t get to their brains. The illness turned into cerebral palsy and has affected Carena’s motor skills and led to other developmental delays. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello say this has been a humbling experience and they are on their knees praying for divine and a miraculous cure every day. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello was a brilliant student. He graduated from Yale University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics. He then attended Harvard Law School and earned his law degree. Anthony Petrello opted to become an oil industry executive. Today, the Newark, New Jersey native is president and CEO of the Houston, Texas based global oil industry giant Nabors Industries. Still, Anthony Petrello continues to support research into brain disorders. He works closely with the dedicated doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital and is convinced better days are ahead for children with brain disorders.

Texas Children’s Hospital is building the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute and the Petrellos are two of the project’s chief fundraisers. Plus, Anthony Petrello’s beloved mentor and teacher at Yale, respected mathematician and author Professor Serge Lang recently passed away. Petrello announced plans to donate at least $150,000 in order to create an endowment fund to honor his memory. Every Dollar to Newark Academy’s Rise & Flourish Campaign Matched in 2017

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Reaches Millions

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the country’s leading wholesale documents processing company, serving retail lenders, mortgage companies, and similar organizations that deal in the mortgage markets. They have been in business since 1991 and are located in Palm Harbor, Florida near Tampa.


Eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and lending companies have chosen Nationwide as their primary source for documents. The accuracy and timeliness of the delivery of documents are primary reasons why Nationwide stands out among the fierce competition in the industry.


Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.89% and a rejection rate of only .78% which are statistics that are unheard of in the documents industry. These figures mean that Nationwide is spot on because they are delivering speedy and accurate documents nearly 100% of the time.


Nationwide has over 600 employees who are located in three different states. In Dallas, Texas there is a large Data Facility that serves as a backup just in case there is an emergency that would affect operations. This facility ensures that systems and delivery of documents will continue to clients no matter what happens in the way of a natural disaster or some other cataclysmic event.


A big factor in the success of Nationwide is the dedication and efforts of the employees. They are highly trained and effectively vetted from the very start, but it should be kept in mind that the mortgage business can be quite stressful, especially when standards at a company like Nationwide are very high. John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide continually gives high marks to the employees and how they always come through, even when the stress levels are high. Hillman goes on to say that the company plans for these stressful periods with planned backup personnel in the ready.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales at Nationwide points out another reason for the high performance at Nationwide. He states that the maintenance of a national abstractor network is a highly complex and demanding business, but if you have the right standards and the ability to audit your processes, it can be done. He goes on to say that if a system is totally transparent and you have processes in place to audit each and every step, it becomes a painless process, especially when it is digitally driven.


The investment commitment that Nationwide has made in the technological side of the business has been very big, but because of that step, the auditing and document transferring processes are the best in the world.




The Acquisition of Baho Foods by the OSI Group

The OSI group LLC, a manufacturer of deli meats and similar food products for the retail segments in shops, announced today that they have acquired Baho food. The amount of money that the transaction was done at was not disclosed.

The move, which has been described as the best strategy that the OSI Group could have made at this point, places OSI in more locations in Europe. David G. McDonald the CEO of the company stated that the products of the OSI group and those of the Baho group complemented each other well while at the same time; they were broadening the reach to the clientele categories that weren’t already on board.

The reason why Baho was chosen is because it has about five subsidiaries and processing plants in Germany and also the Netherlands. These five companies offer services to 18 countries in continental Europe. The people in charge of management at the Baho group stated that no main changes would be made to the leadership and that the leaders would stay on and figure out how they would incorporate the new company structure into their business plan.

Mr. Balvers, the Director at Baho group stated that he was excited about becoming part of the new company mainly because OSI has a great relationship with their suppliers and also their customers. He stated that with the boost they were getting from OSI, they will be better in serving their customers, especially because they will have a broader portfolio of products.

Besides entering the European market, this company has been operating in Asia for a while now. They have more than 50 companies in 17 countries and are applying new strategies that will help them have a broader reach, especially in China.

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OSI Groups calls their marketing strategy the global outreach, but local solutions. This is what has helped them grow from a small outfit over the past three decades to a global force to reckon with in the business. The growth has not been without its set of challenges. They have had to employ strategies such as cleaning house in China in the past, but all in all, the strategies have been working when it comes to making better sales.

McDonald states that their strategy has always been engaging customers and discussing with them the issues they are having with the products in a bid to get lasting solutions. This is what has led to the exponential growth of their business.

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