Logan Stout is Saving Lives Through IDLife

A few years ago, Logan Stout began the company IDLife. He started this company due to the fact that so many Americans wanted to lose weight but be healthy at the same time. However, Logan Stout observed people being lied to over and over again. This happened by people purchasing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in weight loss products that either did not work or made the situation worse.

Logan Stout hired the best weight loss professionals to come up with products that truly worked. Logan Stout also made a promise to use all natural sources in every product produced by his company. IDLife began with just a few products. These products were purchased by thousands and thousands of people around the world, and Logan Stout soon had a catalog of products for customers to choose from. Today, IDLife is the leading company is weight loss supplements.

Logan Stout has become a leading entrepreneur due to his success with IDLife. Logan Stout also wrote several books. A few of these books are on natural weight loss and properly taking care of the human body. The other books are on the subject of business and how people can start their own business from scratch. In every business book, Logan Stout tells his story about how he was not financially fortunate during his young years. He also tells how many people told him he would never be successful. Logan Stout explains how he used all the negativity in his life as energy to pursue his dreams and believe in himself.

Logan Stout has been invited to be an inspirational speaker at thousands of high schools and colleges around the United States. He takes joy in helping young people go after their dreams and goals, even if no one else believes in them.

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Oncotarget Illustrates E-cigarettes’ Harm To Gum Tissue

A study published in Oncotarget has shown that electronic cigarettes are harmful to both teeth and gums. The damages caused by these types of cigarettes are similar to those brought about by traditional cigarettes. Irfan Rahman, PhD led the study. The scientist is a professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

The study is the first ever to examine the effects of e-cigarettes on oral health both at molecular and cellular levels. The scientists conducted the study due to the increasing number of people who are embracing the product. The products’ popularity is the outcome of the perception that this type of cigarette is much healthier and the right alternative to the conventional cigarettes. The study has proven that this perception is not correct. Read more articles at Dovepress.com

Previously, scientists were convinced that the various chemicals found in cigarette smoke caused damages to gums and teeth of the smokers. This study has shown otherwise. Data collected from many studies have supported this new idea. According to a study undertaken by Rahman, the vapors from e-cigarettes are the prime causes of the damages. The vapors cause cells to release inflammatory proteins whenever it is exposed to the oral cells. The inflammatory proteins cause stress within the cell. This pressure can damage the cells and tissue leading to different types of oral diseases. The extent of the injuries to the oral cavity and the gums are determined by how often one smokes e-cigarettes. This information was originally published on urmc.rochester.edu as provided in the link below https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/news/story/4667/first-ever-study-shows-e-cigarettes-cause-damage-to-gum-tissue.aspx

During the study, gum tissues from non-smokers were exposed to e-cigarette vapors. The effects of the vapors on the tissues were then recorded. It was also noted that flavoring chemicals that are added to these cigarettes also plays a role in damaging gum tissues. Some flavors have more effects than others. Moreover, nicotine, which is contained in e-cigarettes, is also known to damage gum tissues.

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About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal. It publishes peer-reviewed research papers from all aspects of oncology. The journal has published thousands of research papers since its inception in 2010. In addition, Oncotarget enjoys the services of two editors-in-chief, Mikhail Blasgosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. In 2015, the open access journal received an impact factor rating of 5.008.

The Amazing Courage and Life Of Yeonmi Park

Doing great things in life takes courage. This is something that we come to find through history. This is so true in our day and age as individuals take a stand against evil that is a part of our world everyday. Yeonmi Park is a perfect example of courage in action. She has been able to create great change in her own life and in the hearts of others due to her amazing courage. From leaving her country of North Korea, to creating a new life for herself in America, it has been a great story of success for Yeonmi Park as the years have gone on.

Yenomi left North Korea with her mom in the early years of her life but that is not where her troubles stopped. In China she was faced with very difficult situations due to her poverty and race. Dealing with human trafficking was a very difficult thing that Yenomi had to face on a daily basis. Her horror that she faced in the wake of her hardships in China. This is what made her who she is today. Her stories are now immortalized in a tell all book which gives her the ability to speak freely about the problems that she faced.

This book is more than just a tell all about her problems in China. This book also sheds light upon all of the horrible living conditions that are present in North Korea. This has brought a lot of scrutiny upon Yenomi, but it is something that she is willing to deal with. The North Korean government can not intimidate Yenomi to become silent. They may try to scare her, but she will not be intimidated by fear.

The North Korean government will stop at nothing to see Yenomi Park’s name defamed. They are ready to pursue any means necessary to keep her book from getting into the hands of the people of North Korea. This is something that needs to end. Yenomi has a great message that needs to be heard from the people of the North Korean government.  She is having trouble adjusting to the large difference in the quality of life. When she was younger she was always dealing with hunger. Now she is able to go right across the street and get whatever she wants to eat. This is something that she will have to get used to over time.