Cassio Audi: From the University of So Paulo to Millionaire Opportunities

The University of São Paulo, in Brazil, also commonly regarded by the people who live there as “USP,” is one of the best Universities in the country and it forms some of the best professionals and businesspeople in all of the Brazilian territory. For quite some time, it was considered even the best University in Latin America due to its successful record of students who achieved great deeds after their graduation from the many schools that USP provides.

This is no exception to the story of the Chief Financial Officer of the Brazilian company Peninsula Participações, Cassio Audi. Since Cassio left the University, his role in the market has been tremendously valuable for many communities in the country, including some in other nations in Latin America as well.

Having received his bachelor’s degree from the Pontifice Universidade Catolica of São Paulo, or PUC for short, Cassio Audi completed the course in 1994 and only went to USP to receive his MBA, in the year of 2000.

This company is focused on the investments of a family named Abilio Diniz, and the CFO Cassio Audi became, very soon in his career with the group, one of the most important assets of this investment corporation. As the Chief Financial Officer, Audi skyrocketed the monetary condition of the group to new grounds, and Peninsula Participações achieved new margins with just one year working together with the new CFO.

The company’s been on the market since 2006, doing strategic business agreements and investments, doing private equity and property purchases, as well as investments in some of the largest companies in Brazil, like Carrefour, a physical marketplace, and store that is one of the most present ones in the entire territory. Cassio Audi entered the group in 2016, and he’s already become a valuable asset.

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