Bruno Fagali’s Take On TSE’s Fight Against Fake News

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian advocate specializing in compliance. He is also a consultant in areas of election law, parliamentary law, public law advertising law and anticorruption law. He is the founding partner of Fagali Advocacy.

Because of his success in his law suits, Mr Fagali is regarded as an authority in Compliance, Ethics, Administrative Law, Urban Law, and Regulatory Law. This has seen him gain respect from his peers and the general public. He uses his standing to educate people on legal issues affecting the country. His uses his blog, Fagapress, to site some of the issues affecting Brazilians and explain their impact on people’s daily lives. He also gives an opinion on what ought to be done by the government and the citizens to help turn the situation to a positive. Fagali is one of the leading lawyer in Brazil.


Recently, the TSE began fighting fake news and deep fakes. In his article posted in the Fagapress, Mr. Fagali explains that this fake news is a way of malicious people trying to control people’s right to accessing information. The propagators of fake news come up with several social media profiles which they use to disseminate fake news according to Unfortunately, since many people do not know how to differentiate between what is real and what is fake, they use their own profiles to spread fake news even further.

Mr. Fagali continues to explain that with the coming presidential election, there is a possibility of citizens being manipulated by fake news to skew their support towards one candidate. According to the article posted in the Fagapress, the TSC will have a hard time dealing with the problem. This is because the software used to generate fake news is available online and can be downloaded and used by anyone. The software is not controlled by just one person; it can be modified by anyone who has knowledge in programing. What makes it even more difficult to try and control it is that it has the ability to modify itself.

In as much as the TSE has launched a fight against deep fake and fake news, Bruno Fagali at the end of the article urges people to be careful with what they read, watch and listen to online.

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