An Overview Of The Life and Career Of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali refers to a renowned Brazilian attorney and a corporate integrity specialist. He has contributed immensely in the cleaning up of public contracts in Brazil by actively participating in the transparency drive and integrity campaign.

He works at FAGALI advocacy as well as at Nova/sb, a top Brazilian advertising agency, as the Corporate Integrity manager. Mr. Bruno Fagali is extremely experienced in offering first-rate legal solutions especially in the corporate sector.

Corporate Integrity

Bruno Fagali is vastly experienced in the areas of Administrative Law, Compliance, Urban Law, Ethics, and Regulatory Law. Bruno understands the importance of his engagement with Nova/sb and has initiated a number of initiatives to spur integrity within its ranks. Due to the agency’s status as a leading advertising entity in Brazil, it gets a good number of public contracts from different government departments. Brazil has witnessed a lot of public anger due to corruption in various departments and the government has embarked on the implementation of a transparency drive to win back the faith of citizens. Nova/sb implements and pioneers new initiatives and as a result of the government actions, it also went for a committed integrity drive within its ranks. This is the reason why it brought Bruno Fagali on board for the job.

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In his position as the Corporate Integrity manager, Bruno implemented a program aimed at achieving the transparency levels required by the government in both the agency’s Sao Paulo and Brasilia offices. He also came up with a new employee ethics committee as well as drafted a fresh policy of treating members and employees. Bruno Fagali signed a contract that will run for 36 months without the option of being fired. This gives him the authority to make impartial decisions.

Education and Work History

Bruno Fagali attended Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo and graduated with a Law degree in 2009. He specialized in Administrative Law. He proceeded to the University of Sao Paulo where he undertook his Masters degree in Progress in State Law. He worked in a number of law firms like Ramires, Manesco, Perez, Tojal, Azevedo Marques Law Firm among others. In 2016, Bruno Fagali opened his own law firm based in Brazil.


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