How OSI Group Has Managed to Maintain a Steady Growth

OSI Group is among the leading food providers across the world. It has created employment in 17 countries with 65 facilities to more than 20,000 employees. The company rise is a significant slice of the 20th-century economic history in America. OSI Group is growing its presence in the globalized economy. OSI Group began as a small butcher shop and a market for retail meat. Otto Kolschowsky established the entity to serve German immigrant community living in Chicago. After a decade, Kolschowsky had expanded to wholesale business that involved moving it to Maywood. In 1928, the entity was named Otto & Sons. The family-owned business continued to be successful and stable even after the Second World War. In 1955, Ray Kroc launched the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Mr. Kroc agreed with Otto & Sons, where the meat company will be supplying fresh ground beef to the café. Kroc was to acquire the McDonalds and become the CEO of the corporation. Otto & Sons will also be joined to it as its supplier. Twenty years later, Otto & Sons became a global outlet. The firm had to deliver affordable, consistent, and consumer-driven products to McDonald’s restaurant. OSI had to transport the produce for a long distance. Otto & Sons opened its first plant in West Chicago, Illinois to deliver McDonald’s products. The art facility had technologically advanced machinery for freezing hamburger patties. Otto & Sons were now operating as a two-track business, one a growing Midwest supplier and the other a stable local supplier. In 1975, OSI industries became OSI Industries to symbolize its technological advancements and leadership changes.

Global Growth

OSI Industries continued to grow its manufacturing capabilities as McDonald’s continued to expand. It opened facilities in West Jordan, Utah, and North America. Lavin was appointed the CEO and chair of the firm in the 1980s due to its international growth and his experience. OSI Group currently one of the significant food providers across the world. It was built on many joint ventures and expansions in Mexico, Brazil, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Pacific Rim. OSI Group and Turi Foods merged to form the Turosi Pty Ltd.

Matt Badilai Beefs Up Freedom Checks Rep With His Stellar Career

Odds are if you follow the news you have seen or heard a commercial for Freedom Checks. They seem to pepper the airspace around any newscast or political talk show. The commercials look like a common scam, sound like a common scam, and even feel like a common scam. But the individual starring in them is anything but common, because that individual is Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali is an investment guru who writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is an expert in natural resource based investments. Matt Badiali has an extensive background in geology and a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University. His expertise is in Earth Sciences an he also carries a Master’s degree in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. Badiali travels all over the globe inspecting mines, wells, and questioning CEO’s for natural resource companies. He uses his knowledge to rate which ones are doing their jobs correctly, meriting a good return on investment. He shares his revelations with his readers at Banyan Hill. This also means that Matt Badiali has extensive knowledge of the natural resource market.

What he calls a Freedom Check is actually a stakeholder payout for an MLP, which stands for Master Limited Partnership. This is an investment in a resource company that deals 90% in the allocation, collection, refinement, and transportation of oil and natural gas. By using MLP’s such companies take advantage of significant tax breaks, but only if 90% of their revenue is divvied out to their stakeholders. This leaves 10% to be taxed. A nifty way for such companies to swell their coffers, and a nifty way for stakeholders to get a profitable payout.

The shares can be purchased for as low as $10, with regular payouts occurring every month or quarter depending on the business. It is not a get rich scheme because the stakes are a legitimate investment, and as with all legitimate investments they can fail. However, the chance of profit is so great that Badiali is telling as many people as he can. So Freedom Checks may sound scammy but the person offering them is as legitimate as you can get.

OG Juan: A Close Friend to Jay-Z

OG Juan is one of the closest friends of Jay-Z. He is Desiree Perez’s husband, who has been the chief operating officer of Roc Nation and also one of those who helped build the rapper’s career. Jay-Z released a new album, which is the latest collaboration with his wife, Beyonce, and they called it the Carters. The record is one of the most personal creations that Jay-Z and Beyonce made, and the songs included were dedicated to their closest families and friends. OG Juan and Desiree Perez were mentioned in the songs, with Jay-z thanking them for staying around for decades. OG Juan was acquainted with Jay-Z back in 1996.

Their mutual friend, Kareem Burke, made it possible for the two to meet. The friendly relationship between the two began to flourish as the two started to venture into various businesses. One of their first ventures was the establishment of the Roc-La-Familia record label. The company did not reach their expectations, and they decided to close it down in favor of another business venture called The 40/40 Club. The sports bar drew in a lot of patrons, and it became one of the most successful business ventures of Jay-Z and OG Juan.

Through the years, The 40/40 Club became one of the most popular sports bar in New York City. Because of the success of the business, Jay-Z and OG Juan decided to establish another company called the Roc Nation Sports. Jay-Z and OG Juan stated that their love for entertainment and sports is what drives them to venture into this kind of business. Jay-Z thanked OG Juan for being one of his closest friend and business partner, and he stated that he owes a lot to OG Juan and his wife for transforming his career. Jay-Z is one of the most influential musical icons in the world today, and he would never be able to reach a successful life if not because of the people supporting him.

Eric Lefkofsky Cares about Chicago

Eric Lefkofsky may be known for his many achievements in the business world, but his philanthropy in the Chicago area and his focus on improving the health and well-being of his local community is what sets him apart. Along with his wife, Liz, and the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Eric has given grants to the Chicago Museum of Modern Art to allow kids who are 18 years or younger free entrance so they can learn, share and explore the rich Chicago Modern Art movement. Education initiatives include the theater group Steppenwolf for Young Adults. This group annually brings together 15,000 youth from Chicago’s wide array of communities and expands the horizon for many kids who would have been excluded from such experience.

Gifts to the Millenium Park Foundation will continue to allow free access to all the city park has to offer it’s residents and visitors alike. The list is surprisingly vast and varied off all the causes the Foundation supports right here in his local community. Eric’s work as co-founder of Tempus branches out from the many charitable donations to the medical research field made by the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Tempus is about data-driven information to make research on cancer, treatment of patients and accessibility of such data available to doctors in an easy to understand format.

Using the power of collective knowledge of past and current cancer treatment methods and research, enables doctors and patients to unleash new information and techniques that will revolutionize the way cancer is treated. Helping doctors and patients focus on what is the best course of action in each individual case is what drove Eric and his staff to create this platform, that allows doctors to have the latest data at their fingertips. Data that until now has been spread out across the globe, can now be accessed in real-time so doctors can start an effective treatment plan for their cancer patient. Tempus will dramatically change cancer treatment and the way medical data is handled in the future.


The Corporate Rise of David McDonald

At just the age of 54, David McDonald is taking OSI Industries to greater heights. Serving as the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Industries, he has risen from through the ranks from a project manager to where he is, through determination and sharing the vision of the company.

Born and raised in the state of Iowa, David McDonald graduated from the Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. After his graduation he joined the OSI Industries while holding the role as Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, and has been with the company for 30 years, playing a tremendous role in its growth and success. Such is the global nature of OSI Industries that to be able to meet customers’ needs, Mr. McDonald works hard to maintain a logistics team that can keep up with the constantly evolving international market.

Other than being President and C.O.O, David McDonald also serves as a member of the board of directors for OSI Industries, and as well as Director of OSI International Foods Australia. As from 2008 to 2017, Mr. McDonald also served as a director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A after a company by the name of Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos had acquired the OSI Industries operations in Europe and in Brazil.

During David McDonald’s tenure as President, OSI Industries has been able to make a number of acquisitions, such as Baho Foods, which is a Dutch company that specializes on deli meat and the processing of other foods. This acquisition has helped OSI Industries be able to gain a better presence in Europe and its food market. Other than acquisitions, David has also overseen the establishment of 10 facilities in China that deal with poultry.

During an interview with, Mr. McDonald says that his passion for biology and agriculture, led him to his current career path, and it is clear to see that he has been able to tap into that passion and used it to oversee the huge growth of OSI Industries. To add on that he also added that the aspect of OSI belonging to a local culture and delivering products that are welcomed has also been one of his ways of generating new business.

About David McDonald :

Infinity Group Australia: Offering Options for Financial Concerns

Financial security has the power to comfort. When planning finances many Australians quickly become overwhelmed. In addition to the traditional concerns of making sure your expenses stay at a reasonable proportion to their personal income, there are many other things that can trip them up. In addition, the importance of being financially stable cannot be overstated. The stress associated with having too much debt is enough that it can seriously impact an individual’s long-term mental health. Everyone is familiar with this type of stress. When an individual suffers from mismanaged finances they often are so consumed by stress that it becomes difficult to function in daily life. Their family and personal lives tend to suffer. Further, their mental health can be impacted if the situation becomes too severe.

Despite this concern, many people do not reach out for assistance in their financial planning. They instead decide to handle it on their own. While this can be done, as millions do, it has some drawbacks. The first being the sheer amount of research it takes to make an informed choice. Every major decision is accompanied by hundreds of hours of research to ensure that the choice is informed properly. Managing one’s finances properly can become an odious and time-consuming chore. Further, despite all this research the individual could still fail to see options available to them. This comes from their lack of experience with financial planning. Instead, an increasing amount of people are beginning to see the value in financial advisory companies.

These companies can be an excellent tool in navigating the turbulent waters of personal finance. Since it is the advisor’s job to stay on top of trends in the industry the financial planner also has the benefit of being well versed in all things related to financial planning. This enables them to make a timely and well-informed suggestion to their client. Many clients of these companies praise the services. Such as in Infinity Group Austria Reviews clients can’t say enough positive things. The infinity Group Australia Reviews state what a benefit the company has been to their lives. The company offers a lot of different services to meet their client’s needs.

These services are retirement planning, debt reduction, and wealth creating. They believe that these are three of the most important services they can offer their clients to ensure long-term financial wellbeing. The process of retirement planning ensures that their client is able to spend their golden years in comfort. They believe that these years shouldn’t be marred by worries over financial affairs. Next is their services regarding debt reduction. They aim to free their clients of debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. Finally is wealth creation where they suggest appropriate investment opportunities. Learn more:


Anil Chaturvedi: Banking on Experience to Guide Hinduja Bank to Success

When Hinduja Bank hired Anil Chaturvedi to serve as its managing director, they brought on board a talented banker with over forty years of experience working in the private and commercial banking sectors. His expertise, multiple skills, education background and vast experience saw him specifically tasked with overseeing the bank’s corporate business segment. In his new role, Chaturvedi is tasked with attracting new investors to the bank while also restructuring it policies with the view of helping it meet its strategic objectives. He has also been tasked with Hinduja Bank’s global merger and acquisition strategies. These are duties that perfectly suited to Anil Chaturvedi who is a specialist in operational risk, due diligence, asset management and mergers and acquisitions. He is also a skilled in financial structuring and modeling as well as marketing and business strategies.

Career and Education Background

Anil Chaturvedi, a portfolio and investment management specialist, graduated from Delhi University in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. At the university, he majored in economics. His B.A. studies ran concurrently with his Master of Business Administration studies in financial management at the same university. This set him on a successful career path in the Greater New York Area’s banking sector. Chaturvedi, an investment banking and wealth management specialist, joined State Bank of India in 1987 as a manager in charge of the bank’s strategic development and planning. During the close to four years he served the bank, he successfully helped spearheaded its growth in its U.S-based Indians client base.

The Man of Year award winner later joined ANZ Grindlays Bank in 1991 as the bank’s vice president in charge of marketing and leadership skills development. He is also doubled as the bank’s representative in the United States and was responsible for marketing, product development and development of profit maximization models. He also helped the bank comply with the relevant regulations. For close to 18 years, Anil Chaturvedi served as Merrill Lynch’s managing director in charge of international operations targeting Indian customers in various continents including Europe, Asia and the U.S. He left the company in 2011 to join Hinduja Bank where he currently works.

The Success of Dr. Mark Mckenna

In the world today, we have many definitions of the word success. Maybe you have accomplished something that took you a while to complete. It might be the luxury to do whatever you want at your expense. The definition of success, that most think of, ties to the word innovation. Meaning a new idea, method, product, or technique. Dr. Mark McKenna is the definition of success. Dr. Mark McKenna is a well known doctor and entrepreneur. He is the current owner of Shape Medical Wellness Center. Shape Medical Wellness Center is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a weight-loss and non-surgical aesthetic clinic. Their main focus is to make sure the client has an affordable program for weight-loss and wellness solutions. They use up-to-date and innovative techniques to make sure that this is effective. Dr. Mark McKenna attended and graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine.

Dr. Mark McKenna also is pleased to bring his new business to Buckhead, Atlanta area. The business is called OVME. This company will be similar to Shape Medical Wellness Center. They also offer aesthetic procedures. Most competitors have a one-size-fits-all approach. OVME will have a variety of skin and facial services. These include injections to make skin more youthful or something to keep your lips nice and plump. In addition, they have other health services. These are things such as testosterone replacement therapy and PRP. PRP helps treat male=pattern baldness or hair loss. The company also has an innovative way of weight-loss. OVME introduces a weight-loss solution through a patient’s DNA.

Buckhead, Atlanta is pleased to welcome the well known doctor and his biasness to the community. Dr. Mark McKenna is a man of many accomplishments. There are a lot of ways to define success. The true definition of the word is Dr. Mark McKenna.