Know the Next Project Boraie Development Is about To Handle

The housing project in Newark is expected to experience urban growth it had not acquired for these 50 years. According to the approximation made, the city will have about 21 stories containing about 169 rental units. The rental space will be about 20,000 square feet and this will lead to a high-rise in the market rate. The project is expected to be built at the center of downtown Newark. The project, which some people have named Shaq Towers, is the latest that Boraie Development is handling in Newark. Some of the people who came at the topping off ceremony of this project included Phil Murphy and Omar Boraie. Wasseem Boraie affirmed that this was a great day, and that the private and public entities needed to come together to ensure the urban centers have been developed. You can visit to see more.



He said that this project would not have been carried out in another place other than in the Newark city. During the topping off ceremony, O’Neal stole the show when he took the stage. He said that he regards such huge projects personal and not private or public. He was born and raised in Newark city. One day in 1992, he went with his mother to visit some relatives in this city and he remembers his mother say that someone needs to come and invest in this city for it to be beautiful again.


On a Tuesday afternoon, Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development announced the next project they would be handling. The project involves a 35-story building in the city’s heart. The building is expected to have about 350 units and it will cost additional 150 million dollars. Wasseem Boraie is the Boraie Development vice president and he said the company had already started the project and it would stick to the project even next year 2019. He said this year they are just busy trying to ensure they get all the required planning approvals. At the same time, he noted that they are watching if the EDA subsidies would favor them. For more details check out



Boraie Development is good at developing the urban real estate services through property management and sales. The real estate company is categorized under the industrial buildings and warehouses. The company was incorporated for the first time in 1896 and its main offices are based in New Jersey. The company has about 35 employees and the main focus of the company is ensuring that its clients get beyond what they expect from it. The company knows that the secret to achieving the desires of its clients is by collaborating with great contractors, financial institutions, and other visionary architects.



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OSI Industries Escalates Its Global Reach

For more than a century OSI Industries has derived more than a few benefits from its reputation for making quality meats available on a global basis.

Otto Kolschowsky founded the family meat market known as Otto & Sons USA in 1909 near Chicago, Illinois. The company, which changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975, has advanced over the years to become a food products leader with more than 65 facilities in 17 countries worldwide.

Its strategic growth takes in expansion in Australia, Germany, Spain, Brazil, India, Asia Pacific and more. It also set up a joint venture in the Philippines and Mexico.

Under the guidance of OSI Industries president David McDonald and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin, the company recently broadened its presence in Europe with the acquisition of UK-based food supplier Flagship Europe.

Flagship Europe, which was renamed Creative Foods Europe in January, supplies the United Kingdom food service market with frozen poultry, condiments, pies and more.

Creative Foods Europe chief executive Russell Maddock said in a statement that the acquisition furnishes the company with the capability to approach an increased number of resources that are owned and operated by OSI. He pointed out Creative Foods Europe will also have a larger presence in the industry and that joining OSI was an “exciting and progressive development.”

OSI Industries also expanded its operations with the build up of a high capacity production line to its present Toledo, Spain venture, doubling production capacity of processed chicken, beef and pork products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons a year and adding new jobs as well. The new addition added 22,600 square feet of working space and new facilities for supplies storage, shipping and receiving and service areas and a new surveillance system.

OSI Industries has been named as one of the Top 100 Food Companies in the United States for meeting the highest quality standards and for exceeding the challenges of its customers.

What’s more, in 2016 OSI Industries was listed as #58 on the Forbes list of largest private companies. And Food Engineering Magazine named OSI Industries to its List of the World’s Top 100 Food & Beverage Companies in 2017.

The multi-billion dollar food manufacturer, OSI Group, which operates in the United States under the name OSI Industries, supplies meat patties, hot dogs, chicken, fish, frozen entrees, pizza and more.

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The Great Role that Mike Baur Has Played in the Entrepreneurial Growth

Starting an entrepreneurial journey is something most people desire to do but they don’t know that making this successful is another thing. Mike is one of the people who has managed to have a successful entrepreneurial journey. He comes from a region called Fribourg and he has become a successful businessman. Mike happens to be the Co-founder and Chairman of the Swiss Startup Firm and his skills have enabled him to perform better in his executive position. He is a man who has been passionate about the banking industry. His 20-years knowledge within the banking industry has seen him work successfully for big private banks like UBS and Clariden Leu.


All that Mike has become today has its roots in his teenage lifestyle. Since the time he was a teenager, he has desired to work in the Banking and Finance industry. Actually, this has been his great fascination. He embarked on his entrepreneurial drive seriously in 2014 when he was about 39 years old. Mark started the renowned Swiss Startup Firm together with some other partners who were his friends. These partners were Max Mister and Oliver Walzer. This company has become a force in the state when it comes to ICT acceleration activities. It is actually the leading independent ICT firm which is privately financed in the state.


Besides being a successful businessman, he is also a mentor to the youths when it comes to business and other life affairs. He has some entrepreneurial programs where he commits all his time and energy just to see the next generation doing better than the present one. In Switzerland, Mark is known to give the various Startups the financial support they require. He served at the START Summiteer as a jury associate and his participation left the firm better than it was. START Summiteer is known for its devotion in some of the pitching contests that St Gallen holds for the start-ups.


Mike also served as the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup firm in the year 2016 January the moment it partnered with CTI Invest. Mike went to New York Rochester University where he graduated with an MBA. He also graduated with an Executive MBA from Berne University. In December 2016, the Journal Wall Street started to prepare Mike’s profile and it featured him in different areas such as entrepreneurship journey, startup investments, and Swiss Banking. Swiss Startup Firm usually supports other start-ups that provide various platforms for the entrepreneurial network, investor expansion, office space, coaching services, mentoring services and financing services.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina And Sussex Health Care: Decades Of Award-Winning Service

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is co-founder and joint chairman of the award-winning health services company Sussex Health Care. The company operates more than 20 care homes throughout the United Kingdom. Founded in 1998, the goal of Dr. Sachedina and Sussex Health Care is to provide the aged, people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, the mentally and physically challenged, learning disabled and people suffering with autism and neurological disorders with the highest quality person-centered care services possible. Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Health Care staff of 1,100 highly-skilled professionals and caring support staff continually receive rave reviews.

Born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Shafik Sachedina moved to the United Kingdom in the 1970s. By 1975, he had graduated from the University of London Hospital Medical and Dental School with a doctorate in dentistry. He has gone on to enjoy an illustrious career as a dental surgeon. Dr. Sachedina developed a reputation for handling even the most complex dental issues for thousands of patients all across the United Kingdom in the almost 45 years he has been working in the field. He has also provided support for members of the Ismaili community in the UK and Central Asia through his volunteer work with the Aga Khan Foundation.

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Since helping to found Sussex Health Care more than 20 years ago, Dr. Shafik Sachedina and his team of investors have spent untold sums to purchase the latest equipment and procure the resources his staff needs to maintain the high quality of their innovative, effective care. The company also hires respected, caring healthcare experts to make up their clinical and care teams. Over the years Sussex health Care has received numerous awards from a wide array of professional healthcare bodies. The loved ones of the over 30,000 people the company has served also consistently praise Sussex Health for their commitment to quality care.

Under the leadership of Dr. Shafik Sachedina Sussex Health Care has opened new purpose-built facilities with latest cutting-edge technologies and equipment. This will enable them to get better outcomes treating patients with acquired neurological conditions and brain injury. Under the guidance of Dr. Shafik Sachedina Sussex Health Care also offers respite, residential and outreach services for people with autism, neurological problems, and profound physical and learning disabilities. Sussex Health Care helps patients 24-hours a day using physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, occupational therapy, aromatherapy and other holistic therapies.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is making a positive impact.

Custom Foods & Concept-To-Table Solutions Equals OSI Industries

Custom foods can be some of the tastiest food products on earth. These unique items are a bit different than their standard counterparts because they’re made from somewhat different ingredients. Unfortunately, all custom foods aren’t good and all custom food providers don’t have the capability to produce the best tasting foods. Fortunately, there is one juggernaut of a company that produces high-quality custom foods on a consistent basis, and this company is known as OSI Industries. Better known as OSI Group by many people, this specific company takes custom food solutions to another level. It has numerous test kitchens as well as an abundance of culinary-innovation centers.

OSI Industries has some of the finest of R&D specialists out of any custom food producer. These individuals are well-trained on a variety of foods. This is actually real-world knowledge in foreign cuisine. There is no time for guessing because time equals money. By working in conjunction with its clients, OSI can create specific products from precise instructions. This company is worth billions of dollars and some of this hard-earned capital goes into purchasing advanced technologies. If a client needs standard foods, then there are no worries here because OSI Industries can produce:

• Desserts

• Pulled Pork

• Pot Roast

• Turkey Products

• Tofu

• Poultry Products

• Beef Patties

• Cookies

• Pizza

• Panini

• And more
Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin has been in the game since 1970, and he has specifically helped the company grow from a domestic-food processor to an international powerhouse in food services. OSI Industries perfectly handles the entire logistical aspect of the business from development to distribution. What more could anyone ever ask for in a well-balanced manufacturer of foods?

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Logan Stout And IDLife Make A Dramatic Entrance Into The Health And Wellness Industry

     Logan Stout is a quite accomplished man in many areas of life. He is a successful entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and generous philanthropist. And if that is not enough the former professional baseball player is also a highly sought-after public speaker that provides leadership training.

Stout’s most successful foray into the business world has been IDLife, LLC, which he launched in May of 2014. Stout’s company, which operates in the health and wellness industries, has been able to foster a partnership with high-profile individuals such as Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Troy Aikman, fitness trainer Jen Widerstrom, and billionaire businessman Darwin Deason. IDLife earned the distinction in 2016 of being named a top 100 MLM company on the planet.

Logan Stout has always had a great passion for helping others develop the leadership skills that have proved so critical to his own success. A book published by Stout in 2013 entitled ‘Stout Advice: The Secrets To Building …” was written with the intent to provide readers with the inspiration to perform the necessary work to achieve potential given to them by God. Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran of the reality show Shark Tank have public endorsed Stout’s book.

Logan Stout is also the founder and chief executive officer of the baseball organization going by the name of the Dallas Patriots. Stout uses the opportunity given to him while spending time with young ballplayers to mentor them on all aspects of leadership.

The Dallas Patriot organization fields teams for baseball players ranging in ages from six to 18 years old. The children are provided with world-class instruction and to date, every player that has graduated with the program has been given the opportunity to play baseball at the collegiate level.

Logan Stout has been regularly featured by a variety of media sources including print publications such as the Dallas Morning News and The New York Times. Stout has also made radio and television appearances.

Logan Stout and wife Haley live in Frisco, Texas along with their two daughters.

Bruno Fagali’s Take On TSE’s Fight Against Fake News

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian advocate specializing in compliance. He is also a consultant in areas of election law, parliamentary law, public law advertising law and anticorruption law. He is the founding partner of Fagali Advocacy.

Because of his success in his law suits, Mr Fagali is regarded as an authority in Compliance, Ethics, Administrative Law, Urban Law, and Regulatory Law. This has seen him gain respect from his peers and the general public. He uses his standing to educate people on legal issues affecting the country. His uses his blog, Fagapress, to site some of the issues affecting Brazilians and explain their impact on people’s daily lives. He also gives an opinion on what ought to be done by the government and the citizens to help turn the situation to a positive. Fagali is one of the leading lawyer in Brazil.


Recently, the TSE began fighting fake news and deep fakes. In his article posted in the Fagapress, Mr. Fagali explains that this fake news is a way of malicious people trying to control people’s right to accessing information. The propagators of fake news come up with several social media profiles which they use to disseminate fake news according to Unfortunately, since many people do not know how to differentiate between what is real and what is fake, they use their own profiles to spread fake news even further.

Mr. Fagali continues to explain that with the coming presidential election, there is a possibility of citizens being manipulated by fake news to skew their support towards one candidate. According to the article posted in the Fagapress, the TSC will have a hard time dealing with the problem. This is because the software used to generate fake news is available online and can be downloaded and used by anyone. The software is not controlled by just one person; it can be modified by anyone who has knowledge in programing. What makes it even more difficult to try and control it is that it has the ability to modify itself.

In as much as the TSE has launched a fight against deep fake and fake news, Bruno Fagali at the end of the article urges people to be careful with what they read, watch and listen to online.

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Fortress Investment Group And The Reasons Why It Is Still A Profitable Assets Manager

There are many investment opportunities that help people achieve the goals that they want. People need to be prosperous, and they want all the opportunities to get them in any field of their endeavours. This is the reason why many companies start management firms that handle private equities, and help companies assets’ avoid ruin. One of the asset managers these days that can offer these opportunities is Fortress Investment Group.

The Core Competencies

There are many ways to make sure that one can increase his or her chances in the investment programs today. The good thing about Fortress Investment Group is that its core competencies have already been tested over time. Despite the challenges of the modern market, the company has still retained its no. 1 reputation since it was founded in 1998, about 20 years ago. The strong competencies of the company may also come from the fact that it is a company led by a remarkable Chief Executive Officer, Wes Edens, who is also the company’s co-founder and co-chairman. He is the man who is able to grow the company to about a net income of US$180 million, which was the income in 2016. The strong leadership of Wes Edens could also be the reason why Fortress Investment Group already has about 2,500 employees.

The strengths of the company have also assured the position of Fortress Investment Group’s rapid profit growth, especially when it matched with Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. Fortress was also able to establish itself with Goldman Sachs as the first large private equity that is traded publicly. No wonder Wes Edens was listed by Forbes to be one of the world’s most successful billionaire. This doesn’t mean that the success of Fortress and Wes Edens was plain and smooth. He had to go through a lot of series of downfalls but the important thing was that he was able to go through it all with grace and compassion. The redemption was so successful and skyrocketing that Institutional Investor then later listed Fortress Investment Group as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2014.

Other awards that the company earned were Discre.tionary Macro-focused Hedge Fund of the Year in 2012. 2011 and 2010 were also the years that it won the Credit-Focused Fund of the Year.

The Winter Olympics Involvement

As part of Fortress Investment’s diversified portfolio, it was helping with the operations of the 2010 Winter Olympics by building a sports village in an area in Canada to make sure that the event can generate the funding to make it more successful. Surely, the 2010 Winter Olympics would not have been successful and would have been as expansive had Fortune Investments didn’t push through with their support.

Without Fortress Investment Group’s fascinating involvement in such an event, they probably would not have gotten the right reach, social engagement market sustainability, too. It is important for any company to make sure that it is addressing the urgent needs of the community it belongs, and it’s good to know that Fortress Investment Group is doing its best to get innovative.

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Fortress Investment Group Assures Customers After Acquisition

The Fortress Investment Group acquisition came as a shock to many people who did not see the business decisions behind it. Customers have a lot of concerns about the company in the future, but Fortress Investment Group is doing what they can to assure their customers that things won’t really change. Even though Softbank owns company now, things are going to stay the same because of the contract agreements that came along with the acquisition. Fortress Investment Group wants people to realize there will be some minor things that are different about the company, but they should not affect the way customers do business.

The name is going to always stay the same. Fortress Investment Group is not going to become obsolete. Instead, they are going to focus on ramping up their name. They want to continue growing brand and won’t stop until they are serving even more customers than what they currently have. They have big goals for the future and aren’t afraid to push to get to where they want to be. Fortress Investment Group plans to keep their name the same while they are doing this.

When Fortress Investment Group went through the acquisition, people worried they would no longer be customers of Fortress Investment Group. They did not have anything to worry about, though. Fortress Investment Group made sure they were able to keep all their customers even after Softbank acquired them. They wanted to make sure they could still help customers get the best options possible. They also wanted people to realize they were going to keep being the same company they had always been. People could see there would be major positives about the bank acquisition, but they had to trust that Fortress Investment Group would not steer them wrong.

Since customer service is so important to Fortress Investment Group, they did not want that to change at all. They will continue showing customers things really won’t change with the level of service they receive. In fact, customer service might improve because of the acquisition from Softbank. Since they have a large bank behind them, they will have more resources they can use to help people with the customer service issues they have. Fortress Investment Group wants to keep their customers happy and uses customer service to do it. Because of this, they don’t plan on losing anything with customer service in the future.

As a big part of the Fortress Investment Group culture, social media will probably not change. Fortress Investment Group is keeping their name the same so their accounts won’t change as a result of the acquisition. They will also continue to post often so customers can stay up to date on the things that are going on with the company. No matter what Fortress Investment Group does with Softbank, there are no plans to eliminate social media. They want to keep their accounts so they can keep helping their customers in a way that really connects with them.

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Bob Reina: Why Wait Any Longer?

Whenever there is a problem or an issue in life, it is best to address it right away and fix it as soon as possible. Why delay or why wait to do something about it? So many people are putting things off in life because they are scared of the outcome. I’m not here to judge them, even though it might sound like it, I just want them to know there is a way out and there is a better way to live. It starts with joining Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion. There is a reason so many of his employees love working for him and love the company.


First of all, they love working for him because they know they are working for a great man. He is kind, polite, humble, and approachable. There are managers of fast food restaurants that are not even that nice. Bob Reina, on the other hand, he is the CEO and founder of a big technology company. He could have a big head and he could think he is a big shot. That is not how he lives his life, though. He is a big fan of the golden rule, and he likes to treat people the way he would like to be treated.


It starts with an open-door policy. He knows every single person plays an important role and an important part in Talk Fusion. Because of this, he wants every employee to feel like they can come to him with an issue or a problem and he will listen to them and be there for them. If they have a great idea, he would love to hear that too.


People also love working for him because they know they are working for a company that is truly making a difference in the grand scheme of life. They are doing important work and it is always rewarding to work for a company that is changing the way things are being done. They feel inspired and happy to go to work and get started on their job duties. They know it means something. Learn more: