Make A Difference: Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Listed as one of the top one-hundred workplaces in the United States, we at Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer a variety of unique positions to medical professionals, paraprofessionals, physicians’ assistants, and administrators. In addition, we strive to employ candidates who are not only skilled but who can demonstrate a strong sense of compassion, whether it be in a clinical or non-clinical role. We also encourage our stakeholders to feel a sense of relief in knowing that they have a clear path to live up to their greatest potential. Given the liberty to exceed and excel, we are certain that stakeholders will be rewarded on levels both personal and professional.

The fight begins here. We rely on stakeholders to create the best experiences for patients. As a team member, you have the opportunity to explore a number of career challenges.

Please review an introduction to our jobs below.

Hospitality Services: Playing role in hospitality, whether in administration or support, will help professionals like you to provide our Mother Standard of care. Our patients depend on our staff to share stories, show compassion, and provide simple things like a held hand or a blanket to keep them warm during their stays.

For Nurses: Cancer Treatment Centers of America, as part of the Midwestern Regional Medical Center, is a Magnet-recognized hospital. And we are proud to reassure you that we are one of only 6% of the hospitals nationwide that can boast this title. In addition, we are pleased to say that we have unparalleled technology and facilities. As our focus is on holistic care, our facilities are designed with concepts of healing and hope as our top priorities. If you are a nurse looking to use your brightness and talent to advance your career, we hope that you will apply and be a part of our team and our fight.

Drivers: An integral and necessary part of our team, our drivers transport patients and caregivers to and from various locations. Our drivers also ensure comfort and reliability, while maintaining professionalism and being aware of the areas that we serve.

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Ara Chackerian – Entrepreneur with a Big Heart

A successful entrepreneur is a person who has not only the skills of passion, determination, and hard-work but also a commitment towards sustainability through philanthropy. In today’s world of depleting natural resources, there is an increasing awareness about the importance of environmental preservation. Successful business owners protect the environment by reducing carbon footprint and contributing to reforestation. This, in turn, benefits companies, as well as consumers, who are willing to invest in and buy products manufactured by green sourcing.

Ara Chackerian ably represents all these key factors, and these have made him a successful entrepreneur with a keen interest in environmental issues. He graduated in Business Management and Marketing. Mr. Chackerian’s particular area of interest lies in the field of healthcare. His efforts have contributed to the growth and development of several healthcare ventures. In his role as an investor, Ara Chackerian has founded many companies such as ASC Capital Holdings, BMC Diagnostics, and Pipeline Health Holdings.

BMC Diagnostics was created in 1998 and is located in California’s Emeryville city. It offers imaging tests that aid diagnostics. These include ultrasounds, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and bone density scanning. He functioned in the role as Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Health Diagnsotics LLC. He is also the founder of Embion/ProviderLInks, a firm that employed technology-based distribution for healthcare. Ara has also been a senior executive at PSS/World Medical. PSS?World Medical was a large firm made of 400 people with annual profits to the tune of 150 million dollars. He leads firms such as PIpeline Health Holdings and Evolute Consolidated Holdings in his position as director.

Ara Chackerian also supports the cause of mental health treatment through his partnership with TMS Health Solutions which has locations in Oakland, San Francisco, and many other prime areas. TMS Health Solutions is committed to the cause of treating depression via the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS). Check out his website

Chackerian supports many philanthropic organizations. Limonapa Teak is one of these. It is a non-profit group based in Nicaragua that promotes reforestation and provides employment to local workers. Ara Chackerian’s charitable efforts are spread over other countries such as Armenia and the United States as well.

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Jeremy Goldstein on EPS and how to use it to benefit everyone

Calling employee compensation a complicated issue in corporations is understanding it. There are a lot of factors involved and it can get quite messy to say the least. Talking to Jeremy Golstein a New York that specializes in executive compensation is sharing why the nature of this subject can be challenging. He has worked with some incredible corporations that are well known all over the world.


When it comes to how employee incentive are handled, there is a term used called Earnings per Share or EPS is what it’s called. There is so many benefits to this system that can far outweigh the negatives. It influences stocks, shareholders decision whether to sell or buy, and so much more. This form also encourages business owners to pay more to employees per share. In turn this can make a company more successful in the long run. With that being said there are also disadvantages that come with it. Employers and CEO’s can abuse the system by recording wrong information. With all the power they hold it can certainly be misused to their benefit. Others may fail to see their wrongdoings so they can benefits from earning per share or other forms of employee compensation. Leaders can also skew results so the sale shares for the company increase. This leads to instant gratification, short-term profits which are not going to be beneficial to the company’s long term goals and employees. Jeremy Goldstein advises that leaders are held accountable for their greedy profit seeking actions. He also says that focusing on the long road ahead will far outshine any temporary money fix. This will assure that a company will have a lasting impact in the world and continue to shine. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein is like no other. With fairness and justice in the forefront the New York City lawyer has decades of experience in the law field. He is the founder and is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. They focus on a number of subjects including executive compensation issues and everything in that realm. Mr. Goldstein has worked with many corporations and companies with the likes of Miller Brewing Company, NYSE Group Inc., AT&T Corp., Rohm and Haas Company, Verizon, and so many more that are known by name.


The successful lawyer went to school in New York where he got a Juris Doctor in Law. Jeremy Goldstein attended the New York University School of Law. Surprisingly, previous to studying law he went to school to study art history. How interesting is that? With a love for art and law Mr. Goldstein understands both sides of a story. That is why he is celebrated and has won multiple awards for his outstanding work as a lawyer.

Anthony Petrello’s Early Life And Education Background

Anthony Petrello is a famous figure in corporate America. The United States may not have appreciated the potential and contributions of Mr. Petrello in spite of the fact that he has helped in crafting the American way of life. The once top-paid Chief Executive Officer who earned over 68.2 million dollars in the United States worked in the leading oil and natural gas drilling organization called the Nabors Industries. Most people knew Tony as a guy with honesty and humbleness that inspired both respect and envy.

Majority of United States citizens criticizes the Wall Street due to their greedy tactics that result in the suffering of Main Street Americans. Tony has pursued a moral code basing on respect as well as fairness since he agrees with these sentiments. He is not only a brilliant manager but also a strategist whose success has been attributed to the way he treats the men and women he interacts with them. Besides, he conducts himself with dignity and has been able to create hundreds of employment opportunities for the people in the country. He is also regarded as a modern captain of industry that has assisted ordinary people to access the means for life.

Like any other great leader out there, success was never given to Tony neither was he born with silver spoon in his mouth. More so, he came from a humble background and he neither had world-class tutors nor a trust fund. He was born and raised in an Italian dominated region of Newark, New Jersey.

The residents in Newark do not merely make money due to plenty of challenges. Nevertheless, the region is famous for its culture of a robust work ethic and honor. Every member of the community participates in ensuring that all the requirements are taken care of. In Newark, residents reward hard work, value honesty while they severely shun lying. Such an environment has instilled Mr. Tony with values of honor and integrity.

The Yale University graduate never failed to amaze while in school. He portrayed his nature as a genius that the residents of Newark supposed him to be. One of the famous mathematical theorist called professor Serge Lang noticed the brilliance of Tony. The mathematical professional helped Serge with his work concerning number theory. They both worked together to develop theorems as well as proofs that most students in the university could not comprehend.

Petrello married his college girlfriend after he graduated.

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USHEALTH Group: the Leading Provider of Customized Insurance Plans in Texas

USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based insurance provider that provides services through its subsidiaries, the prominent National Foundation Life Insurance and the highly sought after Freedom Life Insurance Company. USHEALTH Group offers a broad range of services, including specified disease/sickness, life, and accident insurance solutions.

Services provided by USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group’s target customers are mainly self-employed individuals together with their families and employees. Since its inception, USHEALTH Group has served over 15 million clients with various needs. This company understands that the varied needs of its clientele, and that is why they are committed to providing customized services. USHEALTH Group boasts of a detailed portfolio that allows customers to choose what suits them best. This company’s comprehensive covers are affordable and easily accessible.

USHEALTH Group also offers alternatives covers to people who cannot afford individual plans and wish to share. These policies include the disease/sickness and accident plans. USHEALTH Group is driven by the desire to provide cutting edge solutions to enhance customer satisfaction. This company considers itself a flexible and reliable service provider with the best interest of clients at heart. USHEALTH Group other services include:

  • Term life insurance
  • Income protector
  • Short term accident disability income
  • Dental and vision plans
  • Specified disease/sickness
  • Accident

USHEALTH Group has been able to maintain a high reputation, which has earned them customer loyalty. This company has built long term relationships with a majority of the customers it has served. This trait makes USHEALTH one of the most reputable services providers in the market.

USHEALTH Group partnerships and achievements

USHEALTH Group works with a team of highly trained agents who ensure that clients are well-informed before they make purchases. The USHEALTH Advisors employ These sales persons. These individuals are certified to provide insurance services on behalf of USHEALTH Group. This corporation is ruled by two fundamental rules that state that every customer is unique and that they should be treated differently. These laws are the basis for the development of USHEALTH Group’s broad range of services.  Stay up to date with USHealth Group at LinkedIn.

This company has been awarded on several occasions as the best customer service providers in the industry. In 2013, USHEALTH Group was named the Top 50 North American Call Center. This company is also ranked among the elite companies in the United States. USHEALTH Group is known to process insurance claims faster, making them top rated service providers. This company’s reputation is known within and outside the United States. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), USHEALTH Group bears the A+ grade for service provision. The chief executive officer of the company is Mr. Troy McQuagge. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has won numerous awards and participated in lots of community-based events. This company is considered the center for health, wellness, and fitness. Learn more:


The Work Life In Brief Of Shervin Pishever

This will give information surrounding a man named Shervin Pishevar. Pishever had put investments in more than sixty companies in different sectors. The sectors are dealing with media, search, and social commerce. He also works in the sectors of mobile and Ad tech. He is an angle and seed investor. His whole job has him as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and a venture capitalist. He was both a managing director and co-founder of a venture capital firm based in San-Francisco called Sherpa Ventures.

Shervin Pishever had been picked by the U.S Government in the category of Outstanding American by Choice. He is on the list of the only one hundred naturalized Americans to be picked since this award began. He also is serving on the Comscore advisory board. He also is one of the ten members of Global Entrepreneurs Council founded by the UN. This is where he has served as an entrepreneur ambassador in different state department delegations to Russia and the Middle East. He also got the chance to at President Obamas ‘sSummit in Algeria on entrepreneurship be a key note speaker.

Shervin Pishevar has a lot of education experience. He went to Berkeley where the University of California is located. Also there, he received a degree of the Bachelor of Arts. He also went to Maryland at the Montgomery County Board of Education. It was there where he helped in the managing and directing in a school system which has high quality and is one of the largest as well in the nation. This system contains 15,000 teachers and 120,000 students. It also contains an annual budget worth $1 billion.

Shervin Pishevar has also worked in many other jobs too. For example, for three years from 2011 to 2014 he had served as a Venture Advisor and Managing Director of a venture capital fund called Menio Ventures. It was there where Shervin Pishevar was a Venture Advisor and Managing Director. This fund had more than four billion under management. Also, from 2005 to 2011 was the Chief Operating Officer and Founding President of Webs, Inc.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco – A New Wave Of Leadership

Brandao, the 91-year-old chairman of Bradesco bank recently stepped down in 2017 and was succeeded by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Bradesco bank is the second largest private bank in Brazil. Brandao has held his position as chairman for over 25 years, and Trabuco had big shoes to fill as he stepped into this new role. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was chosen in line with the bank’s policy of looking inwards amongst its own executives to fill higher positions, rather than bringing in outside talent. Brandao commented that Luiz Carlos Trabuco had consolidated the bank’s position in the past. He also said that Trabuco needs to focus on digital literacy of its customers. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s new appointment has created a vacancy for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and as many as seven names have been suggested to fill this position. Trabuco listed the attributes of leadership and ‘own light’ as desirable for the successor of his former post as CEO. The final decision is yet unknown.

The leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco has taken the Bradesco Bank to new heights. He held the position of president of the Bradesco Bank in 2009. He was only the fourth president of the bank in 1991, succeeding Marcio Artur Laurelli Cypriano. The first president of the Bradesco Bank was Amador Aguiar. The bank has doubled its assets under the helmsmanship of Trabuco. In 2003, the bank boasted of 32 billion dollars in assets, and by 2008, this reached 78 billion. The fiscal success of the bank can be attributed to the intelligent management policies of Trabuco which have resulted in the number of account holders increasing from 20 to 27 million since 2009., with an average of six thousand accounts initiated every day. The service network was also boosted under Trabuco’s guidance and expanded from 3,500 to 5,000 agencies.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco graduated with a Masters degree in Sociology from the USP’s School of Sociology and Politics. His career had humble beginnings as a young clerk in 1969. He rose through his commitment and initiative to become one of four CEOs of Bradesco Bank as well as its current chairperson. He has served on as a board member for many distinguished associations such as ArcelorMittal Brasil S.A. He has occupied varied roles including Managing Director, Vice President and Departmental Director of Banco Bradesco S.A, during the periods from 1984 to 1992.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a long career of leadership. He headed the Bradesco Vida e Previdencia S.A till 1998 and the Grupo Bradesco Seguros since 2003. He has served as the Chairman and Director of Odontoprev S.A beginning in 2009. He also occupies the prestigious position of Director of Bradespar S.A. and Internal Director of Banco Bradesco S.A. He has also served as a Director of Grupo Bradesco Seguros and Non-Executive Director of Banco Espirito Santo SA in the past. For the years 1994 to 2000, Luiz Carlos Trabuco headed the National Association for Private Pension Plans. He is also a member of the managing board for the Brazilian Association of Listed Companies for 2000-2003.

The philosophy of Luiz Carlos Trabuco is simple, and based on a focus on traditional banking processes and understanding the culture and interests of people. He has a history of over 40 years work experience with the bank and is well versed in its functioning and goals. He has received many awards of excellence, such as Business Sector Leader in 2006 and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015. He was among the 100 most influential people of Brazil in 2009. His name was also on the Forbes list of best CEOs of Brazil in 2016.

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George Soros: His Work And Philanthropy

George Soros has made a gigantic donation of $18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations according to Forbes and the New York Times. Soros, a Hungarian born business man, has long been active in philanthropy. Soros founded the first Open Society Foundation (called the Open Society Institute at the time) in 1984 in Hungary. Since then the Open Society Foundations have made efforts throughout the world to spread democracy and bring about the end of extreme poverty.

The Open Society Foundations are responsible for helping several Eastern and Central European countries peacefully install democratic government after the fall of the Soviet Union. They are also active in Africa, specifically through the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, which is the main proponent in bringing about regime changes and ending dictatorships.

Soros has been active in the political realm as well. In 2004 he began to fund an organization whose goal was to implement and spread progressive ideas throughout America. In 2009 he donated $50 million for the betterment of impoverished children and families in New York. Using money received from the 2009 Federal Recovery Act, New Youk added $140 million to this fund. The same year he provided financial support of $100 million to counter the impact of the economic crisis in Central and Eastern Europe.

Soros is also a funder of the Center for American Progress, funding it through hi Open Society Foundations. Additionally, he often donates to political Super PACS. Soros made his fortune, most of which he has given away, as a banker and hedge fund manager. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics Soros worked shortly for the London Merchant bank Singer and Friedlander before moving to New York City. Once in New York, he was employed as a European stock trader for F.M. Mayer. In 1959 he began working for Wertheim & Co. once again specializing in European stocks and securities.

In 1963 Soros left Wertheim & Co. and began working at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, quickly being promoted to vice president. While at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Soros started Soros Fund Management as well as the Double Eagle hedge fund with an initial investment of $4 million. In 1973 Soros left Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, and subsequently the Double Eagle Hedge Fund (at this point at $12 million) and worked full time as the chairman for Soros Fund Management. George Soros donation will ensure that the good work of the Open Society Foundations continue to have a positive effect on the world.

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