Choose a Life Insurance Policy That’s Right for Your Family

Individuals wanting to prepare for the financial security of their families should choose a life insurance policy that’s right for their family. If the unexpected occurs, having a suitable financial plan can give your designated beneficiaries peace of mind. This beneficiary payout can be used for funeral expenses, household bills, children’s college education and more. Deciding on the right policy can be difficult for those that never took out a life insurance policy before. It is always best to deal with proven and reputable life insurance companies like Freedom Life Insurance. Individuals can select from a permanent life insurance plan or a shorter term life insurance policy.

Most individuals will choose a permanent life insurance policy. This is the better insurance policy to have if desiring full coverage for your entire life. There are varying beneficiary amounts, and the payments can be higher than term life insurance. However, it is important to know that the younger an individual is when taking out the policy, the lower the payments will be. The great benefit of this type of life insurance is that payment rates never increase no matter how old a policyholder becomes. This type of policy grows interest over time, and the policyholder can borrow against the beneficiary payment amount if desired.

When an individual only needs life insurance coverage for a limited amount of time, then term life insurance might be the best option. This insurance is usually much cheaper with regards to payment amounts. Parents can take out this form of life insurance for a 15 to 20 year time period in order to ensure that their children’s college will be paid for in the event that the parents are not there. This form of life insurance cannot be borrowed from as individuals with permanent life insurance can. To find out all of your life insurance options, it is advisable to speak with a trustworthy insurance agency like Freedom Life Insurance.

Finding a life insurance policy that ensures your family’s future financial needs doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact Freedom Life Insurance or other agency for further details. Read more on Health Depot Association:


What Market America Offers To Consumers

Market America is a company that was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1992. It was the brainchild of a married couple, JR and Loren Ridinger. It sells a large variety of products on its website,, that are all unique to their brand and not available through other companies. They sell fitness gear, home furnishings, nutritional supplements, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and more.

From 1992 to 2002, Market America products were only available in the United States. It was in 2002 that they first expanded internationally, first in Australia. In later years they opened offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Singapore. The latest country that they have entered is Malaysia in which they opened offices in 2017.

Starting in 2008, Market America introduced a cashback program on their website. By purchasing products people can earn money. They also offer a compare service on their website which compares their prices to those of some of the best stores on the internet. They also help educate people by providing the advice that people need to make informed decisions when purchasing products.

On the website, Market America gives people the ability to launch their own business and sell their products on this website or through their own. People who want to take advantage of this opportunity just click on the “Own Your Own SHOP Site” and it will take them to a page where they put in their pertinent details.

There are presently more than 40 million products and services available through Market America. They have hundreds of products exclusive to this company and the rest are available through the business owners they have affiliated with. Business owners who sell their products through this company have so far earned more than $3.8 billion between retail profits and commissions. The company itself has made over $7.3 billion since it was founded.

The goal at Market America is to create a new economy that changes how people buy products. They want to help make people financially independent and savvy consumers.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Makes The Dating World A Little Easier For Women

Dating can be extremely hard for women. Dating using an app can be even harder and it can seem nearly impossible for women to find someone who is respectful of them and who wants to make sure they are doing the right thing. Whitney Wolfe Herd knew this and knew it would be something she’d have to help other people deal with no matter what was going on around her or what was going to happen with everything she had done. As long as Whitney Wolfe Herd was trying to help women, she knew the dating world was the place to do it.

The Bumble app was the place where Whitney Wolfe Herd was confident in the things she could do to help others. It was the perfect empowerment opportunity and gave women a chance to see what they could do and how they’d be able to make a difference for themselves while they were looking for someone who they could date. They wanted to be able to try different things in the dating world and Bumble gave them that opportunity. It also gave them a chance to feel like they were in control of dating situation while they were looking at different things.

Since Whitney Wolfe Herd was working very hard at the app, she had to have a big support system. At the time, her boyfriend knew what he was going to have to do to support her. He put in a lot of time helping her and doing things for her while she was starting the app and trying to make it better for all the people who came to the app. Since then, he has gone on to become her husband. She married him because of the way he supported her. He knew she was destined for big things and that’s how he was going to show people he was there for her.

As long as Whitney Wolfe Herd was doing things the right way, she knew what she would be doing and what she could do to help others. It all went back to the right way to offer different opportunities and the right way to do things right. It also made it easier for Whitney Wolfe Herd to make a difference for women. No matter what was going on in the dating industry, Bumble was there and was ready to continue being successful.

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The Financial, Economic And Philanthropic World Of George Soros

As much as there are countries that are blessed to prosper, there are also countries that are considered as third world countries. These countries are those countries who are not that blessed when it comes to economic advancement. These are the countries that have little resources and have minimal abilities in coming up with regards to financial stability. This is the reason why there are philanthropists in our society today.

Philanthropy plays a significant role in our society today. Sometimes Philanthropy is compared to charity, or mistakenly people think it belongs to the same umbrella. Generosity is different from charity because it does not focus on the suffering people experiences but instead focuses on how to eradicate the social problems which cause these sufferings. Most of the known and active philanthropists today are also known in the business world, an example of this is Mr. George Soros.

Born on August 12, 1930, Mr. George Soros is a known business tycoon and philanthropist. He was born in Budapest and considered to be one of the survivors during the Germany Hungarian occupation. In the year 1947, he immigrated to England and finished a degree in Philosophy at the London School of Economics and further finished his master’s degree in the same study. He started to work in the banking industry and later on having to invest in hedge funds, one of his hedge funds was used to start his own fund management business, the Soros Fund Management.

Mr. George Soros also wrote about his views on politics and economics. He talks about markets (economic and financial) and theories revolving around it. Aside from his interests in economics, he also is active in his foundation, the Open Society Foundations.

Mr. George Soros’ success was not just all because of his popular name in the financial industry, but it is also because of his philanthropic works in the Open Society Foundations. Mr. George Soro’s philanthropic interest started in the year 1979, wherein he granted scholarships to Africans in South Africa during the time of apartheid, and from this, he then continued philanthropic works and funding.

The Open Society Foundations he founded is known to be an organization of partnerships and projects for philanthropic purposes. Karl Popper’s philosophy inspired the foundation’s name. The basis revolves around Soros’ belief that a society can only progress if there are democracy, freedom, and respect for every individual. During the year 2017, in December, Soros had gained $8 Billion from his $18 Billion donations to The Open society Foundations.

In an interview with Soros, he said that his financial market success paved the way for his independence. The independence he had earned had given him more opportunities to form his destiny seeing the world is more just, fair, decent and open. Soros’ legacy in the philanthropic world has inspired more people because he had proved his commitment in not fighting the suffering people experience but rather finding solutions to eliminate the significant social problems which contribute to the suffering people feel.

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How Securus Technologies Have Revolutionized Inmates Lives in America

Securus Technologies is a leading American company offering a broad range of vital services to the correctional facilities in the nation. Their primary objectives are ensuring public safety by doing investigations, monitoring and correcting offenders. One of the outstanding aspects of the firm is their ability to connect inmates doing time with their family and loved ones on the outside world. The business has done an exemplary job in forging strong alliances with many of the correctional facilities in the nation. Through their good relations with their customers and their empathy to their inmates has seen them win an award.


Securus Wins a Top Award


On 24th of February 2017, Securus Technologies got feted with the prestigious Gold Stevie Award. The judges deemed them a worthy candidate for the Worlds’ top Honors in sales and customer service award owing to their incredible achievements over the years. The Award ceremony was in Las Vegas, Nevada in a program which saw an increase of more than 10% of the overall nominations as compared to 2016.During the competition more than 650 executives in the World attended. Several awards present on that day for the competition were Award for innovation, in customer service, contact center of the year and consulting practice of the year with winners getting silver, bronze, and gold Stevie Awards.


Meet the VP of Securus


According to the senior president of the company Danny de Hoyos, he was grateful for the Worlds’ recognition on their customer service where he says the company focuses on helping their clients in their stressful life and their times of need. The company shows empathy for their customers and helps them get a solution for their pressing challenges most notably being the need to keep in touch with their spouses and kids.


Securus Ambitious Growth Plan


During the occasion, the president and founder of the awarding program gave assurance to their clients and partners that the program will still to grow despite the stiff competition faced from new companies setting up shop. The President is thankful for the increased competition. This, he says, is also an illustration of growth in businesses, sales and customer service. And, they have to up their game to maintain their clear lead in the industry.


Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello: A Dedicated, Committed Philanthropist

Oil industry executive Anthony Petrello is not only a talented, successful and experienced professional, he’s also a dedicated philanthropist. Petrello donates his time, money and expertise to charitable organizations and causes in Houston, Texas and nationwide. Long known as a person with a caring heart, the CEO of Nabors Industries became even more committed to philanthropic activity when his daughter Carena was born prematurely and diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. Now she is 8 years old and the Petrellos count their blessings daily with every milestone she reaches.

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have become nationally known as philanthropists that give generously to several charitable causes. Their support for the medical community’s scientific researchers has been significant and consistent. Anthony Petrello gave $5 million to researchers working on neurological issues and has pledged to donate an additional $2 million. Their daughter’s progress serves as motivation and a reminder of what can be accomplished when scientific researchers get the support they need. Carena’s positive attitude and kind, loving nature brings joy to the heart of her parents.

Being born at six months caused Carena to have periventricular leukomalacia. The condition is common is premature babies when sufficient oxygen doesn’t get to their brains. The illness turned into cerebral palsy and has affected Carena’s motor skills and led to other developmental delays. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello say this has been a humbling experience and they are on their knees praying for divine and a miraculous cure every day. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello was a brilliant student. He graduated from Yale University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics. He then attended Harvard Law School and earned his law degree. Anthony Petrello opted to become an oil industry executive. Today, the Newark, New Jersey native is president and CEO of the Houston, Texas based global oil industry giant Nabors Industries. Still, Anthony Petrello continues to support research into brain disorders. He works closely with the dedicated doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital and is convinced better days are ahead for children with brain disorders.

Texas Children’s Hospital is building the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute and the Petrellos are two of the project’s chief fundraisers. Plus, Anthony Petrello’s beloved mentor and teacher at Yale, respected mathematician and author Professor Serge Lang recently passed away. Petrello announced plans to donate at least $150,000 in order to create an endowment fund to honor his memory. Every Dollar to Newark Academy’s Rise & Flourish Campaign Matched in 2017

Take Off Your Partisan Glasses And Support George Soros

George Soros first started the Open Society Foundations in 1979. After a few years on Wall Street, he had become extremely wealthy. At that point, he knew that he wanted to use his wealth to give back to the world. He started out by supporting black students in South Africa. When he came to the realization that apartheid in South Africa was just so strong and he could not beat it alone, he moved on to Hungary, where he supported anti communist groups. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, George Soros shifted his efforts to attempts to rebuild former communist countries. He did a lot so that democracy would come to those countries.

Recently, George Soros escalated his donations by donating 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations, according to The Atlantic. However, the problem is that people are actually demonizing him for it. These are the kind of negative people you would not want to associate with, but they are making a lot of noise. They are accusing him of all sorts of things, and they are saying that he is causing a lot of bad things to happen. They are coming up with conspiracy theories. It is not new. People on fringes of society have always been demonizing philanthropists. When philanthropists step up their efforts and do more good in the world, those people on the fringe of society will continue to demonize them more and more. A lot of these people are playing into antisemitic stereotypes.

A lot of it has to do with the polarization in our society. People on the right and on the left are becoming very suspicious of each other. A lot of people on the right do not like the fact that George Soros is donating money to causes that promote democracy and freedom. There is no good reason why they are unhappy about it, except that they tend to look at the world through partisan eyes.

George Soros strongly believes that the world will become a better place when we start caring about others. Until then, we may stay stuck in the past. This is why George Soros believes, as he writes in The Capitalist Threat, that the free market can have a disadvantage as a sort of side effect. The free market in the capitalist system gives everyone the opportunity to strive for success. That is all good, but we can not let ourselves stay focused only on our own success and our own self interests. The fact is that the common growth is not helped when everyone is selfish and is focused on making themselves rich and not on helping others. If everyone is only focused on self interest, they will not help others. That is why George Soros decided to give up so much of his wealth to charity. The fact is that his recent donation encompassed eighty percent of his wealth. That is a pretty big deal.

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How To Choose Between Term And Permanent FreedomLife Insurance

The two categories of life insurance are term life insurance and permanent life insurance policies. Which one you should choose depends on personal circumstances. The following is some ideas to keep in mind when making your decision.

If you just need life insurance for a specific time period than a term life insurance policy might be the better choice. For example, if you have a toddler and you want to make sure there’s money for them to be raised and go to college than a term policy fits the bill. As term policies are less expensive than permanent ones if you need a large amount of insurance but want to keep the costs down than that would be another reason to choose term life insurance.

Read more on Health Depot to know more.

Permanent life insurance would be the choice if you want the policy to last as long as you do. As long as the premiums are paid the policy will last no matter how old you get. Another reason to choose this type of policy is if you want the policy to accumulate savings. When you pay the premiums some of it pays for the policy while the remainder is the cash value of the policy. The cash grows on a tax-deferred basis so you don’t have to account for it each year when doing your taxes. The cash value can be used to pay the premiums as well for a while if a situation occurs where you a person can’t make the payment.

Freedom Life Insurance Company of America is a company that offers both of these types of policies. They are a good choice as they have been around since 1956 which shows that they are a solid company. Freedom Life Insurance is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and their policies are sold in the agent’s offices of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

When trying to choose between a permanent or term life insurance policy the agent can help guide your choices depending on your personal needs and situation. Anyone with dependents should consider getting the policy through a solid company such as Freedom Life Insurance

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Market America, Building Partnerships for a Brighter Future

If you’ve never heard of Market America, you may have heard of its website This website is incredibly popular, and offers its customers amazing convenience, quality products, amazing variety, and is constantly evolving to bring its customers an even better experience. The company is also known for giving individuals the chance to own their own business, using the unique “UnFranchise” business model. Driving traffic to the website, the owners earn a commission on sales, as customers earn cash back. It’s a win-win for both the customer and the owner.

Customers of Market America are also able to order not only exclusive products made by Market America but also other retailers and manufacturers as well. Being somewhat of an online shopping mall, the convenience, savings, and opportunity to compare prices are just a few things that keep customers engaged. The website and business have attracted the attention of celebrities, who’ve even performed at its most recent 25 year anniversary event. Market America also celebrates starting from a one home business, to now having over 25,000 entrepreneurs under its belt. The Better Business Bureau has also given the company an “A+” rating, which is great for such a large organization with so many individuals involved.

Market America has many unique features that draw shoppers to First, the pricing is clear, and the site provides a comparison, so the shopper can be certain they’re getting a great deal. The cashback is significant, sometimes up to 50 percent. The benefit of having in-person customer service through their local affiliate is also comforting. The chance for shoppers to also earn income and bonuses is also offered by joining the ranks of Market America. Upcoming enhancements also include being able to order from Amazon Alexa and a better checkout method across the platform have been announced. It’s a great time to check out this truly great website and see what the company has to offer to its customers.

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Throw Your Heart a Life Line Screening

As a leading cause of death in the United States, cardiac arrests are often named the silent killing disease. Now, it is possible to throw your heart a Life Line Screening to avoid this health crisis. Life Line Screening is a healthcare company totally devoted to preventing heart attacks, strokes, diabetes complications and more health problems. This preventative screening process is affordable and covered by many health insurances. As a preventative tool, these screens can pin down disease processes going on unnoticed in someone’s body. More doctors and healthcare specialists are now advocating more preventive health strategies to ensure continued good health and longer lifespans for more of the population.

Life Line Screening now offers a promising screen that tests for evidence of cardiovascular disease. This type of testing is actually changing peoples lives for the better every day. Recent expert studies seem to indicate a new motivating factor that getting the screens tends to inspire. More people recognizing that they need to change their unhealthy eating and no exercise lifestyles are making a huge impact on further development of these critical life threatening health crisis. These studies also infer that while those patients that had a high risk of cardiovascular disease often made strides to positively change bad habits, it was shown that even those tested individuals with no current cardiovascular event risk still were motivated enough to make beneficial lifestyle changes too.

Anyone that desires this important cardiac preventative health screen can contact Life Line Screening for specific details. Only a blood sample obtained by a quick and simple finger stick is required for blood analysis tests. A painless, effective and very easy no-stress EKG is performed to indicate any abnormal heart rhythms. A thorough assessment with pertinent health history questions will be also completed during the convenient screening appointment. Some results are immediately given, and others are safely sent in privacy envelops by process of the mail to an individual’s home location.

Life Line Screening also has sonogram capability to detect signs of aneurysms and blood clots. This health screen promises many revealing tests that could quite simply save an individual from incurring a monumental health catastrophe and even save many individuals very lives. Live Line Screening wants your heart to be ready for love and romance this Valentine’s Day. Many heart attacks are shown to have been preventable with some lifestyle adjustments and timely medical evaluations.

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